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Thread: Are You a Millionaire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amjort View Post
    I wish I'd bought em in 2007 )
    Still plenty of time. Buy Lite Coin and Ethereum. I bought Lite Coin yesterday at 201. Presently at $369. Got really lucky with that. Ethereum was bought a while back at 498. Know at $625. It's never to late. I think both of these coins are a quad by the end of 2018.

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    Here is one reason why you should think about buying LTC. Make it you AP play of the year for 2018.

    Forget bitcoin, its fourth-biggest rival is up nearly 5,800 percent this year

    • Litecoin hit a record high price of $255.42 on Tuesday and is up nearly 5,800 percent year-to-date
    • The fourth-largest cryptocurrency differ to bitcoin in areas such as a faster transaction time
    • Rising interest in cryptocurrencies and diversification away from bitcoin are behind litecoin's rise

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    Here is a opposite view of why not to buy LTC.

    Novogratz says he would sell litecoin after its massive surge, sees bitcoin hitting $40k within a few months

    • Michael Novogratz, formerly a macro hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group, says on CNBC's "Fast Money" he would sell litecoin in favor of bitcoin.
    • Novogratz is now CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners and he says the firm is launching its cryptocurrency fund by the end of this week.
    • Institutional investors are "absolutely not" invested in cryptocurrencies yet, but they are watching them carefully, Novogratz also says.

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