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Thread: Does speed reduce accuracy? Did this dealer just make good guess?

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    Does speed reduce accuracy? Did this dealer just make good guess?

    There is a skinny Indian dealer that can deal 200 hands a hour, maybe more. He is the only dealer that I can't keep up with, under normal circumstance that I put priority on main count first. Normally I can figure out what the total of my hand is before the dealer does, but not against him. I have seen people praise him for his speed. But all I see is that he quickly swept the cards and chips if there were six cards. He did not give players more than 0.1 second to add up the total. A few times I think he took my money after I got to six or seven cards 21. So on our recent encounter, I am more than prepared. I would add my total first, then deal with the count later. And this time I got him. When he swept the cards and my chips, I am 100% sure I got 21. He apologized after I casually pointed it out. And one ploppy commented that he thought his accuracy is as good as his speed. Now he has to consider that the dealer was just making good guess and can't be trusted.

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    How I handle those speedy dealers is to insist on a review of the cards after every round. Otherwise you give them license to rob you blindly.
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    You're average at counting then. There's no dealer in the world I can't keep up with. I'm aware you use an ace neutral count with a side of aces so I give you a little more leeway not being able to keep up with 200 hands per hour. But if you cant keep up with him I suggest you swithch to something simpler. You're simply losing EV by not being able to keep up with him and thus cancelling out any gains you are making by having an ace side count, unless of course you primarily play pitch games.

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    The dealer can only deal as fast as the players play their hands. If he skips your hand signal get your option, If he does it again get another option. If he keeps doing it you can beat the game flat betting using basic strategy. Controlling the table is an important AP skill. Dealers that try to go lightning fast make lots of mistakes. You benefit from both the speed and the options and if he skips your hand signal you get even more options. If you signal every decision no matter how trivial they can't say I gave him time to signal and he didn't or some other such BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenKinG View Post
    There's no dealer in the world I can't keep up with.
    And if I recall , you rock halves ... Bravo
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