> Don!

> I've got your mail yesterday. Unfortunatelly, I'm
> abroad
> at present without any technical stuff handy. In any
> case,
> I do think that my article "Even money.
> Fundamentals and excerst from TOB"
> (just scroll down this page until reaching it) may add
> a little bit of more light, for BJ Crusader and Rukus.

> Sincerely yours

> Zf

Zf, thank you very much for your reply despite being out of the country. However, scrolling down, I am not able to see a link or anything to your article. Am I missing something?

Also, does anyone know if UNLV Reno is still selling a copy of the book Don mentioned for $59? I haven't seen it available anywhere else, but there is still an old-fashioned order form on the UNLV website...

Thanks again,