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Thread: Trouble with CVBJ Backcounting Table

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    Trouble with CVBJ Backcounting Table

    Tried reading all the help document in CVBJ but I can't seem to figure out the backcounting Table setting. I want it to wong-out at counts worse than -24. I don't want to use wonging-in or actual back-counting.

    I have this setup with REKO but it will tells me to bet $0 at counts above -24.
    If I am am understanding right The In column is "Play if at or above this count".
    The Out column is "Leave/Don't play if count is @ or below this count"

    So I thought this would mean with my current setup "Play WHILE RC is > -24". Am I doing something wrong here?


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    Why isn't your "In" set to whatever your starting count is for each number of decks? And why is the In the same no matter how many decks?


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    I was under the impression that the 'Backcounting Table' referred to how many decks had been played, not the type of game being played? So If I used REKO's 1-deck starting count of -1 for 'In' value I'd never play in a 6-deck game after a shuffle( 6-deck IIRC is -20)?

    I tried In:20 and Out: -24 but they all seem to have the same issue. Telling me to bet zero even at counts better than -20.

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    I've also tried complex but it seems to do the same thing. Lets me bet anything on the first hand after a shuffle but then continuously tells me to bet 0 regardless of RC. I have the RC checkbox hit in the betting strategy so I'm not sure why its doing this.

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    You have the "In" and "Out" columns confused: if you want to play only when the RC is -24 and higher, set the "In" to -24 and the "Out" to -25.

    Hope this helps!

    Dog Hand

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