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    Long island cocktail

    Hi girls and boys!

    A little story:

    I have been a red chipper so far playing mostly on Verite day and night. Recently I also purchased the CVCX software from Norm. I use REKO as a strategy with all the indices and no cover at all....Normally i play once or twice a month in two different casinos.(same corporation by the way)
    Lately i always walk away with a modest range of winning between 100-250 euro of profit. Which is not too much i reckon...considering casino tolerance level...

    So yesterday afternoon i went down to my local casino with all the weapons and arsenal reportoire that requires to beat an 8 deck game ENHC with 75-85 percent penetration here somewhere around in Europe. I decided to step a little bit higher and test my casino's tolerance level so i brought 1000 euro with me in my pocket to play just in case..
    I bought in for 150.

    I know that some of you guys would not even go near that casino with such crap rules but anyway that is the only shoe game available in town. Since i have been preparing myself for this action so long i decided to spread my action a slightly bit stronger and press the pedal more aggressively...on 2 hands with a spread of 1-8.
    (I am totally aware that this spread is not enough to beat the game long run but yesterday something strange happened.)

    I was playing along with an old man who was only spreading 1-4 maximum on one box. The casino was quiet. The first shoe went down without any action.
    However the second shoe's count skyrocketeed up to the RC of 40 zone. So i popped out my max bets (2*40) and started hammering down the shoe. In a few minutes later i was up around 600. Then the HEAT arrived...The Pit boss started observing my game by standing right next to the table with his arms folded and with a frowned look on his face..
    I did not seem to care so much therefore i just simply ignored him and continued chatting with the old man stating and discussing how lucky we were in this shoe.

    Then third shoe arrived:
    Another f%§'"+! meteor shoe which you'd like to wish for yourself every single time you sit down playing blackjack..amazing!!
    All hands were winning ones. Splits, double downs and blackjacks. It was magical!
    I collected another 550 euro of pure proft after this wonder shoe.

    But then at that moment i noticed that Pit Boss sent his waiter over to the table right at me asking if i wanted to drink anything because it was on the house.
    Meanwhile the Suit was hanging on the phone looking at me staring into my i had to bring a quick decision so i ordered a Long Island Cocktail for myself.
    I drank it all then ordered a pint of beer afterwards trying to cooling down the situation..( I NEVER DRINK WHEN I PLAY BLACKJACK)
    The beer ended up in the toilet...what a waste...

    And the counter's worst nightmare just happened. With an amateur player!!!
    I fully understand this is a clear signal from the casino to tell you to f"!% off but i decided to stay and carried on playing pretending as though the fact of the cut card's new position would not be important to me. I was also curious about what would happen if i stayed.

    Two SHOEs later they put the cut back into its previous position as if nothing had happened. Everything went back to normal...Noone mentioned anything to me...
    I gave 10 euro tip to the dealer then i left the house with a huge grin on my face. (The adrenaline rush that i felt was undescribable to be honest-hehe)

    Any advice or personal opinion on the above short story? Shall i go back anytime soon? Or just let it cool down for a few weeks? Should i have acted differently?
    Would you guys have left the building right after the shoe was cut in half?

    Thanks for any input

    Good cards and EV!
    All the best

    Ps: Sorry for my english.

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    It's amazing that the casinos would react such a way towards a low-stakes counter. I've had similar instances occur. I get half-shoed and the dealer forgets to implement the counter-measure on the next shoe, lol. It's been a while since that's happened though.

    Give them a break for a little bit and come back on a different shift at a later date. Go about your business as if nothing ever happened. Casinos are unpredictable, so who knows exactly what to expect on your next visit. Good luck.

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    The half shoeing was a test to see if you would confirm their suspicion that you were an AP by leaving more or less immediately. You didn't and thereby passed this test and the cut card went back to where it had been after 2 shoes. I would have stayed and continued to play but leaving when the cut card was restored to the original pen further reinforced that you were not an AP. I played 3 hours, or about 14 shoes, of half shoe costing me a whopping $200, LoL, before the cut card went back to half a deck cut off. I eventually got a lifetime win backoff but that bought me an extra year of play at the casino. It was actually pretty funny because almost every ploppy refused to play and it was the only game open at low limit. There must have been 10 or 15 that left the casino and only a few that played and they didn't play for long. I knew it was either a test or the axe would soon fall. I figured what I did didn't matter if the axe awaited so I assumed it was a test.
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    I agree with T3, and would further comment as follows.
    -Half should a red chipper was ridiculous. You did well to survive the stare down. They were indeed trying to guage your level if competence. Playing through the half shoes confirmed to them that you could be classified as just another probable idiot.
    -I've been stared down many times. You actually get a feel for what constitutes them getting a feel. When there is overt heat, you'll know it. Having said that, the tap can come without any signs of heat.
    - casinos allow lots of counters to play, and why not. Most counters fail due to lack of actual ability, and/or lack of proper bankroll. It is in the interests if stores to maintain the illusion that average Joes can beat them.
    -Ordering the drinks and throwing the beer away was wise. Giving a 10 euro tip fir a euro red chipper was foolish. Mind you, perhaps it was wise, Vince no self respectind red chip p,Ayer would do that, but then,........ and then......... you can second guess yourself to death.


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