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Thread: Disguises and surveillance

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    Disguises and surveillance

    I have heard to avoid acrylic props because the cameras can pick it off. Any validity to this? I am looking into a disguise done by a professional make up artist. Anyone have experience with this and any advice to offer?

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    Very true. Props, like Wigs, should be human hair. This was discussed by Cellini in his Surveillance book. Fake hair has a shiny nature that shows up really well on camera. Try to think in terms of the total look, not just the face. Don't underestimate the power of simple things as well, (Like Haircuts, Beards/No Beards, Glasses, Hats, etc). In the end, if you are well known there are other things that can give you away, your voice, your laugh, jewelry, your sheer size, etc so be sure to take all of that into account.

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