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Thread: Messaging Features

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    Messaging Features

    We have several methods of communication besides the forum, blogs and AP News. Below is a quick rundown:

    (IM) Instant Message Bar

    At the bottom of the window is a floating bar that allows instant messaging (IMs). That is, one-on-one chats with a “friend.” Notes:

    • You can chat with more than one member at once, but they are separate conversations in separate boxes. Only the two members involved in a conversation can see it.
    • To protect well-known members from constant IMs, you can only use the IM Bar to chat with “friended” members. To Friend a member, click on his/her name, click View Profile, and then click + Add as a Friend. The member will receive a notification and must approve it. Friends will appear in the Who’s online list with a + and in the IM Bar list of friends. If you send an IM to a member who is not online, it will be saved and sent when they sign on.
    • If you are using the SSL secure link, IMs are encrypted and cannot be read over WiFi or other open protocols.
    • The chat boxes can be “popped-out.” At the top of the chat box, Click on the pop-out icon with a square and arrow. A popup window will appear with a chat box and list of available members. Click on a member to communicate. Tabs will appear at the bottom for each chat. Click on the tabs to switch between chats. To pop the chat back into the bar, click on the pop-in button that will appear when you popped-out.
    • You can reduce the size of the bar by clicking on Chat, then the Change Theme icon, select No Bar and Choose.
    • The IM Bar supports mobile devices; but I have not tested it.
    • The IM Bar supports video chats. At the top of the chat box, click the Options icon and click Start a Video Call. NOTE: Video chats are not encrypted.
    • If you find the bar annoying, click the button at the far right to hide it.

    Main Chat Rooms

    The chat rooms are open 24 hours to all members. The Chat Room button in the Navbar displays the number of members in the rooms, and the “What’s Going On?” Box at the bottom lists the current attendees. This list is only updated every ten minutes. To see an up-to-date list of chatters; on the Navbar submenu, select Community and then Who’s chatting.
    There are now two rooms:

    Room Général

    • This is the room you first enter and is designed for general conversation.
    • All registered members may enter.
    • When you enter, you will be able to scroll back the previous five messages to get a taste of the current chat. (Feature removed)
    • Guest Chats are held in this room.

    Room Trèfle

    • To enter this room, right-click on the room in the right panel and select Join.
    • Members registered for five days with at least five posts may enter.
    • When you enter, you will NOT see any previous messages, so you always know who sees your posts.
    • Novice questions are strictly forbidden.

    There is no enforcement at this time. Let’s try to avoid the need.

    When you look at “What’s Going On” at the bottom of the main forum display, a list of all users in chat will be displayed. If you wish to know what rooms they are in before entering chat, in the submenu below the navigation bar at the top, click Community, then Who’s Chatting. The list will be broken up by room.

    NOTE: If you are using the SSL secure link, unlike PMs and IMs, chats are NOT currently encrypted and can be seen over WiFi or other open protocols. If demand becomes high, we will consider adding encryption to chats.

    (PM) Private Messaging

    This is a mailbox system that allows communication with members without knowing their email addresses. Notes:

    • Members who have posted five messages may use the PM system.
    • Easiest method of sending a PM is to click on a member name and click Private Message. Or, click Send Private Message in the member’s profile.
    • Recipients will receive a notification in the Notifications box at the top of the screen. Click Notifications and Inbox to enter the PM system.
    • If you are using the SSL secure link, PMs are encrypted and cannot be understood over WiFi or other open protocols.
    • Full help is included in the FAQ.

    Publick House

    Pubs remain the social center of many towns. Wikipedia calls them the focal point of the community and traces them back to Roman taverns. So, I’ve named the new room The Blackjack Publick
    House and placed it on the forum home page. Just scroll down to the end of the forums. Notes:

    • You can only see the discussion if you log in to the forum. Everyone that logs in to the forum is automatically logged into the pub.
    • Posts do not last forever, but are purged after some number of days.
    • Posts can be edited or deleted. Click on the Blue header and then on Archives.
    • If you find the entire concept annoying, click the rollup icon at the upper-right.
    • The pub is not designed for useful discussion. That is, if something is of future use to others, it should be posted in a forum so that others can read it at a later time.
    • According to my careful calculations, there is a 94.6% probability that this is a really stupid idea and the pub will be removed. Make that 94.7%. But, one never knows until one experiments.

    Other One-on-One Chats Methods

    ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype are supported. If you are a member of any of these, click on Settings at the top of the page, then Edit Profile on the left. Fill in the Instant Messaging section. Members can contact you by clicking on your profile and then a specified messaging service. Icons will also appear at the left of every one of your posts for each IM method filled in.
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    hello Moose
    As a younger man i played the game stood for a number of years in Alberta and Saskatchewan.I was thinking of introducing it to my poker group, but thought i should brush up on the rules so I went on the my surprise you were the only link to the game. It must have been a well kept secret I remember the basics, 21 or bust, to aces beats all, three deals per person, then deal passes on, except person who stocks the pot wins the deal, if he wins of course. It did not include anything like 5 cards winning. I'm not sure about ties, whether dealer wins the tie or no winner. you do play each player individually, not the whole table with one hand.
    thats a start.

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    Research "Caddy Blackjack."


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