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Thread: Kyle Sever: Hitting after Doubling Down

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    Kyle Sever

    Kyle Sever: Hitting after Doubling Down

    At my local casino, they have a rule called Double Down Rescue (surrender after doubling). Unfortunately (for the casino!), at least some of the dealers apparently don't understand this rule and allowed me to hit after doubling down! I have never seen any numbers for this but I suspect it would give me an edge off the top of the shoe. Could anyone provide some analysis along with strategy deviations? The game is 6dk, H17, DAS. Thanks in advance.

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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Just did a quick sim

    Warning I didn't have a lot of time to check the results. The gain from hit after double was about 1.1% using basic strategy. This does indeed make the game positive. I did not allow hit after DAS. The surrender after double rule doesn't sound valuable to me. I didn't have time to try strategy adjustments. But, as valuable as they would be, I probably wouldn't use them anyway. If you start doubling eights and winning, someone is going to notice the dealer error.



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