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Thread: iPhone practice app recommendations

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    iPhone practice app recommendations

    Hi, I know this has been asked before but I'm hoping there's something new available. I just upgraded my android to an iPhone. I've been using Advantage Blackjack for practice, but it's only available for android as far as I can tell. So I'm looking for something similar, an app I can set for different rules or # of decks. I use CVBJ at home;( Norm are you still working on a CVBJ app?) Anyway, any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    You have now pushed this software on three forums without contributing anything to the site. It is generally considered bad form to put advertising links on multiple forums without having contributed anything.
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    So no suggestions?

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    Well thanks for the help.

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    I've been using Blackjack Expert by DeepNet and I think it's pretty good (but then I'm a rank amateur). It's got a lot of drills to learn BS and counting and playing drills.

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    Looks like it might be a good one but kinda expensive($35). You feel it's worth the price?

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    I've been using Blackjack MH HD for playing and Blackjack Teacher Pro for drills both are by Pepper Stuff. They both seem pretty good but I am a beginner and haven't compared them to something like Blackjack Expert.

    Blackjack MH is a playing sim to actually play. You can set it to notify you when you don't make the correct play. It works pretty well with the exception that it doesn't always pull from correctly from the index plays. Like it'll tell you you're supposed to hit and not stand when you have a 16 against against 10 with a big count. My gut tells me that this is due to me using KO right now and it's not correctly using the RC over the TC that it still tries to calculate. So you're millage may vary on this issue, especially if you're using a balanced count.

    Blackjack Teacher Pro is simply for drilling. It'll show you 2 card vs the dealer up card fro what the correct BS play is. It has modes for counting, BS+index with it giving count info, and an all mode which is BS+index with not giving count info. I've found the BS mode to be useful in getting it down pat. I'm just starting to play with the BS+index now. It falls short for me in the counting mode though. Mainly due to UI. When it count mode it has a + and - button with the count between it. You have to adjust the count after each set of 4 cards to the proper count by stepping up or down the correct number of times. This gives me two issues. The first being that it's too easy to "cheat" with having the RC shown and I find myself getting lazy and not remembering it as well. The other problem being that I stat thinking in terms of hit the minus button twice to adjust the count it has over subtracting 2 from the RC that's in my head. Not really useful to me and it feels like it hurts me more than helps. So I'd recommend it for BS drilling but not counting.

    I also grabbed a freemium app yesterday all Blackjack Card Counting by viWid which seems like it might be better for counting practice. It'll show you either 1 or 2 cards at a time. You swipe to advance to the next set of cards. Feels like you can run through decks pretty quick with it and it doesn't show you the RC all the time. It has a chip at the bottom of the screen that when you press it, it shows you the current count along with a chart showing the card values for your count system with the current card highlighted as an aid. Feels like it might be good for sitting around practicing counting down a deck, but I just got it and have only played with it once. So I can't say how effective it might be.

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    Yes, I do think it's worth the price. I try to practice with it every day and it's pretty comprehensive. It's got a memorize mode that's very helpful to learn BS, and it customizes the chart for rules/decks/counting system. The drill mode will give you a hand and you pick the right play (you can use it to learn index plays too). In count mode you can have it give you any number of cards and learn to count. Contrary to what some may tell you, this DOES help in learning to count real cards. I can count a real deck down in about 31-35 seconds without hardly ever having practiced with real cards (not to say you shouldn't but just showing that it will help). The only thing I don't like about it is that going in and out of the modes doesn't work the greatest. I know it's a lot for an app but you can get some good value IMO . However, maybe try some of the apps that Xennus suggested first and see if they're good for what you want.

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