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Thread: Zenfighter: ENHC Effects of Removal Table

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    Cacarulo: Sorry, I meant Zenfighter not Zengrifter *NM*

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    Zenfighter: Re: So they are really pretty close

    > I guess that these number are really closer
    > than I realized! For some reason, I got the
    > idea in the back of my mind that you Ace
    > number was larger. I thought you posted .68.
    > I don't know where I got that idea from,
    > maybe too much speed reading. So when I only
    > got .638, I thought we are still far apart.

    > When you posted your numbers next to mine,
    > it is clear that are very similar. So much
    > so that each can be considered a
    > confirmation of the others.

    > I am not sure that it is worth a lot of
    > effort to try to account for the little
    > difference that we have. However, aside from
    > possible sampling error, there are a couple
    > of possible things to look at.

    > One is a possible cut card effect. When you
    > ran your sims, did you do a fixed number of
    > rounds, or did you use a cut card. EoRs are
    > based on Basic Strategy play, which is what
    > the CA does. For this, a cut card should not
    > be sued.

    > A second possibility is the Basic Strategy
    > itself. I have the computer first do a CA to
    > determine the optimal strategy for that
    > particular game. With SBA you have to put in
    > a strategy manually? Differences in strategy
    > can make a difference in the resulting EoRs.

    You are right! Many numbers doesn't differ at all.
    The ace of course not.
    A=-.6417 SE=.0025 which means

    68.3% [-.6392 and -.6442]
    95.45% [-.6367 and -.6467]
    99.73% [-.6342 and -.6492]

    I'm a little worried about the ten, probably
    I'm gonna double check it.
    All the sims were runned at the 260 card level.
    That's 260/5.4 = aprox. 49 rounds per shoe.
    I will run the ten without curd card next time,
    but frankly I don't expect any significance
    difference. I can be mistaken regarding this,
    of course!
    SBA allows to resplit 9 hands up a total of 10.
    That's simulates prety well the unlimited rule
    for resplitting any pair and aces. Last time I
    have had 11 pairs was in the 14th Century, if I
    remember well! :-).
    SP3 is a typical American rule, I don't know if
    your CA can be set to accomplish this.

    You don't have the slightest idea how much I
    appreciate your input here!


    (PS. Hey Don! Don't let me again alone in front
    of this two BJ monsters. I'm beginning to feel
    like Gary Cooper in High Noon!)

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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: Re: So they are really pretty close

    > (PS. Hey Don! Don't let me again alone in
    > front of this two BJ monsters. I'm beginning to
    > feel like Gary Cooper in High Noon!)

    I'd say you're doing pretty darn well -- just about as well as Gary Cooper did! :-)

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