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Thread: how calculate BE

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    how calculate BE

    How to calculate betting efficiency for a particular count system. For example, in a barrel there are

    100 dark red balls,
    100 light red balls,
    100 dark blue balls,
    100 light blue balls

    Each round the casino takes out 1 ball.
    I win even money if the ball is dark red
    I win 1/2 money if the ball is light red
    I lose my bet if the ball is dark blue
    I lose 1/2 my bet if the ball is light blue
    The casino do not put the ball back after each round. But after 350 rounds, all the balls are put back.

    System 1 is +1 for any blue ball, -1 for any red ball
    System 2 is +1 for any dark blue ball, -1 for any dark red ball
    System 3 is +2 for any dark blue ball, +1 for any light blue ball, -2 for any dark red ball, -1 for any dark red ball
    When I decide how much to bet, I divide running count by the number of balls left (ie using TC)

    How do I calcucate the BE for the above 3 systems? is it done by Math or Simulation?

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    Hi BPrenewable

    Peter Griffin gives an explanation of the formula in chapter 4 in his book "The Theory of Blackjack". It is computed by assigning point values to cards based upon their effects of removals and the payoffs according to the rules of the game and then computing the correlation coefficient.

    You have the same thing with your exercise in that you have a system and a payoff and it is similar to the simple explanation Griffin gives in his book.

    If you want to get a full explanation I would suggest you buy "The Theory of Blackjack" by Peter A Griffin.

    If you would like to play around with an efficiency calculator related to blackjack, Norm has one on this site at:
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