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Thread: Free Blackjack Book, Anyone?

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    Free Blackjack Book, Anyone?

    After 16 months of fun and frolic, I am done promoting my humorous blackjack book for sale. I sincerely appreciate all of you who purchased a copy and/or made supportive comments on my ridiculous posts. It has been an adventure.

    For you sticklers who didn't shell out cash for the book, I have no hard feelings. In fact, I have a VERY special offer. If you would like a .pdf version of the book, please send your email address to [email protected]. I ask nothing in return, except that you forgive my transgressions early in the book for betting too aggressively while card-counting. I've gotten much better!

    Glen Wiggy
    Author of "1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors--Finding Profit and Humor in Card-Counting"

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    I loved this book! My only complaint is that you are giving it away for free when I paid cash for the hard copy! lol!

    I had a good chuckle reading it. It is nice to read an entertaining blackjack narrative instead of a reference book once in a while. The most useful advice was estimating decks using dimes. It is a pretty close way to estimate! So, I did learn something.

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