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Thread: Difference between CVCX & CVData

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    Question Difference between CVCX & CVData

    Hey guys,

    After visiting Norm's website for his blackjack software on QFIT, I did some research for two blackjack sims and seem to be curious as to the difference btwn CVCX and CVData. Extrapolating from the website gives me the impression that CVCX has built-in data from previous simulations and that CVData is a ''create your own senario'' simulator.

    I may be wrong so please correct me!

    Anyway. I am looking forward to purchase either one in the next week or so. My main use would be simulating game conditions, generating new counts, creating indicies, ect. Which one would be most appropriate to invest in?Am I being too vauge? What other information do you request?


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    CVData calculates indices; CVCX doesn't.

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    CVData is for indepth study of blackjack games, betting strategies, and playing strategies. CVCX is for doing risk of ruin calculations and figuring out optimal bet ramps. They do different things. They are available as a package and you should get both.

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