How much can you win at blackjack?
Jut Christie, I was a croupier/inspector some years ago

Say, if you never lost a hand

24 hour casino/probability says that there is a version of you sitting down somewhere in the world at a no limit table, and for the rest of your life never losing a hand, going on to win an almost infinite amount of money. Reality says you will get kicked out of there and or chopped up into little pieces well before that happens though. I want you to picture some grotty room, probably an old meat fridge in maybe a soviet style tower block somewhere in Eastern Europe, it's about minus 40oC and that's outside. You have tracked down a game with billionaires from the region, these are the guys that are using the world bank as a front to launder loose change.
They don't do very good hospitality but they do no limit blackjack. However, it gets a bit messy when they owe you more money than has ever been created. You are the richest man in the world, you own the debt and reserves of every country in the world. If you can cash in that is….Good game.
Answer two - The odds are calculable, pretty astronomical but I'm guessing the probability is actually less than the 13 trillion-to-one odds you have of being alive today (but I've not worked it out).
Let's assume the following:
The Casino is in the UK and we have a one day shot at this, from opening at 2pm to closing at 4am.
After this one session, your luck has run out.
The per box limit is £100,000 and that there are ten 9 box blackjack tables in the club.
That you are starting with, and that the minimum stake is £1.
Once you have all boxes operational
Ready? Go.
At 2pm you are through the door
You walk up to the first blackjack table and change your £1 up for a chip and put it on a box.
Its 2:05
You stick on 11
The dealer busts.
You have £2
Its 2:05pm and 12 seconds.
You leave the £2 on
You pull an ace on 20
The dealer has 19
You have £4
It's 2:05 pm and 24 seconds
Your money is doubling every 12 seconds. An ordinary croupier can deal and pay out on 300 boxes of blackjack in an hour. A fast one could hit up to 350.
Note; any hands with ‘blackjack’ (21 made in 2 cards, a ten and an ace or a picture card (king etc) and an ace) pay 3–2. Any hands of ‘blackjack’ that come up will only speed up this process and increase amount of final conservative estimate.
16 hands later you have £131072 and you have to open up another box as you are over the hundred grand limit on the first one.
It's 2:10pm
You have the attention of the pit boss.
Because it is early there are not many players so you will not have trouble taking control of all 9 boxes on the table you are playing.
It takes 24 hands to max out the boxes completely on all 10 tables. You are now holding £16,777,216
The fastest this could happen in is about 5 mins.
But you are now having to communicate with 10 croupiers across ten tables.
The assistant manager is in the pit and looking a bit grey.
The manager is definitely watching, probably on camera or from the other side of the casino. Time to order some sandwiches and a cup of tea…
For the next 16 hours you make £9m on average every 12 seconds.
4800 hands.
A total of £43,200,000,000.
That's how much you could win if you didn't lose a single hand of blackjack in a day in the casino.
But I bet you don't!