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Thread: hiLO ace side count!?

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    hiLO ace side count!?

    I have an interesting question! Lets say I want count ace side with hi lo. Hilo already count the ace. How should adjust in this case? Ace neutral strategies adjust for betting, but i want to adjust for playing!! For example, lets say i have RC of 7 with 3 decks left in 8 deck game! Dealer has an ace showing! 20 aces should have been played, but only 17 have come out. So surplus of 3 aces! Do I simply add 3 to my RC to amke it +10 RC and take insurance because TC now 3 and hilo says to insure +3!!! Do I need to learn new index numbers or can I simple add and subtract from my RC and then use new RC for playing!?? This also goes for all other play decision indexes!! Do i need learn new numbers!? or can i adjust RC and use old indexes!?

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    This is a funny thread given the last two weeks.

    Read my learning about side counts thread and ask yourself if there's a point to this enterprise. . .

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    Want to side count Aces, use Hi-Opt 1. With the Ace Sidecount it's a stronger count than High-Low and it allows you to add an addtional sidecount of 7's if you so choose for use in special decisions. (very useful for pitch games). For shoes you're better off just using standard High-Low and blasting with a big spread on the best games you can find.

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    Suggest that you search this forum's previous posts. This topic has been addressed in numerous extensive threads over the past year or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddy View Post
    suggest that you search this forum's previous posts.
    Play within your bankroll, pick your games with care and learn everything you can about the game. The winning will come. It has to. It's in the cards. -- Bryce Carlson

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    Side counting can make you blind!

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    We should almost have a wiki or a FAQ sidebar. There's probably a list of 10-15 questions that have been asked every few weeks since this website's inception.

    Next thing you know it we'll have someone asking about the best count or whether online live dealt games are viable.

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    Moses, and here I thought that was your job.
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