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Thread: Don Schlesinger: Mozilla probem: help, please

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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: Mozilla probem: help, please

    I've recently joined the 21st century and switched over from Netscape to Firefox. Because of the similar architecture, I'm comfortable with Firefox, but I'm encountering a problem.

    Before, my passwords to this site and to Wong's BJ21 were always stored automatically, along with my name, each time I typed a post, so that I didn't have to retype them incessantly.

    I don't get the popup window that says, "Do you want Firefox to save your password" because I have the "Clear Private Data" selection checked for after each usage. However, that shouldn't affect the password saving. Under Tools, Options, Security, I have the "Remember passwords for sites" clearly checked. There are no exceptions, but, unfortunately, there are no Saved Passwords, either, despite my repeatedly typing them in for the sites, which keep asking me to do this.

    In Help, I read that I needed to make sure that in Tools, Options, Privacy, when you always clear private data that I should make sure, in Settings, that I don't have "Saved passwords" checked as one of the things to "always erase" each time I sign off. That box is unchecked as it should be.

    And yet, I cannot get my passwords to "stick" on this site or Wong's.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.



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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: I think I've solved it!

    Unbeknownst to me, each time you type in the password, a drop-down add-on to the toolbar asks if you want to Remember the password, or Never for this site. It had never caught my before, as, on Netscape, it always came up in the middle of the screen, and you couldn't miss it.

    Anyway, now that I clicked on Remember, the passwords appear in my Saved passwords section, so I believe I've solved the problem.



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