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    Change Log

    Ignore forum/thread features added - Functions that allow members to remove unwanted threads and forums. (link)

    Blog feeds added -
    AP blog feeds informing members of new posts to various AP blogs. (link)

    Anonymous post feature added
    For those times you may need to hide your identity. (link)

    Articles section added
    Advantage Player articles can be added by all active members. (link)

    Fully-threaded forum view added
    An optional method of viewing an entire forum in threaded mode. (link)

    SSL support added –
    Support for encrypted access for casino access added. (link)

    Blog Function
    Blog function and blog added. (link)

    Polls added to sidebar.

    Quick Quote
    A simplified method of quoting pieces of quotes from one or more posts added. (link)

    Mobile style
    Mobile style added to style box. (link)

    Server migration
    New server, domain name and numerous software package upgrades. We are now on VBulletin Suite 4.1.12.

    Large fonts forum style added – See dropdown box in lower left of screen.

    Low-intensity forum style added
    See dropdown box in lower left of screen.

    RSS feeds added – You can subscribe to RSS feeds for all or select forums. (link)

    Post ratings added See the top right of each post. Top Posts submenu also added to the navigation bar, and member profiles summarize a member's helpful posts.

    Guest Chat Forum Guest chat forum added for transcripts and continuing discussion.

    Embedded MSNBC videos
    – The ability to embed MSNBC videos in posts has been added. See

    LV Views
    – Las Vegas views and maps have been added to the BJ Resources button.

    Blackjack variations
    – BJ rule variations have been added to the BJ Resources button.

    Blackjack Edge Calculator
    – A BJ advantage calculator has been added to the BJ Resources button.

    Efficiency Calculator
    ICountNTrack's card counting efficiency calculator has been added to the BJ Resources button.

    – Rick Blaine’s paper on Casinos and Personal Privacy has been added to the BJ Resources button

    Sticky post separation
    – Stickies have been separated from normal posts.

    Timeout change – Automatic logout for idle users has been changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. When logging in, click Remember me to avoid. If you want your member name immediately removed from the What’s Going On box, log out.

    Embedded chat – Chat embedded into the forum screen instead of using a pop-up. Inside chat, click the third icon from the left on the chat control bar to detach it.

    CVBJ connection added – The connection between this forum and CV Blackjack has been established. All new threads posted on the forum will be broadcast to people using CVBJ that have the Comm Panel Widget open on their dashboard.

    BJ Resources – Blackjack Resources button added to navigation bar including Calculators, CVCX Online, Charts, Modern Blackjack Blog and link to free Blackjack book.

    Posting Guidelines added - ICountNTrack's message posting and policy guidelines added.

    Instant Messaging added – IM bar added to the bottom of the window for quick one-on-one chats between friended members.

    Side bar added – Welcome, chat schedule, changes, new posts and new threads are displayed at the right.

    Mobile chat added – This module enables visitors using iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Android devices to connect to the chat room from their phone's built-in web browser. Mobile users don't need to download or install any software.

    PM and Sig requirements – To reduce SPAM, private messages and signatures are not available until a user has created seven posts and has been on the site seven days.

    Forum Runner – Forum Runner support has been added to access the forum via mobile devices.

    Chat added – Click on Chat in the navigation bar. The chat button contains a count of members in the chat rooms and the members are listed in the What’s Going on box. However, the count lags by a few minutes. The Who's Chatting submenu under Community gives an up to date list of members.

    VB 4.1.8 installed – Vbulletin 4 contains many new features including a more advanced editor with auto-save and advanced search.
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