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Thread: Bettie: RGE chat scheduled for Tuesday 27th

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    Bettie: RGE chat scheduled for Tuesday 27th

    RGE announces a most informative chat to be had with Mr. Norm Wattenberger, author of the new CVData and CVCX software. Please join us Tuesday, November 27th at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific to learn more about how useful this blackjack software will be.

    For more information on these products, please visit the Casino Verite website at We?ll see you on Tuesday the 27th!

    RGE Publishing, Ltd.

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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Looking forward

    Obviously I would be happy to chat about CVDATA and CVCX as well as any other BJ software topic. However, the motivation for this chat is future product design. The replacement for Casino Verite is now in the design stage. At this point I would like to receive all of the input I can on the BJ community's practice needs.


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    Titaniumman: Pre-Chat Questions

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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Pre-Chat Answers

    The new CVBJ won't be out for quite some time as I have long beta-test periods. However, all current orders for CVBJ will receive the current version now and automatically also receive the new CD and manual when they come out.

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    Tit Man

    Tit Man: Thanks


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