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Thread: Greektown Detroit rebranding to JACK. Any more info?

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    Greektown Detroit rebranding to JACK. Any more info?

    Just read on CDC that Greektown is rebranding themselves as JACK later this summer. Is anyone here local to Detroit? I’m holding chips there and I’m thinking I’ll need to get rid of them sooner than later.

    Any info will be much appreciated!

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    I would not expect much good to come out of the "rebranding". In Cleveland the limits went from 100 to 10k in the high limit to 50 to 2500 and 100 to 5k. Also, after JACK took over in Cleveland they increased the number of 6:5 games and added more "electronic" table games. Since JACK is not affiliated directly with other places (except Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit), the comps are not great even for the highest status. In addition, surveillance is definitely on the lookout for advantage players. I get the feeling that JACK will be sold off to another player in the next 1 to 2 years. They are lowering their costs as much as possible to make the profit margins look better than they should be. Revenues in Cleveland have steadily declined over the years and I expect the same in Detroit once JACK fully takes over.

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    Jan Greektown revenue decreased by 2.7% from Dec.

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    Does anyone know when the change is supposed to take place though? My concern at the moment is that I’m currently holding Greektown chips. I had no plans of going back to Greektown for a while, but it sounds like they’ll be changing over to JACK this summer? I was hoping some locals might have some more info. I called the casino for more information but the lady I spoke with sounded clueless.


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