and it's not the first time it happened.

I'm sitting at a table and i'm getting beaten up pretty bad. Just waiting for my turn. Finally the count goes my way and I start my bet escalation. I was flat betting $100.00 and i'm now up to $500.00. The dealer gives me a pair of 9's against her 6. Using KO, the count is plus 6. I split the 9's and get an ace on the first one for a total of 20. With a count that high I wanted to double on that.
The dealer never gave me a chance to give a hand signal. Without hesitation she hit the 2nd 9 with a 10. So i'm sitting with a 20 and 19 the dealer pulls 21 and the rest is history. A $3000.00 swing. (if i'm allowed to double)

I was really upset and didn't feel I could do anything about it.