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    Viktor and Bettie at have decided to retire their public forums, as well as Don’s Domain, to refocus their energies and strengths on a simpler site offering select, excellent products. But, it simply would not do to lose so much history and content from some of the greats in the Blackjack field. Even Ed Thorp made a couple of posts to So, they have allowed us to archive the posts and chats here. Some notes:

    These forums are an archive only. That is, they are closed for new posts. However, you can reference a post in a new post on an open forum. Just open a post in the archive and copy the url into a new post on the desired forum.

    A great advantage to including the archives in standard forum format is the ability to use the standard VBulletin search to search all our open forums, the blogs, the AP News page, the archives, our chats and the chat archives at once. For example, enter Humble in search, and you will get posts referring to Lance Humble in our forums and the archives, the Lance Humble chats in the archives, and any references to my humble nature.

    Member names from the archives were NOT imported. So, you cannot view an archives member’s profile and find all his/her posts. But, I have placed the poster names in the titles, so you can search for a member name in titles to find posts.

    The old forums were threaded. This threading has been retained. If you wish to see the original threading, instead of our default linear format, you can change the thread and/or forum display to threaded or hybrid mode. Displaying a thread in threaded mode works quite well. Full forum threading mode was developed specifically for this site, and is very slow. explains these modes.

    Unlike the standard forums, which are sorted in order of last posted-to thread, the archives are defaulted to last thread start date order.

    There are 55,000 posts in the archives -- so there are likely to be some problems. We do not allow HTML posting here (too dangerous). But, I believe most of the HTML has been functionally preserved and nearly all links are intact. Images should also be intact. As always, suggestions and problem reports are welcome.

    Thanks again to Viktor, Bettie, and Don at
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