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Thread: Can one calculate an edge on a shuffle track opportunity?

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    Can one calculate an edge on a shuffle track opportunity?

    I know Arnold Snyder likes to say everything about a game( penetration, rules, etc) takes backseat to a shuffle.

    I've found this 6 deck game with exactly one deck cut off, with a simple riffle and restack ( R&R), with the cutoffs topped. The segments aren't even shuffled in the more confusing x pattern, simply riffled together side by side.

    For the past two days I've been tracking clumps of aces and been getting pretty lucky in terms of actually getting them when they come out ( instead of the dealer). I made my highest streak of blackjacks in a row today, five.

    What kind of edge is this? I've heard something like 2-3%.

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    yes you just have to figure what the count adjustment is for the packet you cut to or removed

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    With this shuffle, you will make more money key carding aces. Unless I or you missed some info; as, they do more then 2 riffles, and/or striping the cards-important info! As far as your tracks go, I am guessing the off the top disadvantage is about
    .4-.6, so if your tracking is bang on, most of the time, I would say 2 percent over the house. Some tracks maybe very strong(5%), some will be (.5-1%), and some you will miss and have no edge on. Sometimes the face/aces will come out towards the seam, meaning around the 45-60 card marker(discard rack). So this means it will be likely that this grouping will get split in 2 different sections. If not, and you miss the split up, and bet the top deck, and it turns out to be a miss, then it will be in the next deck down. These mistakes will lower you edge, if no mistakes(lol) then 2.5-3% only if you take the very strong packets! Good luck! What's the limit?

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