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Ralph Stricker aka Silver Fox
Ralph Stricker aka Silver Fox, author of The Silver Fox Blackjack System .

August 24, 2003

Sun Aug 24 20:33:13 2003:
DonS Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:34:24 2003:
Nighttrain Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:35:57 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:36:11 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Evening fellas

Sun Aug 24 20:36:24 2003:
DonS Hi, MF

Sun Aug 24 20:36:51 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Just logged on to the site and saw the chat reminder

Sun Aug 24 20:37:03 2003:
DonS Good

Sun Aug 24 20:37:07 2003:
Nighttrain Good evening.

Sun Aug 24 20:37:13 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Hey, NT

Sun Aug 24 20:37:17 2003:
DonS Hope others do, too.

Sun Aug 24 20:38:37 2003:
bfbagain Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:38:46 2003:
Zenfighter Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:38:56 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Hello Zen and bfb

Sun Aug 24 20:39:03 2003:
bfbagain Hi everyone

Sun Aug 24 20:39:15 2003:
DonS Hi, everyone. Hopefully, Ralph will sign on any minute.

Sun Aug 24 20:39:16 2003:
Minnesota_Fats What time is it where you are, Zen?

Sun Aug 24 20:39:33 2003:
Zenfighter 0130

Sun Aug 24 20:39:37 2003:
Nighttrain Good evening Zen & bjb

Sun Aug 24 20:39:46 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Dedicated

Sun Aug 24 20:40:01 2003:
bfbagain And to to Train

Sun Aug 24 20:40:43 2003:
ralph Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:41:12 2003:
DonS I just spoke to Ralph, and, as you can see, he's made it!

Sun Aug 24 20:42:05 2003:
Nighttrain Good evening Ralph. Glad you made it!

Sun Aug 24 20:42:12 2003:
bfbagain Hi Ralph

Sun Aug 24 20:42:20 2003:
DonS Folks, it gives me great pleasure, as the host of Don's Domain, to present one of the legends of the game -- the Silver Fox himself!

Sun Aug 24 20:42:21 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Evening, Ralph

Sun Aug 24 20:42:29 2003:
ralph Hi! I' delighted to be here. It is a privilege

Sun Aug 24 20:42:34 2003:
Zenfighter A pleasure gentleman

Sun Aug 24 20:43:33 2003:
ralph If anyone wants to ask me any questions concerning my BJ career. Fire away

Sun Aug 24 20:43:50 2003:
DonS Ralph, tell us a bit about the early days. I wonder if the folks here know how long you've been at this.

Sun Aug 24 20:45:37 2003:
ralph I started in late 1977. I knew absolutely nothing about basic strategy no less card counting. I went to a BJ school in Los Angeles which will remailnameless

Sun Aug 24 20:45:48 2003:
bfbagain Ralph, is it true that you haven't been barred in 30 years

Sun Aug 24 20:47:17 2003:
bfbagain And could you give us your thoughts on oppositional betting

Sun Aug 24 20:47:58 2003:
bfbagain Sorry, wanted to get those questions in......

Sun Aug 24 20:48:02 2003:
ralph The last time I was really barred was in Santo Diago in the Dominican Republican. It is a funny story. 1985 I haven't been barred in the US since 1985 except at Foxwoods.

Sun Aug 24 20:48:20 2003:
DonS Ralph doesn't p[lay much single deck, as I recall. He's been a shoe man most of his career. But, he does have a unique betting style.

Sun Aug 24 20:48:29 2003:
Boardwalker Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:48:45 2003:
Boardwalker Hi

Sun Aug 24 20:48:51 2003:
Nighttrain good evening BW

Sun Aug 24 20:49:05 2003:
DonS Figures. It took the Indians to nail you!

Sun Aug 24 20:50:05 2003:
DonS How many players do you figure you've trained over the years, counting the school and your private instruction?

Sun Aug 24 20:50:24 2003:
bfbagain Ralph:I don't mean to interupt, but how's your health? I hope things are better.

Sun Aug 24 20:50:24 2003:
Boardwalker Logout:

Sun Aug 24 20:50:43 2003:
DonS Damn! Boardwalker gets bored quickly!

Sun Aug 24 20:51:35 2003:
Boardwalker Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:52:27 2003:
DonS Ralph called to say that his computer has fallen victim to the recent virus that sends out e-mails. He's waiting for it to stop.

Sun Aug 24 20:52:39 2003:
DonS Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sun Aug 24 20:53:19 2003:
Boardwalker It will probably take a while

Sun Aug 24 20:53:24 2003:
Zenfighter Ralph, I would like to know the exactly reasons of you having adopted the green fountain/koko-ita system. Why?

Sun Aug 24 20:53:37 2003:
DonS While we're waiting, feel free to cross-talk.

Sun Aug 24 20:53:52 2003:
bfbagain Don: Do you know if Viktor is planning on posting George C's chat?

Sun Aug 24 20:54:08 2003:
DonS Zen: Wait till you see Ralph back in the room, posting, then ask your question again.

Sun Aug 24 20:54:32 2003:
DonS All chat's should eventually be archived. I'm sure Viktor will get to George's, but I'll remiond him.

Sun Aug 24 20:54:44 2003:
DonS chats

Sun Aug 24 20:54:51 2003:
DonS remind

Sun Aug 24 20:54:58 2003:
ralph I

Sun Aug 24 20:55:15 2003:
DonS Are you back, Ralph?

Sun Aug 24 20:55:32 2003:
ralph Logout:

Sun Aug 24 20:55:43 2003:
DonS Oops, guess not.

Sun Aug 24 20:55:50 2003:
bfbagain Don: How's the voice software working out for you?

Sun Aug 24 20:56:18 2003:
DonS Better yet -- my wrists and forearms are good enough so that I can type, using just the splints!

Sun Aug 24 20:56:31 2003:
ralph Login:

Sun Aug 24 20:56:38 2003:
ralph Don

Sun Aug 24 20:56:56 2003:
ralph Don I think it's Ok

Sun Aug 24 20:57:09 2003:
DonS That's Ralph, guys.

Sun Aug 24 20:57:11 2003:
Nighttrain Logout:

Sun Aug 24 20:57:50 2003:
DonS Ralph, Zen wants to know what made you pick the old Ita count to adapt as Silver Fox system.

Sun Aug 24 20:57:51 2003:
ralph The last question I believe was how did I start using the Ita system.

Sun Aug 24 20:57:57 2003:
DonS Right.

Sun Aug 24 20:58:58 2003:
ralph It was by accident. I had been playing Hi Opt 11 and start getting tired and headaches keeping side counts of A &5. I was looking for an easier system

Sun Aug 24 20:59:13 2003:
bfbagain Ralph:And oppositional betting... as well as How's your health? Hope you're doing better

Sun Aug 24 20:59:56 2003:
Boardwalker Also interested in opposition betting

Sun Aug 24 21:00:18 2003:
ralph I was in the Bahamas with Bobby Fisher and some others. I came up with the count not knowing it was someone elses. I did the indice in my head and asked Fisher to run them on a computer. i was off on about 6.

Sun Aug 24 21:01:09 2003:
ralph My health is lousy. I have prostate cancer, emphysema, sleep apnea That's enough for now.

Sun Aug 24 21:01:44 2003:
ralph I mean that's enough about my sicknesses. Shoot away with questions

Sun Aug 24 21:02:27 2003:
bfbagain I'm very sorry. 'nough said

Sun Aug 24 21:02:41 2003:
Viktor Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:02:51 2003:
ralph Don't apologize. I don't mind talking about it.

Sun Aug 24 21:03:01 2003:
DonS Ralph, what games do you recall as the best you ever played? When and where were they?

Sun Aug 24 21:03:04 2003:
normW Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:04:10 2003:
ralph The opposition betting was another accident. I had been working out Einsteins "Rhythm /streak betting and from there I developed something I thought was good for cover.

Sun Aug 24 21:04:32 2003:
ralph Hi Victor & Norm

Sun Aug 24 21:04:58 2003:
DonS You have a lot of fortuitous "accidents." We should all be so creative!

Sun Aug 24 21:05:09 2003:
normW Hi R

Sun Aug 24 21:05:26 2003:
DonS I think your style of betting is what has kept you in the game for so long without incidents.

Sun Aug 24 21:05:51 2003:
ralph The best game I ever "stumbled on" was in Santo Domingo. We had been to a casino that had gone bust. Aruba Palm Beach. The government was runninmg the

Sun Aug 24 21:06:29 2003:
Viktor Greeetings Ralph! Terribly sorry I am late, but we're having lightning storms and I had to shutdown for a little while.

Sun Aug 24 21:07:18 2003:
megapossum Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:07:38 2003:
bfbagain hi mp

Sun Aug 24 21:07:49 2003:
megapossum hello all

Sun Aug 24 21:07:55 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Hi, mp

Sun Aug 24 21:07:59 2003:
DonS Hmm. don't like the fact that Ralph was interrupted mid-sentence. Hope his computer is all right.

Sun Aug 24 21:08:21 2003:
ralph the casino. They were dealing a single deck game. I went to the game and asked what were the rules. They said what do you want. I said can I DAS, RS, D2Crds, and can I surrender before the dealer looks at his hole card they said yes. Needless to say, I bor

Sun Aug 24 21:09:38 2003:
DonS Wow!!! Guess that has to qualify as the best game of all-time: SD, das, rs, ES!!!

Sun Aug 24 21:09:42 2003:
normW Neat. I thought you needed a playboy centerfold on your arm to pull that off.

Sun Aug 24 21:10:05 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Sorry to be rude, but I have to run. I'll have to read the archive. Night!

Sun Aug 24 21:10:14 2003:
Minnesota_Fats Logout:

Sun Aug 24 21:10:15 2003:
DonS Did they also deal down to the last card, while they were at it??

Sun Aug 24 21:10:46 2003:
Boardwalker Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:10:50 2003:
Viktor Logout:

Sun Aug 24 21:11:15 2003:
DonS More computer problems for Ralph. He has to reboot his computer. A shame. Stupid virus thing.

Sun Aug 24 21:11:17 2003:
normW Viktor was struck by lighteneing

Sun Aug 24 21:12:02 2003:
DonS How about those Vegas floods? More rain in two days than usually in a year!

Sun Aug 24 21:12:54 2003:
Viktor Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:12:54 2003:
normW Stood on a calm day on the strip once and I swear a tornado hit. Had to hold onto a pole. Two minutes later gone

Sun Aug 24 21:13:13 2003:
DonS Desert winds can be the worst.

Sun Aug 24 21:13:40 2003:
DonS I've been in a sandstorm or two in Vegas. Not very pleasant.

Sun Aug 24 21:13:52 2003:
normW Was that in CP?

Sun Aug 24 21:14:18 2003:
DonS Behind the current Bally's (when it was MGM and there was a huge vacant lot behind it.

Sun Aug 24 21:14:28 2003:
Parker Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:14:43 2003:
ralph Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:14:59 2003:
ralph Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:15:35 2003:
ralph_stricker Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:16:01 2003:
ralph_stricker I apologize. I hope the problem is over.

Sun Aug 24 21:16:05 2003:
DonS Ralph, you have more lives than Morris the Cat! Can't keep a good man down for too long.

Sun Aug 24 21:16:24 2003:
normW Computer problems are never over.

Sun Aug 24 21:16:24 2003:
Zenfighter Well, a lot of heavy weights round here, hopefully well armed with strong anti-virus :-)

Sun Aug 24 21:16:42 2003:
DonS Now, my screen looks weird.

Sun Aug 24 21:16:57 2003:
DonS Whole screen went white.

Sun Aug 24 21:16:59 2003:
ralph_stricker I had looked forward to this for so long. It has to happen this very night. I also wanted to log on last week and pay my respects to George C

Sun Aug 24 21:17:07 2003:
DonS Strange night.

Sun Aug 24 21:17:43 2003:
DonS Well, looks like you're back.

Sun Aug 24 21:17:43 2003:
ralph_stricker My thanks to Norm W for his courtesy over the years

Sun Aug 24 21:18:06 2003:
normW Many thanks, haven't spoken to you in a bit.

Sun Aug 24 21:18:21 2003:
ralph_stricker I haven't left the chat.

Sun Aug 24 21:18:34 2003:
normW Just a ghost

Sun Aug 24 21:18:59 2003:
Parker Apparently, you were logged in twice.

Sun Aug 24 21:19:01 2003:
DonS My own typing area keeps turning white. Weird stuff going on tonight.

Sun Aug 24 21:19:04 2003:
ralph_stricker It wouldn't accept bjpro21 so I used another name.

Sun Aug 24 21:19:13 2003:
normW Not quite BJ, but something of need these days. You?ve been posting since RGB days. How do you manage to keep an even temperament through all the nonsense?

Sun Aug 24 21:20:06 2003:
OLdster Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:20:12 2003:
ralph_stricker When you have serious health problems you learn patiend especially after being in the hosdpital 14 times in 3 years.

Sun Aug 24 21:20:42 2003:
normW Not the way I want to learn - but makes sense

Sun Aug 24 21:20:44 2003:
ralph_stricker Don Egads I'm even having trouble typing

Sun Aug 24 21:21:05 2003:
ralph_stricker Inside joke

Sun Aug 24 21:21:08 2003:
DonS Don't worry. Everyone types fast. We understand you.

Sun Aug 24 21:21:12 2003:
Parker Very true, Ralph - sort of puts it all in perspective. BTW, I sincerely hope you're feeling better these days.

Sun Aug 24 21:21:28 2003:
DonS And, I can't type for beans lately, as you know!

Sun Aug 24 21:22:11 2003:
DonS Ralph, of all the characters you've met playing and teaching the game, who strikes you as being the most memorable?

Sun Aug 24 21:22:24 2003:
ralph_stricker I teach music every day and write books. I've written what my peers say is the definitive Jazz book for accordion, It has become a best seller in accordion music.which

Sun Aug 24 21:23:09 2003:
OLdster Don, talking of typing, how is the speech recognition doing?

Sun Aug 24 21:23:29 2003:
ralph_stricker Bobby Fisher. He was with me for about 3 years and it was an experience. he is a brain.

Sun Aug 24 21:23:36 2003:
DonS Asked earlier, but thanks. Arms and wrists are now ell enough to type with the aid of braces.

Sun Aug 24 21:23:44 2003:
DonS well enough

Sun Aug 24 21:24:14 2003:
DonS So, I wear the tings on my wrists and have been typing away without pain for several weeks now.

Sun Aug 24 21:24:38 2003:
normW Any BJ books coming?

Sun Aug 24 21:24:42 2003:
DonS It's a shame Bobby doesn't write and/or post more. He has so much to contribute.

Sun Aug 24 21:24:54 2003:
DonS Do you see him anymore?

Sun Aug 24 21:24:57 2003:
ralph_stricker i believe an interesting playing experience would be amusing.

Sun Aug 24 21:25:24 2003:
ralph_stricker I don't plan on any more BJ books. There are enough already.

Sun Aug 24 21:25:43 2003:
normW At this point, reality based BJ books may be of interest.

Sun Aug 24 21:26:21 2003:
DonS Lance Humble is planning a sequel to TWGBB. It's going to be a tribute to Julian Braun. Maybe you'll write a few paragraphs or short essay for him, Ralph. He's soliciting inputs from all the "greats."

Sun Aug 24 21:26:33 2003:
ralph_stricker I don't see Bobby very much. I became a father figure to him. He has many problems which I don't want to discuss. he is a very nice person.

Sun Aug 24 21:27:05 2003:
DonS Maybe one day, if he'll come out, the three of us could have lunch together.

Sun Aug 24 21:27:09 2003:
OLdster Is this the chess Bobby Fisher?

Sun Aug 24 21:27:13 2003:
DonS No.

Sun Aug 24 21:27:39 2003:
DonS but, he's a great BJ mind, a math genius, and it wouldn't surprise me if he played a mean game of chess, as well.

Sun Aug 24 21:27:51 2003:
megapossum TWGBB was first good book I bought,HO1 was first system I played.

Sun Aug 24 21:28:20 2003:
normW Ralph, Have you looked at I'Net gambling at all?

Sun Aug 24 21:28:25 2003:
ralph_stricker I knew Julian personally. He and I met in Chicago a couple of times. He was impressed enough with my honesty that he allowed me to use his name in my advertising for teaching BJ.He was the fastest walker I have ever met. I had to run to keep up with him.

Sun Aug 24 21:28:30 2003:
DonS Lance is anothe rof the good guys of blackjack. But, in Ralph, we have the Dean of them all with us tonight.

Sun Aug 24 21:29:16 2003:
ralph_stricker Boy I sure don't deserve that mantle. There are many before me. Or is that I just look old Don :-)

Sun Aug 24 21:29:34 2003:
DonS I didn't know you had met Braun. How did you use his name in your advertising? Did you say he endorsed your methodologies?

Sun Aug 24 21:29:51 2003:
ralph_stricker I haven't looked very much at I net gambling.

Sun Aug 24 21:29:57 2003:
DonS Rank has its privileges!

Sun Aug 24 21:30:44 2003:
ralph_stricker He approved of my methadologies. I have a letter from him attesting to this.

Sun Aug 24 21:31:50 2003:
ralph_stricker Am I supposed to spur you all on or am I just boring?

Sun Aug 24 21:31:58 2003:
OLdster Have to show my ignorance. What were your methods?

Sun Aug 24 21:32:12 2003:
DonS What were your greatest pleasures in playing the game, Ralph? What aspect did you enjoy the most?

Sun Aug 24 21:32:41 2003:
ralph_stricker Well it was the ITA count system plus opposition betting which is in Chapter 10 on "Blackbelt of BJ."

Sun Aug 24 21:33:13 2003:
Cardkountr Login:

Sun Aug 24 21:33:20 2003:
ralph_stricker It was the cat & mouse game. Particularly in AC when they onlly had 3 casinos.

Sun Aug 24 21:33:35 2003:
Cardkountr Hi Everyone

Sun Aug 24 21:33:41 2003:
DonS You actually enjoyed the intrigue, huh?

Sun Aug 24 21:34:02 2003:
DonS That would be Resorts, Bally's and Caesars, right?

Sun Aug 24 21:34:35 2003:
DonS And you played in the early surrender, candy-store days, right?

Sun Aug 24 21:34:47 2003:
ralph_stricker I enjoyed the comraderie of players not just on the team, but ones that I met during the years.

Sun Aug 24 21:35:20 2003:
DonS Would you say you trained hundreds, or even into the thousands?

Sun Aug 24 21:35:38 2003:
ralph_stricker Yes then when Playboy opened it was great. They had 3 floors and we used go from floor to floor.

Sun Aug 24 21:36:22 2003:
ralph_stricker I would say I "trained" hundreds and taught 1,000's. There is a saying "many are called, but few are chosen."

Sun Aug 24 21:36:22 2003:
DonS What a concept -- a vertical casino. Became the Atlantis and then folded like a tent. Concept didn't work well for them.

Sun Aug 24 21:36:42 2003:
ralph_stricker It was a sleazy place.

Sun Aug 24 21:37:15 2003:
normW Only played at Playboy twice. The floors were so narrow. It just gave me the creeps

Sun Aug 24 21:37:28 2003:
DonS And always jammed, with people trying to negotiate the escalators. Ah, the early '80s in A.C.

Sun Aug 24 21:37:54 2003:
DonS 4 decks, early surrender, das, and a BS edge off the top of the shoe!

Sun Aug 24 21:37:58 2003:
normW It was like they put tables as an extra in the hallways of a megaplex movie theatre

Sun Aug 24 21:38:02 2003:
DonS Didn't get much better than that, guys.

Sun Aug 24 21:38:28 2003:
DonS Then, along came Kenny Uston.

Sun Aug 24 21:38:41 2003:
DonS Bye, bye A.C. blackjack.

Sun Aug 24 21:38:42 2003:
ralph_stricker It was the best of times. A basic strategy player had I believe a .24% advantage.

Sun Aug 24 21:39:00 2003:
normW If you could get a seat

Sun Aug 24 21:39:21 2003:
Parker But how many people played perfect basic strategy?

Sun Aug 24 21:39:34 2003:
DonS All of our students!

Sun Aug 24 21:39:52 2003:
ralph_stricker Everybody blames Kenny. I feel it would have become what it did even without Kenny. he just speeded up the process

Sun Aug 24 21:40:05 2003:
DonS Ralph had a school and Jerry Patterson did, too. We were friendly enemies, but I didn't even know Ralph then.

Sun Aug 24 21:40:07 2003:
normW Casino vriance had to be very high even with bad players

Sun Aug 24 21:40:31 2003:
DonS Yes, that's true Ralph. But, he was first, so he gets the blame.

Sun Aug 24 21:41:15 2003:
DonS They were the worst players on earth, Norm. the casinos made money hand over fist despite the great rules.

Sun Aug 24 21:41:48 2003:
normW AC rules are almost fixed by law. It required winning team play to force changes

Sun Aug 24 21:41:49 2003:
DonS I think they were grossing close to a million a day if I'

Sun Aug 24 21:41:51 2003:
ralph_stricker Speaking of Don's students. I was once asked during a teaching seminar in Boston. A student asked me if I were starting to learn BJ. Who would I go and study with. I said Don Schlessinger. I didn't evcen know Don at the time. But I knew from hearing about .

Sun Aug 24 21:41:56 2003:
DonS m not mistaken.

Sun Aug 24 21:42:17 2003:
DonS I think they were grossing a million dollars a day, if I'm not mistaken.

Sun Aug 24 21:42:51 2003:
DonS I owe you the commission, Ralph!

Sun Aug 24 21:42:51 2003:
ralph_stricker Their stock went from $3.50 a share to $350.00 per share.

Sun Aug 24 21:42:59 2003:
normW No whales in the early days.

Sun Aug 24 21:43:14 2003:
DonS Good ole Mary Carter Paint Company.

Sun Aug 24 21:43:39 2003:
DonS They were the original dot-coms! Resorts, Bally's and Caesars.

Sun Aug 24 21:43:44 2003:
ralph_stricker There were whales. Leonard Tose was one. He lost the Philadelphia Eagles and Tose trucking.

Sun Aug 24 21:44:03 2003:
normW And you remember what happened to his losses

Sun Aug 24 21:44:11 2003:
DonS Had a bad gambling and drinking problem.

Sun Aug 24 21:44:37 2003:
OLdster OK, what happened to his losses?

Sun Aug 24 21:44:42 2003:
megapossum Ralph, didn't Tose try to sue the casinos for taking advantage of his drinking?

Sun Aug 24 21:44:54 2003:
ralph_stricker Yes. He lost the case

Sun Aug 24 21:45:48 2003:
normW I lived close to him at the time. The township sued to stop him from flying his helicopter home. He lost that suit too.

Sun Aug 24 21:45:56 2003:
ralph_stricker I used to watch him playing and being under the affluence of inkahol. :-) He refused a private room to gamble in, because he liked the limelight.

Sun Aug 24 21:46:27 2003:
DonS Sad story. And there are many like him.

Sun Aug 24 21:47:22 2003:
OLdster If not for them, no casinos, no AP???

Sun Aug 24 21:47:26 2003:
DonS Any scary moments in your playing history? Any close calls or unsavory characters?

Sun Aug 24 21:48:07 2003:
DonS Well, you'd wish the casinos could win just because of their inherent edge, rather than milking drunks dry.

Sun Aug 24 21:48:13 2003:
normW Then there is Larry Flynt (running for governor of CA). he plays $10K a hand with no system. But, who can blame him>

Sun Aug 24 21:48:14 2003:
ralph_stricker There was a famous builder in NJ who would take a marker for $250,000. Lose that and take another one. one day he was on his secong million dollar marker. He finally had a run of cards. He eventually lost $650,00. he then said, "boy I made some comeback."

Sun Aug 24 21:48:53 2003:
DonS Guess everything is relative!

Sun Aug 24 21:49:33 2003:
megapossum Ralph, any team techniques from the AC days you feel are especially applicable today?

Sun Aug 24 21:51:50 2003:
ralph_stricker I had a scary moment in Santo Domingo. I had been playing with a BP. We had been playing for a week and I thought we should find some other casinos outside of Santo Domingo. We foundout about a casino in SantoDiago. We hired a cab to take us. When the cab p

Sun Aug 24 21:52:11 2003:
DonS Can't wait for the ending!

Sun Aug 24 21:52:30 2003:
ralph_stricker Is my time up?

Sun Aug 24 21:52:39 2003:
DonS No, keep typing!!!

Sun Aug 24 21:52:41 2003:
normW never

Sun Aug 24 21:52:47 2003:
Parker Not at all!!

Sun Aug 24 21:53:34 2003:
Parker I hope this isn't gonna be like The Matrix Reloaded!

Sun Aug 24 21:53:47 2003:
DonS Ralph, you can' type more than about three lines before you get stopped. So, you may not know that the last sentence didn't print.

Sun Aug 24 21:54:09 2003:
DonS You were in a cab in Santo domingo ...

Sun Aug 24 21:54:29 2003:
ralph_stricker I'll make it short. We won about $3,500 and I thought it was time to leave. As I turned around There was a shift boss from Resorts at the a table with the owner. The owner came over said "you cashbought in for $1,000. Here is the $1,000. Now leave. We never

Sun Aug 24 21:54:51 2003:
ralph_stricker We never argued the point.

Sun Aug 24 21:55:17 2003:
DonS So, essentially, they stole your winnings and tossed you. Charming!

Sun Aug 24 21:55:33 2003:
DonS But, at least you're still here to tell the tale!

Sun Aug 24 21:55:37 2003:
normW Yeeh, how do you figure that into the odds?

Sun Aug 24 21:56:00 2003:
ralph_stricker We weren't going to argue with the guys in front.

Sun Aug 24 21:56:08 2003:
DonS Smart move.

Sun Aug 24 21:56:23 2003:
normW S17, DAS, ES and I can leave with the money I came with

Sun Aug 24 21:56:45 2003:

Sun Aug 24 21:58:29 2003:
normW Ralph, I get the impression that you have been bothered less than most. How often have you been barred

Sun Aug 24 21:59:00 2003:
normW As an adjective

Sun Aug 24 21:59:15 2003:
ralph_stricker This is a question for all of you. They stopped using facial recognition in the South. The cameras that were filming pedestria

Sun Aug 24 21:59:47 2003:
DonS Ralph may be too modest to say that he ahs the quintessential act and is virtually unbarrable (but not unbearable! 0

Sun Aug 24 22:00:07 2003:
DonS has

Sun Aug 24 22:00:39 2003:
ralph_stricker I was barred in AC 4 times. Due to someone else. (Long story) My first barring in LV was at Maxim's Casino. Only one other time in LV and I don't consider it a real barring

Sun Aug 24 22:01:00 2003:
DonS Maxim

Sun Aug 24 22:01:18 2003:
DonS s was a tough joint with Billy Zender at the helm. No disgrace to be barred there.

Sun Aug 24 22:01:48 2003:
normW If the question on facial recognition is on opinions thereof, I'm an unabashed liberal. But, they've proved pointless anyhow.

Sun Aug 24 22:02:21 2003:
DonS Folks, I promised Ralph that we'd wrap up early, at around 10, as this is a late hour for him. Any final questions, before we say good night?

Sun Aug 24 22:02:26 2003:
normW Did Zender know you?

Sun Aug 24 22:03:02 2003:
ralph_stricker It was my fault. I became complacent. I was playing SD and spreading 10-40. I played with the same female dealer. I appealed to her maternal instincts. I talked about my children being dropped off at their grandparents house in New Mexico.

Sun Aug 24 22:04:05 2003:
normW So much for maternalism

Sun Aug 24 22:04:05 2003:
ralph_stricker I finally got greedy and spread 25-100. She yelled out. "Rick, we've got a counter at the table." This is after a year of playing at her table.

Sun Aug 24 22:04:24 2003:
As_Zehn Login:

Sun Aug 24 22:04:51 2003:
DonS So much for loyalty!

Sun Aug 24 22:05:06 2003:
ralph_stricker Bill Zender did not know me. We have exchanged emails in the past.

Sun Aug 24 22:05:55 2003:
ralph_stricker I am going to log off now. I hope that I have contributed something to this forum. I appreciate your patience with my computer.

Sun Aug 24 22:05:56 2003:
DonS Did you know he actually hosted a chat here, Ralph?

Sun Aug 24 22:06:10 2003:
DonS Ralph, it

Sun Aug 24 22:06:15 2003:
DonS 's been wonderful.

Sun Aug 24 22:06:28 2003:
Parker It has been an honor and a pleasure, Ralph. Thanks ever so much!

Sun Aug 24 22:06:33 2003:
DonS Thank you for your time and the effort you made to do this. We are all very appreciative.

Sun Aug 24 22:06:36 2003:
ralph_stricker Thanks and good cards to all Silver Fox

Sun Aug 24 22:06:41 2003:
normW Ralph, always a pleasure to hear from one of the few gentlemaen in the buis

Sun Aug 24 22:06:54 2003:
ralph_stricker Logout:

Sun Aug 24 22:06:59 2003:
As_Zehn Logout:

Sun Aug 24 22:07:07 2003:
Viktor Wow.

Sun Aug 24 22:07:26 2003:
megapossum Night all.

Sun Aug 24 22:07:31 2003:
megapossum Logout:

Sun Aug 24 22:07:31 2003:
Viktor Night mp

Sun Aug 24 22:07:35 2003:
DonS Folks, I'm going to say good night, as well. Feel free to keep the chat going, if you like.

Sun Aug 24 22:07:53 2003:
DonS I hope you enjoyed chatting with one of the true legends of the game.

Sun Aug 24 22:08:01 2003:
normW I just wish I could learn to be so polite without health problems

Sun Aug 24 22:08:32 2003:
DonS Imagine, all his health problems, 73 years old, and he chats for an hour and a half. Super guy!

Sun Aug 24 22:08:57 2003:
Parker Indeed. I'm a little, well, awed.

Sun Aug 24 22:09:06 2003:
DonS I'm proud to call him my friend. And, on that note, I'll bid you all a pleasant good night.

Sun Aug 24 22:09:15 2003:
Zenfighter Good night to all, I'll think twice before spending a week in Santo Domingo with my SO :-)

Sun Aug 24 22:09:20 2003:
DonS Logout:

Sun Aug 24 22:09:21 2003:
normW I once talked to him on the phone and he told me he realy isn't that nice a guy. Bullshit

Sun Aug 24 22:09:31 2003:
normW He really is