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Thread: Can this betting strategy be simmed on CVCX or CVDATA

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    Can this betting strategy be simmed on CVCX or CVDATA

    A casino has a double deck game where they allow bets to be raised to no more than twice the previous bet. I play this game by starting with 2 hands of 2 units of $25 on the first round.

    If the count is positive at the end of the first round, I bet the same or more on the second round. If the count is negative at the end of the first round, I reduce my bet, even dropping to one hand for a very negative count.

    On subsequent rounds, if the count becomes more positive for enough rounds, I continue to increase bets to up to 2x$200 (table max) depending on the count.

    Limited play has given good results, but I would like to sim this game and betting strategy to determine the ev, SCORE, ROR, etc.
    I have both CVCX and CVDATA but haven't been able to set either up for this betting strategy. Is there a way to do this? Tips and suggestions are welcome.

    FWIW, pen is 70% rules are D9, das.

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    CVCX can't do this. CVData can sim this general betting limitation. But, it depends on what they exactly mean by not raising more than double when you can also change the number of hands in a round. (They may not even have an exact rule definition to cover this.)
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