Time to create some decent mobile Blackjack apps. There are a few problems in creating a sophisticated app. The first hurdle is distribution, particularly for Apple devices. I tend to make a rather large number of minor revisions. Not a problem for CV as I handle all distribution. But, Apple insists that you gain approval for an app – which they can pull for any reason at any time. If you make the tiniest change, you must go through the entire approval process yet again. This is not acceptable. So, I’ve been looking into an alternate distribution method where I can get around normal distribution and auto-update changes. I need to determine if this methodology will work effectively before investing a great deal of time. Thus, the BrainScram Experiment.

BrainScram is a silly game I developed nine years ago. I have recreated it as a mobile app as a test. It should run on tablets or smartphones; Android, Apple or Blackberry. Of course there are now a massive number of devices, each with its own quirks. Question is, does the deployment and the app itself work on most devices?

If you have such a device and the inclination, give it a try. If there are problems, please tell me the problem and the device.

As for the rules of the game – sorry, discovering the rules is part of the game. So, it may make it a bit difficult to determine if it’s working correctly.

The game can be found at http://www.qfit.com/apps/brainscram. I’ll probably be making changes as I discover problems. When I do, the game auto-updates. That is, if you restart the game, it will check to see if there is a new version. If so, it will say Updating, and then restart once it has patched itself.

If you lose over $100,000, you will receive a 200% rebate.