Dear Players,

It is with a full rack of excitement, stacks of pride and a tip of sadness that I announce my full ownership of RGE Publishing. Based strictly on different business interests, Arnold is moving Blackjack Forum to another publisher to simplify the continued realization of our respective goals.

To many, this will seem like the end of an era when the pursuit of blackjack transcended the theological, and new theories and techniques were being discovered like some fabulous, neon-lit renaissance. But to those that have witnessed resurrection over the past year, this should be seen as nothing more than what it is: two businessmen pursuing their goals and dreams in the best way possible.

First and foremost, I have chosen to carry on the RGE name because I intend to maintain the integrity and class with which it has been traditionally associated. The very growth of this website under my direction mirrors my intentions with all of RGE: to grow without compromising the intelligence and sophistication of our products, services and community.

I will also be carrying on RGE?s publishing and catalog operations. Prior to arriving at RGE, I spent many years working for a global magazine and brand. While that experience and statement does not necessarily mean that I am instantly qualified in your rightfully discriminating minds to publish (your) books or other periodicals, it is simply to say that there?s a reason I?m willing to take on the challenge of competing with powerful reputations in this small but competitive industry.

To start, Bettie and I will be making many immediate improvements to RGE?s business operations and website. In the coming days you?ll not only reach Bettie directly during Pacific business hours, but you?ll also be able to call me directly to discuss business, blackjack, video poker and other games, or computer security issues.

A major announcement involving Don?s Domain is but a day or two away, and our public forums will continue to be hosted by the indetractable Parker, a fellow player so helpful and knowledgeable I had to make up a word to describe him.

Our retail print catalog will be returning to quarterly distribution with the same high-quality merchandise as before, only more of it. The same is true of our online catalog and, overall, RGE will continue its emphasis on blackjack while expanding the number of legitimate advantage-play products we offer.

A new periodical is in the works, the details of which will come out over time. Although it will cover blackjack to a great degree, it will be a more unique and varied work that will complement the many magazines and journals out there.

Trackjack will continue to be developed and more heavily marketed. In the near term, Trackjack will be modified to track penetration using an innovative percentage ranging system, soon to be followed by wireless features and print editions. Michael Belgard, RGE?s Trackjack partner and editor, also has many ideas of his own that you?ll see realized over the coming months.

Rick ?Night Train? Blaine?s amazing second edition of Blackjack in the Zone will be out next week, the first work published under the new RGE. With new tutorial chapters on Hi-Lo and Red 7, and Rick?s expanded treatment of his detailed step-by-step career map, this book will rival every beginning and intermediate card counting book ever written.

We?ll also continue to heavily market Charles Lund?s Las Vegas Slot Club and Promotions Guide book and website, a remarkably detailed tome and service that are a must-have for any local or serious video poker player who wants to stay abreast of point and cash-back specials that take them over the1% threshold.

And most of all, we?ll work very hard to continue relationships with as many of RGE?s past authors as possible, while also continuing our hunt for the rising stars of blackjack with whom to partner and nurture groundbreaking works.

For the distant future, I want to share with you my philosophy and vision of the future of blackjack and all advantage-play gaming to give you a feel, and I hope some confidence, for where RGE will be evolving. I?ll focus on blackjack for the sake of example.

Every few years someone trumpets the death knell of blackjack, the demise of playable games, and the further decline of the once kinder, looser Las Vegas. And in fact, every few years, finding these opportunities and playing these games gets a little bit harder. But as early as last week there were at least two dozen trackable shuffles, countless double-deck games and one $35/hr video poker opportunity waiting to be played.

The battle for the future of blackjack will be a technological one, pitting the blackjack community?s ability to collect and share information versus the casinos? superior capabilities to do the same.

In blackjack and all things advantageous, it will be the war of information management that makes or breaks the bankroll. To be more specific right now would be unwise commercially.

Trackjack is just the beginning of RGE?s move in the afore mentioned technological direction. But battling the likes of Griffin, Biometrica, Blackjack Survey Voice, and new technology and methods to be seen, will require swifter and more dramatic innovations on the part of this industry.

And RGE will be a major part of it all.

Lastly, I would like to publicly thank Don Schlesinger for his balanced, pragmatic support and unwavering guidance during this tumultuous period. Many exciting developments you will see on the site will come from Don?s own visions and our common goals for the blackjack community. Thank you Don.

Feel free to ask any questions you wish, through email or by phone, and please contribute your comments and suggestions where you see fit. RGE is an open book to be written, and there?s space for everyone to help write the story.

Good Cards,


Viktor Nacht
RGE Publishing, Ltd.