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Thread: Hollywood: Don I had left myself a note to wait

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    Hollywood: Don I had left myself a note to wait

    until this point in the season to ask you what percentage are the football picks running at up until now. If you remember back in August I told you I would monitor it this year and if it was going well I would jump on board next season. Where is he percentage wise at this late portion of the season? And how did you do with it?


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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: Re: Don I had left myself a note to wait

    Well, you're missing a pretty good -- but typical -- Dan Gordon season. He's currently 37-23, for 61.7%.

    I haven't bet sports in a very long time. I enjoy monitoring Dan's selections and am glad he's doing so well for all of his clients. But I haven't participated personally, although I've had access to Dan's picks for the past five years and could have probably made some very decent money following him.



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