So I was looking at my CA and want to convince myself that I am doing the suited bonuses correctly. Before I get to that though, I was hoping someone could confirm my methodology for regular 678 bonuses because the values I'm getting do not agree with the Wizard's in his 678/777 appendix (see link). Let's look specifically at 1 play, 67 vs 4. He doesn't post his rules, but I assume it's 6D OBO S17, all the other rules don't matter for this play. Even if it's H17 we still have discrepencies so it's the method I'd like to confirm.

The bonus that's described is payed as soon as the hand is reached, and then the hand continues on. If it wins it pays the original bet and if it loses the original bet is lost.

This is what I do and was wondering if it's correct.

Original EV's
67 vs 4 Stand -0.202973227
67 vs 4 Hit -0.274867962
678 vs 4 Stand 0.889935006

p(8 | 67,4) = 24/309 = 0.077669903
p(Bonus | 678) = 1
EV(67, Hit with Bonus) = EV(67, Hit no bonus) + p(8)*p(Bonus | 678)*EV(Bonus | 678)

So if the EV(Bonus | 678) = 1 we have:

EV(67, Hit with Bonus) = -0.274867962 + 0.077669903 = -0.197198059

This value as you can see is better than the original EV of Standing so I would hit 67 vs 4. According to the Wizard's table he wouldn't hit until the Bonus was 2.

So am I doing it correctly? If yes, then I need to double check suited bonuses as well, because my EV's for suited bonuses are consistently higher than what's suggested in that appendix.

Thanks for any input.