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Thread: Rigging automatic shuffler machines

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    Quote Originally Posted by beta View Post

    For ASMmod3, are you just basing this information in your memory, or did you actually record the results of hundreds of shoes and test for statistical significance?
    Starting from beginning of 2017, I recorded the ASM and hand-shuffled results separately. While hand-shuffled results are about the same compared to the past 30 year norm, I hardly made even on ASM tables. Now I can easily see the bizarre, peculiar sequence from ASM. The central strategy is to make key card eight and nine stick together. If ASM is in beast mode, you will see 80% of cards are eight or nine in a sequence of about 13-16 cards. Then 80% of cards are face cards in a sequence of about 13-16 cards. The remaining card sequence thus have less mid cards and face cards, so it is easier for dealer not to bust. Normally when it happened, a six deck shoe has two mid card clumps and two face card clumps. A shoe is like this:

    [small card clump][mid card clump1][small card clump][face card clump1][small card clump][mid card clump2][small card clump][face card clump2][small card clump]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    He doesn't.
    I don't. But I have a working theory that is consistent with my long time observations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJGenius007 View Post
    I guarantee T3 that I am just a regular AP, not an employee of or a consultant to any casino. Also people that disagree with my theory are those who no longer or seldom play at casinos recently. I talked to people who still play, either AP or Basic Strategy players. Most of them are in my camp. When playing ASM table, clumping are worse than hand shuffled tables. This started from about three years ago. I think T3 get lucky because his proprietary counting system side count ace and two in a group. It helps him when ASM tries to steer cards into three groups (small cards, mid 8/9 cards and face cards.)
    I have more trouble with clumping on the hand shuffled games. Admittedly I don't get to play hand shuffles much. But I do have a couple places that hand shuffle. I usually play where I do well and don't play much where I struggle to win so I don't hit the hand shuffles much. The one place has a shuffle that isn't worth tracking and the other place the dealers have no consistent method of shuffling.

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