There was quite a discussion on the subject of Sp21 EOR's about 9 months ago but I am not sure I ever read about (nor do I think there was posted) the actual process to attain these numbers. I do remember some comments that the process to get them was not as easy as one might think and kind of have a memory that there are only a few experts on this rather specialized mathematical subject.
I use a very special SP21 count now and it is not my intent to invent some new count from say the latest and greatest and most accurate EOR numbers.
That being said, I recall in the above threads that the EOR numbers were all over the place.
So, to some extent this might be an "academic" thread, but I think it should be interesting to most of us.
I guess I will really be beholden to the 4 to 6 individuals who are the brightest programmers and mathematicians and we know who they are.... and I thank them ahead of time...
Now it seems to me ... and correct me if I am wrong that ...
  • for a specific set of game rules there will only be one set of EOR's ....say SP21, 8 deck, S17, SP4, DAS ... typical East coast rules
  • for say the above rule set, do you remove one targeted card from the 8 decks and then play one hand only? ... thus playing in effect one round and then "reshuffling"? And thus keep track and totaling the billions of results? And do you use basic strategy for that rule set to play out the hand?
  • I have to believe the EOR's for each SP21 variant would be different ... Ie the same game above with H17, and the DDD version of the same True?
  • I have to believe the EOR's would be different for each variant depending on the number of decks, true?
  • a very minor point but the most thorough analysis would have to analyse also cards like 6,7,8, by suit due to their varying importance in the special bonuses right? Also, to get an aggregate number for say a global "six" the above found data would have to be incorporated... right?
  • it is easy to see the relative worth of the cards to one another from the final EOR numbers, but what if anything do those fractional numbers mean? Or are they strictly ratio's? Is there some inherent relationship to EV in this number?

Thanks again everyone.