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Thread: Martingale Based System That actually work (Over 1yr in profit)

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    Martingale Based System That actually work (Over 1yr in profit)

    Hello guys ! I decided to share with you how i got profit of 500-1000 euros every day playing online blackjack .
    We all now about martingale System and That you will end up losing your bankroll entirely after some time .

    But Here is the thing martingale actually gives you edge over casino and we should take in case that 9 loses in a row dont happen very often ( for me about 1 in a month)

    Only thing that martingale is missing to be Long term profitable , is simply limit . I always play on small bet tables (1-300) and in the beginning i Had 3k bankroll)
    Before losing you need to lose a hand 9 times in a row . And when you do you simply go again with 1 dollar .

    I play a lot (10hrs) a day and im able to Make about 500 dollars profit even when i lose 9 in a row .

    Of course big losing streaks happen , but not ao often and i was in big profit every single day with this strategy .
    To lose my bankroll i would need to lose 36 times in a row and i that is you gotta agree almost impossible .

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    No progressive betting system is going to overcome the House Edge. This system will work most of the time and then eventually fail reversing any gains and then some.


    Sling this trash.
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    Definitely impossible. 2^36 = $68 billion + bet.

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