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Thread: Question about composition dependent combinatorial analyzer(bjstrat)

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    Question about composition dependent combinatorial analyzer(bjstrat)

    I was playing around with with the bjstrat cdca program and had a question someone mat be able to answer for me. It shows the house edge of the 6 deck H17,DAS, DOA, LS game at .5477% which is about what I figure it to be but when I leave the deck composition exactly as it is off the top of the shoe and take away one of each card, the house edge lowers and by the time I take it down to 5 decks, it shows that the player has almost a 1% advantage with off the top composition and one deck depleted. Then when I deplete 3 of the 6 decks it goes back to showing a .4423 house edge again.....of course it shows all different levels of advantage along the way with exact off the top deck composition at different levels of penetration. I have heard of depth charging in GOOD single deck games but how can a 6 deck shoe with exactly even distribution be shown to have such widely varying levels of advantage? Any help is appreciated in this quandry.

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    First thing that comes to mind...

    When you remove one of each card, are you remembering to take away four Ts? (T = T,J,Q,K)

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    I think you may be right....duh on me...thanks

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