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Thread: Dealer's Bust Card

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    Dealer's Bust Card

    A guy said I took the dealer's bust card. I said "Yep, I meant to, I'm setting up the next hand". He said what? I said "I am setting up the next hand". He said "How do you know what the next hand is going to be. I said "The same way you know what the dealer's bust card is going to be".

    The next two 10's I got I split them. He left shortly afterwards and the dealer just winked and smiled.
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    love this one , i should use it . may i ?. dealer said to me "You are too negative, you are not gonna win that way!" .I was like WTF?" Which school taught you statistic and probabilities?" "This ain't Football ,you idiot !"

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    This one is definitely going to be tucked away in one of my ever diminishing brain cells. Classic stuff.
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    Nice one!

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