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Thread: Pioneer card counters

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    Pioneer card counters

    I'm 40 and I love to hear the older guys stories, whether it be hotrodders, truckers, bootleggers, etc... I would like to hear how guys older than me learned to count cards and some of their first trips to the store and the mistakes, victories and how you handled your emotions or had to reel them back in. Was there ever a movie moment that you just couldn't repeat for fear of no one believing you.

    Not to discount the newer generations coming up because computers have helped make things simpler but I also think they have hindered the real life experiences to. I love reading books I like reading about Arnold and Uston's stories. I doubt the newer generations will be able to sell books with stories like I was on my computer one day and "featherduster123" was talking smack and I... if so it just wouldn't interest me.

    If you would like to share a real life experience I would like to hear it.

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    You can go here and listen to some great stories from the people themselves.

    Johnny Chang, Al Franchesco, Darryl Purpose, Cat Hulbert and many others.
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    I love hearing the old pre-Thorp legends, like Greasy John. No one is sure quite what they were up to, but they were beating the casinos without computer simulations, basic strategy charts, and the like.
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