I am staying with the Ace side count issue longer then our prior correspondence to investigate further. Would you let me know if the following findings are accurate.

Continuing to investigate the world of CVCX:

CVCX modified shoe contents

When setting up a sim with 6 decks and then use the modified shoe content to change the deck composition, does it use the composition as if that is the portion left in the shoe?

For example, if we set up the cards as:

which would represent 48 cards (approx 1d) played.

My reason is this.
I ran numerous sims modifying the counts randomly with the intention to see how the aces and tens change the results.

I found that if you set it up like this:
A20-22-20-19-20-21-22-19-18-T83, the score is close to the same results as using a normal shoe using the rules I had set up. (37.66)

When you set it up like this:
A22-20-19-20-19-20-19-20-19-T80 or

the high aces and lower ten counts more then doubled the SCORE (81.57 & 81.23)

The example above with the lower A (16) and higher T(84) came in with a SCORE of only 5.05.

I realize the card count are not the same in each example. The disparity of the SCORE IMO is very interesting.


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