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Thread: If You Had to Play Online Live BJ, Where Would You Choose?

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    If You Had to Play Online Live BJ, Where Would You Choose?

    I know many of you would rather shoot yourselves and do other things, but let's just say, you had to choose an online live bj site. Which would you play on for US based players (not sure if this matters at all). I have no where to play locally anymore and just wanted to play when I'm bored.

    Even with 50% pen with reasonable rules, with like a 25-1 spread, you can beat it for less than minimum wage (but that's all I need really).
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    I do play online blackjack actually. Right now I am playing at pornhub casino and it's not bad. Here is what I recommend. You deposit $200 and take the match bonus. Now you have $400. Then you try to double it on baccarat. Basically at this point you are risking $200 to win $800 because the casino matched your deposit. So if you win the flip then you just play blackjack like normal. They have liberal rules.

    The deposit bonus has a ridiculous roll over though. So for $200 deposit you need to give them $24,000 in action at the blackjack table before you can cash out. But most places live dealer blackjack doesn't even count towards clearing the deposit bonus.

    S17, DAS, ES10, ENHC, DA2, No Resplit

    Bad cut and slow game though.

    Chico network ( looks decent too. I think 6 deck, S17, LS and you can play three squares. But it's 3/6 and the d

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