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Thread: Betting Ramp Question with CVCX

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    Betting Ramp Question with CVCX

    This question pertains to the use of an unbalanced count, with the IRC = -24 in a 6-deck shoe. Assume a 1-12 spread.

    Running a simulation using a number of index plays, the betting ramp in CVCX indicates that I have a net loss at a count of <= -14. At a count of -13 the win/loss starts to turn slightly positive. (e.g., -13 = + 0.09%, -12 = +0.15%). Win/Loss at <= -14 = -0.32%.

    However, the software suggests that I should increase my betting size beginning at a count of -10. (Not -13)

    Just trying to understand why the bet would not start increasing at a count of -13.


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    I would need to see screen shots. You can't up your bet with a tiny edge.
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