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Thread: Selling my copy of Beyond Counting Exhibit CAA

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    Selling my copy of Beyond Counting Exhibit CAA

    I am cross posting this from the twoplustwo marketplace. It says this forum does not allow linking so as a new ebay user I am working on getting this to the top of the search pages.

    I am selling my copy of Beyond Counting Exhibit CAA on ebay. This is the 2009 edition, it is not pirated. Very high quality binding and printing, textbook quality. I have the buy it now price set at $5000, bidding starting at $1000 though I will entertain any serious offers if someone is interested in purchasing the book now. Note that this is the real Beyond Counting Exhibit CAA, not the much more limited in scope 2000 edition or the very restricted cliffs notes*.

    This book is a magnum opus of advantage play. There is nothing else like it. It primarily consists of original research by the author. The meat of the work is the many tables describing optimal strategies for everything from complex loss rebates to optimal coupon play to correct hole card strategy for BJ. This is a heavy theory book but it also contains a great deal of practical advice and overall is very well written. Every page yields new insights. Its every bit as mathematically rigorous as Peter Griffen or Richard Epstein yet is also written, very entertainingly, from the perspective of one of the most accomplished advantage players of all time. The last legitimate copy sold for $3000 on ebay. The buyer was no fool.

    I obtained my copy directly from the author on a reference from another famous gambling author who I won't name here but you can PM me for details. This book is extremely rare by design. I suspect the authors intention for publishing it was primarily as a way to put his lifes work on record as very few were sold. I also would like to avoid unknowingly selling to casino personnel. It was an explicit condition upon my purchase that I was not in any way affiliated with a casino and the only reason I got the book was the author/AP I know vouching for me.

    Even though some of the material dates to 2000 it has aged like wine. These are insights and methods of thinking that are deadly in the hands of a sharp, seasoned player. This is a book you read through 20 times as you put in pit time and gain experience. But there is no doubt a serious student of this material who masters it will be a serious threat to any casino in which they step foot. If you are primarily a poker player and are maybe interested in diversifying your hustle, forget poker books. All of the situations Mr. Grosjean sheds light on are completely game theoretic solvable, and he has solved them all. This is hard science, there's no guessing. The conclusions are undebatable. And your guide throughout is probably the most supremely qualified and experienced man ever to cover the topic. James Grosjean is a man who lives engulfed in dedication to his craft and whose approach is nothing short of surgical.

    One copy sold as recently as last September but again, this is an extremely rare book with very few having ever been sold to the public. It isn't guaranteed that another will come up for sale soon, or ever. It is a real opportunity for the right player who often finds themselves in casinos or for an aspiring player who wants to take the fastest road to expertise. This book is a money maker, the purchase price is peanuts compared with long term EV for the dedicated reader.

    I've read shelves of gambling books and I can say that the vast majority of the information if not all of it contained in the book hasn't even been covered in the literature. This book truly has no substitute.

    Here's the ebay link

    *I have not read the cliffs notes but I have read reviews. Unless the author of the notes was engaging in blatant plagiarism, serious players will want the book. The core of this work is the countless tables which enumerate optimal strategies for a trove of valuable situations. If your only interest is One Card Poker 101, the notes may be a better option. But if you're reading this I probably don't have to sell it, this type of thing sells itself.

    About Me: Fairly long time twoplustwoer, online casino hustler before that, down for real. Gambling is what I do, I'll be here tomorrow, next year and beyond. Search my post history.

    Here's a link to the twoplustwo marketplace. I'm just including this because its mod approved only. I am a first time ebay user and would personally be nervous about making a purchase like this, my twoplustwo history and mod approval should establish at least some legitimacy.
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    We allow legitimate links.
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    Newbies who wish to spend big money should note that the
    book in question has almost nothing to do with Card Counting.

    It has a great deal to do with how to "hole card", and presents
    endless tables of data that are beyond the capacity of normal
    beings to memorize, and absurdly rare situation that you'll not

    If you want to discuss this with me in greater detail -
    please do so via P.M. or by posting an email address
    or texting number.

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    Sorry I don't have permission to pm, although its unclear if you are addressing me or newbies at the end. The book does contain a rather large section on card counting, Section III, which runs 79 pages. I don't disagree however that it is primarily not a counting book.

    However what you characterize as "absurdly rare situations" might as fairly be characterized as interesting, very complex mathematical problems that myself or anyone else who is not a professional mathematician would have great difficulty resolving on our own. Moreover those solutions will probably prove quite helpful over the course of a gambling career because so often problems that on first glance do not appear to have much in common can often be reduced to composites of other problems for which solutions are known. That said its true that its not a beginners book. There seems to me little doubt that understanding and mastering all of the information would make the reader far more well rounded and better prepared to pounce at opportunities that may remain hidden to those with skills less well formed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMaster_Flash View Post
    Newbies who wish to spend big money should note that the
    book in question has almost nothing to do with Card Counting.
    Might be why JG named it "Beyond Counting".

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    Oh at zenmasterflash my email is [email protected]. Thanks.

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    the "book" is not the "book" any more .

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    Feel free to send a pm.

    I'm interested in learning more about Beyond Counting - Exhibit CAA. I've expressed interest in this book on a different forum. Many had good things to say about it. I know it's very difficult to come by though. What are your thoughts on this literature?
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    CAA is a very valuable book to the professional player with particular interest for those wishing to expand their range of advantage options in a casino.

    We used the data here to develop playing protocols for training, player certifications and betting for TCP and MS hole carding and were very successful with their implementation.

    CAA also contains a wealth of material (some dated) on a wide variety of carnival games and other opportunities. Much of the information is very hard to find but some is readily available on sites like APHEAT . Com

    Overall, having the "book" is both a nice collectors item of value and a reference and training document worthy of your time and money.

    Is it worth the asking prices.........well that a collector, very likely. As a player, maybe, depending on the specific info you are interested in, it may be available elsewhere and cheaper.
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