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Thread: Ohio Gamimg Law - Theory and Practice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    That is utter nonsense. Of course if you are yelling the count at the top of your lungs that would be disruptive. But, thinking is not disruptive in any dictionary. They were not silent on the subject. Card counting is NOT illegal. It is in black and white.
    Seeing as this entire post is a ridiculous mischaracterization and one couldn't possibly expect it to sway my mind, I'll assume its intent was to order me to 'shut up'. I do not accept your unsupported positions. have no idea why the topic wasn't allowed to end the first 3 times I closed it out if it's disruptive, and I assume I will be allowed to refute or agree with any further discussion on my personal view on the specific topic.
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    Believe what you want.

    Ryemo, thank you for posting the actual MO law. I've promoted it to the Is Card Counting Illegal blog.

    Thread closed.
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