I'm planning a near month-long trip with a couple of girlfriends. We all play Blackjack and know basic strategy (I'm the only one who knows it perfectly, though they know it fairly well, I've been practicing with them).

I know the Hi/Lo count though I make mistakes when playing live, I'm trying to get better at that. One of my friends only knows the Ace/Five Count from The Wizard of Odds site (not sure this count is actually any good) and the other doesn't know any counts at all (though we plan on training her on an easy count before the trip and get some practice in at the local casino).

I would totally love to be able to plan our road trip around different casinos and see if we can pay for the entire trip with BlackJack winnings! Would be great if we could get our rooms for free at least and some meals. Our combined Blackjack "bankroll" for the trip would be about $4,000-$5,000. We're taking more money with us of course but we don't plan on gambling with it, just in case.

Am I dreaming? Is this possible? It sounds like so much fun, I really would love to do it! I'm even considering blogging about it while traveling!

Any suggestions from the more experienced out there?