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Rich "Night Train" Blaine
Rick "Night Train" Blaine, author of Blackjack in the Zone

February 16, 2003

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Night_Train test

Night_Train test

Night_Train test

megapossum Login:

Night_Train Good evening megapossum.

megapossum Hi Rick

Night_Train it's been a long time since I've been on a chat. how have you been?

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Night_Train good evening Tio.

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Minnesota_Fats Login:

Night_Train Good evening Toni.

Minnesota_Fats Evening Folks

Toni hi

Night_Train Good evening Minnesota Fats

Minnesota_Fats Hello, NT

Night_Train How's everyone doing tonight?

megapossum NT, do you have a particular subject tonignt?

Minnesota_Fats I'm doing well. How about yourself?

Toni Logout:

Night_Train mega: no particular topic. Sort of a mixed bag. Don thought team play methods would be of interest.

Minnesota_Fats That's why I'm here :^)

AsZehn Login:

Night_Train Minnesota: I'm doing well, Thanks.

Night_Train Good evening AsZehn!

AsZehn good evening.

megapossum Guess the BP concept is still viable in a lot of places

Night_Train It sure is.

Minnesota_Fats Is that what your team uses NT?

Night_Train The last team I played with, used BP plays. You still need to be careful not to use "textbook" signals and be creative.

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Night_Train Good evening TsBoy.

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Minnesota_Fats That's interesting NT

Night_Train Good evening Slip

megapossum Do your members use verbal signals or hand signals ?

Slippery How ya doing NT

Night_Train What I always keep in mind is that the published material has been read by casino personnel.

Night_Train I'm well Slip. Thanks.

Minnesota_Fats Do any of your team efforts involve anything other than straight counting. For instance, tracking or sequencing.

Night_Train Mega: I've always tried to keep things simple, but sometimes a combo of both verbal and hand signals is workable.

megapossum NT, how long do you work a store before leaving assuming no noticeable heat?

Night_Train Minnesota Fats: I've worked with both. Sometimes the pickings are slim in finding playable games.

Minnesota_Fats I see

megapossum Do you have a counter and a tracker and/or sequencer at the table at the same time ever?

norm Login:

Night_Train Mega: For my particular style, I don't wait to get kicked out. Times vary based on the place, shift, and how much I've already beat them for.

Night_Train Good evening Norm.

norm How do

Minnesota_Fats Hello, Norm

megapossum Hi Norm

Night_Train Mega: Absolutely! There are some people who can even multi-task at the table !

Slippery NT, what type of data or records do your teammates provide after a playing session?

Night_Train I've done that in the past, but personally find it more accurate to have a partner at the table doing a specific other task.

megapossum I can't personally, but played several times with author of Blackjack Reality and he could caount and sequence simultaneously.

Minnesota_Fats Mega, does Morse still play?

Night_Train Slip: Time, shift, game conditions (pen., rules, # players at table, speed), spread, win/loss, heat info, dealer info, buy-in amount, comps received.

Minnesota_Fats I thought he had been banned from AC

Minnesota_Fats I guess that doesn't preclude him from playing other places though

megapossum Minn. ,I talked to him recently and he's primarily sports betting, not too many places he can play.

Night_Train Mega: Yes, I've heard Dave Morse is really talented at that! I've read BJ Reality and it has some good stuff.

Night_Train Has anyone here had any positive team experiences?

Minnesota_Fats Speaking of good reading material, BJ blueprint and BJ in the zone are excellent

megapossum He counts the halves ct. and sequences at the same time. Amazing to me!

TsBoy Slip: For my crews, we generally report dealer, win/loss, and heat. In discussion, we usually talk about the quality of the game, the buyin, etc., but not as part of any formal recordkeeping.

Night_Train Minn. Fats: Thanks. I'm always glad to hear when folks enjoy the books.

JAuston Login:

Minnesota_Fats Evening, JA

JAuston hello all

Night_Train Mega: That is amazing. When I've multi-tasked, I've used the a simpler count. Halves is a tough one (for me at least).

Night_Train Good evening John !

megapossum HI John

Slippery Second part of my question, based on your records, how close to you come to your theoretical advantage and at what point do you start thinking that you may have a weak link in one of your players

Slippery s/b - how close do you come to your etc.

Night_Train Slip: That depends on the type of play (straight count, track, location play). I don't have the exact notes used in the past, but usually we've evaluated where a player should be after say 250 hours. In discussions, many folks agreed it's not ... more..

Night_Train nearly enough hours to make a solid determination.

Night_Train Slip: Do you have a specific example of what you are looking to determine?

Minnesota_Fats Recently at, DD' and some others were discussing the fact that you can tell a lot from a player by his fluctuations. For example, if he's not betting high when he should, he has a lower standard deviation

Night_Train How many hours would each of you consider to be sufficient to gauge the quality of your own or someone else's play ?

TsBoy After one or two sessions, I know a player's capabilities, although how they handle heat is tougher to determine, since that data is harder to acquire!

Slippery No - I was just thinking after x number of hours, one should be getting close to expectations and some how there should be some type of measure to determine if there is a problem, whether that be 1 or standard deviations from exspected - otherword,s

Night_Train Minnesota Fats: True. Specifically, if a player is shy in putting the money out, when he/she should, it would show when doing a graph on the swings.

Slippery you track results and make adjustments to your play - what are your guidelins for this

megapossum Saw the bjmath discussion with DD' and others . It was thought provoking.

Minnesota_Fats exactly, NT. And, it would be obvious that the player was not putting out the money through analysis of his Stdev long before it would be from analysis of his EV

Minnesota_Fats Of course, you already know this stuff :^)

Minnesota_Fats TsBoy, how large is your team? (if you don't mind my asking)

Night_Train One group I worked with made it a standard to have a player "casino evaluated" if results fell in over 2 SD after (I think it was) 200 hours. This group was losing and looking for answers. Others saw the results as nothing out of the ordinary for 200 hrs

Slippery thanks

Night_Train The one thing I find is a most essential tool is that of live casino evaluation. If you have the ability to hire a monitor unknown to the player, that's even better!

Night_Train TSBoy made an excellent point before, referring to gauging how a player handles heat. Some players are easily spooked. They see a Pit Person pick up a phone and they head for the door !!

megapossum NT, bet the monitoring would cause hard feelings at times if monitored player found out.

Slippery Norm - as long as you are here a question about CVBJ - is it possible to e-mail a completed map of a shuffle to another person that also has your CVBJ program?

norm Yes

norm Shuffle defs can be exported & imported. I had thought of creating a library. But there are security concerns.

Night_Train Mega: On the contrary. Never had a complaint. Especially in situations where most of the players are also investors. There is much comfort in knowing management is taking measures to protect everyone's investment.

chgobjpro Login:

Slippery thanks

Night_Train Good evening Chgobjpro!

Minnesota_Fats Hey pro

megapossum NT, amen to the comfort comment!

chgobjpro i just made it

megapossum Hi,Pro.

chgobjpro WE must spread the news that the 6:5 game of BJ is called Short Pay BJ. I think it should stick.

chgobjpro Short pay by 30%

norm How about f**king criminal rip off BJ

Night_Train How many places are running the game today?

megapossum Good idea Pro.

Night_Train Didn't Ballys start it?

norm 1

Minnesota_Fats Norm, I think pro's name is a bit more eloquent :^)

chgobjpro Quite a few in LV

norm That was a mistype

chgobjpro It's the type of name you can use right in the casino

chgobjpro The ploppies will eat it up once they understand a 10 BJ should pay 15 not 12

Minnesota_Fats Have a seat at the table and go off when they don't pay you your 3:2

chgobjpro I really think we can make a difference by spreading the news.

norm It's still a bonus to them. They don't understand that it all adds up to EV.

chgobjpro Short pay's a name that canbe used in someones next book.

megapossum Lot of ploppies so uninformed(stupid) they would play even know how badly they're getting shafted.

TsBoy If you bet $12.50 and get a short-pay BJ, they'll try to pay you $14.50, not $15.00.

chgobjpro average bet 100 then the short pay amounts to about 150 an hour.

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Viktor Login:

Night_Train chgobjpro: That's real ugly!

Minnesota_Fats Hell, Viktor

Night_Train Good evening Viktor.

Minnesota_Fats or Hello

chgobjpro I will be pushing the term for the next few weeks on all the BJ sites.

norm How about 98% BJ as opposed to 99.5% BJ. Slot terminology.

Viktor Greetings All.

megapossum Hi, Viktor

Viktor Same to you MF. Hell.

Minnesota_Fats Sorry about that

Viktor Early birds! You're all the people I have to fight at the buffets.

Night_Train Viktor: Get a line pass next time ;-)

Slippery Logout:

chgobjpro Vic we,ve been talking about spreading the word that 6:5 should be called Short pay BJ.

Viktor On board with that. I've considered having RGE sponsor the publication and handing-out of banners on the strip, but we're a little too tight on money to do it yet,.

chgobjpro If enough players use the terminology it may stick and make a difference

Viktor banners=flyers.

AsZehn Make sure to list the casino's where it's in use.

Night_Train I have a general question to toss out for conversation. Has anyone here had a negative experience in team play and what would you do differently next time to avoid the pitfalls encountered ?

chgobjpro Does trackjack list it?

chgobjpro NT the key to team play TRUST?

megapossum Vicktor, passing out flyers along the strip listing the guilty would be a killer move!

Night_Train To me it is. I consider that the foundation to build on.

Viktor You bet we do. We use the code: N6:5.

Viktor We also use N1:1 for SuperFun 21.

Minnesota_Fats I'm not ignoring you, NT. I just haven't played on a team (except to have people occupy specific seats)

Viktor megapossum: I agree.

Night_Train Minnesota Fats: No worries. Having someone else occupy a specific seat has it's benefits.

Minnesota_Fats Oh, yeah

Minnesota_Fats *evil*

Viktor NT: I would avoid having my results being evaluated using voodoo mathematics.

Minnesota_Fats Hey, Viktor! The voice thing didn't work

Night_Train Fats: It worked here.

Viktor It did on my end. Scared the sh*t out of me.

Night_Train How did you do that???

Minnesota_Fats oh, my sound must be off

megapossum Worked here.

TsBoy *evil*

Minnesota_Fats Here's one for you NT

Viktor NT: Would you say the simplest and most common form of team are husband/wife teams? If not, what kind are more common?

Minnesota_Fats *choochoo*

chgobjpro You must have aol 8.o?

Minnesota_Fats It's part of the chat software

Minnesota_Fats just click on help at the top

megapossum I'm embarrassed, can barely type and you guys ha ve sound effects!!

Night_Train Viktor: I've found a team of 2 buddies more common that husband/wife. Not too many of the guy players I know have wives interested in playing. It's a shame, because husband/wife teams can do so much.

megapossum Think there's a lot less heat playing with wife than another guy.

Night_Train mega: very true. great built-in cover.

Minnesota_Fats NT or anyone, how many successful teams do you think are in operation right now?

Viktor I agree. Having a female "SO" as your partner is a great longevity booster. Especially if she flirts well.

Night_Train *choo choo*

Night_Train did that work?

chgobjpro Logout:

Night_Train *evil*

AsZehn No, cant have space between o & c.

Night_Train *choochoo*

Minnesota_Fats I've made this place a circus!

AsZehn That's it.

Viktor Action:finishes dinner.

Viktor *burp*

Night_Train Now I've got it. Thanks AsZehn

Night_Train Viktor: You gotta give up on that IP buffet ;-)

Viktor IP? That's too rich for my blood. Try the Boardwalk.

Night_Train Circus?

Minnesota_Fats I just meant introducing the sound effects might not have been the best idea :^)

Viktor We have one of those travel books (ala Frommers ) that has a picture of the entrance to the Boardwalk under the entry for Circus Circus. It might help they actually visit the city.

Night_Train Fats: I was referring to the Circus Circus buffet. Didn't realize your "circus" comment earlier ! Funny!

Minnesota_Fats Yeah, I noticed right after I typed it

Minnesota_Fats I'm slow

Night_Train Are any of you folks full-time players?

Viktor NT: In buddy teams, you do you find it better for them to know one another or to be strangers?

Minnesota_Fats Not full time, but a good bit of my income comes for advantage play

scobee1 Login:

Night_Train Viktor: If you are playing a "longevity play" using cover, going for comps, then knowing each other may be better. For hit-and-run plays, I'd go with the strangers gig.

Minnesota_Fats Evening scobee

Night_Train Good evening scobee1

Minnesota_Fats *welcome*

scobee1 gotta get with this interface..Hello gentlemen

megapossum Hi scobee

TsBoy Scobee, there are confirmed barrings in the Midwest, other than Detroit.

scobee1 backoffs and half shoes.... two barrings I know of in Chicago area

scobee1 but none in a year

Viktor NT: For two buddies that know each other and are straight counting for comps, how can they achieve longevity?

megapossum NT:what are you thoughts on playing with fake players cards, IDs in light of the current political climate?

Night_Train Viktor: There are lots of creative things you can do. Much depends on how much cover you are willing to give up.

scobee1 any ideas on the cost of oppositional betting?

Night_Train Mega: These days, I would not "present" a fake ID to obtain a player's card. What I would do is have a "non-advantage playing" friend player's card, and I would use that to play.

scobee1 that may lead to a need for stucturing for a big player, no?

megapossum I agree . Good idea on friend's card.

scobee1 sorry, structuring

Viktor NT: Only problem is many places require an ID to use your comps.

TsBoy More barrings than that scobee, and I mean barrings, not back-offs.

megapossum Viktor:Sad but so!

Night_Train Scobee: It shouldn't be a problem if you are playing at levels where your buyins and/or cash-ins are under $10k per day. If you are above that level, you may want to consider using your real name or trying some creative methods which will not get ..more..

Night_Train you in trouble with the law.

scobee1 I have heard confirmed reports that purple chips in Detroit require ID

scobee1 to expound?

scobee1 The two I mentioned were at Harrah's EC

TsBoy I know of one at Harrah's EC, one at Trump, one at Majestic, one at Hollywood Aurora.

AsZehn NT, be careful. You do not want to get close to discussing anything that can be considered structuring.

AsZehn Or even advising about it.

Night_Train On fake IDs, here if my basic rule-of-thumb ..... As long as I can clearly document that I am not breaking the law, declaring my winnings in my tax reporting, the only thing the casino could do is toss me out.

Minnesota_Fats there's nothing wrong with talking about structuring, just as there's not anything wrong with talking about murder

scobee1 Kinda funny you all are talking about 'borrowed identities.' I just borrowed a non-gambler's identity for a card...friend of mine. Anyone ever get caught with their pants down?

Minnesota_Fats but, I understand where you're coming from asZehn

Night_Train Scobee: I've heard of more than one player forget the name he was using!

scobee1 Are these recent barrings? I am told that the Indiana Gaming commission frowns on this

Viktor NT: If its a government ID they suspect of being fake, they can legally hold you and call the police. It happened to a pro I know who was just showing ID to get some promotional chips.

norm MF> I don't think that's true. It is illeagl to advise someone on structuring.

Night_Train Viktor: Absolutely. You are breaking the law. Not advised.

scobee1 any police here? well, then let's go ahead

Minnesota_Fats Norm, I agree. But, I don't think NT was advising anyone to structure

Viktor HOWEVER, you can go get one of those pseudo-ID's from the various check cashing places.

megapossum Didn

norm True

megapossum Didn't look like advice to me!

scobee1 In any case, my buddy gets to keep all the comps. I just get to get him barred as a skilled player.

Viktor Because so many migrants use them, may slot clubs accept them. Once you get it past the slot club, you're in good shape legalwise.

Night_Train NO!! Abolutely not. Sorry if you got the wrong idea!!!

Viktor So even if they refuse it down the road, you haven't broken any laws.

TsBoy What do you mean by "

TsBoy pseudo-id"

scobee1 that you?

TsBoy Can they be acquired in Las Vegas?

TsBoy Or is this a California thing?

Night_Train Here is my point..... The casinos try to gather as much info on you as they can. As long as you are not playing at levels requiring gov't reporting, you can do stuff.

scobee1 ask your local college boy...

norm scobee> afraid so

Viktor It's a thing they have at various check cashing places. Cost $10. Has a picture.

Viktor Many illegals get them to have some form of ID, and many businesses accept them.

TsBoy But what kind of ID does it purport to be?

scobee1 no rallies for peace tonight, I guess.

TsBoy And what kind of ID would a person have to show in order to get one.

Minnesota_Fats Wow, where have I been? I've never heard of those

Night_Train What most advantage players lose sight of is "YOU are the customer." Go in there with that attitude.

scobee1 I always do. and the pit is there to serve me.

norm scobee. It's snowing

Viktor TsBoy: Most of the time your ID is your $10 bill.

Viktor There are many places that won't accept them, but many that do. Also, if a pit boss gives you shit, just tell him you lost your license because of drunk driving.

scobee1 norm. we missed the storms again in Chicago

scobee1 I don't think that will fly at the Golden Nugget, somehow.

TsBoy Logout:

scobee1 well, that was cryptic.

Night_Train There are certain places, where obtaining a players card without a drivers license or passport is near impossible.

Minnesota_Fats Viktor, I'm not sure I know what you mean by check cashing place. Could you be more specific

Minnesota_Fats NT, I agree. I played in the Netherlands not too long ago. Passport is required

scobee1 probably a Currency Exchange.

EsBoy Login:

Minnesota_Fats then, I got in and found only CSM's :^(

Viktor Actually, people who are or look Latino will have a huge advantage over other AP players soon. There are laws and institutions preparing to allow bank accounts and identity cards to be issued with very little proof.

Viktor I don't like it politically, but many APs will find it useful.

Minnesota_Fats Well, I guess you found one Esboy

Night_Train MF: Overseas, you're in a tight spot. Passport is crucial. If you are in Griffin, chances are that you're cooked.

Viktor Scobee1: Yeah, Currency Exchanges.

EsBoy Where only CSMs, MinnFats?

Viktor NT, MF: You can always try to use the U.N. International Drivers License, but I've never heard of that actually working.

Minnesota_Fats Esboy, in the Netherlands

Viktor Action:goes into advertising mode.

megapossum NT:Enjoyed it, got to go. Night all.

megapossum Logout:

Viktor BTW, we sell an amazing book called "ID by Mail" from Eden Press. Up-to-date ways to establish new identities.

Viktor We also sell "How to Disappear in America," also from Eden Press, that is even more aggressive.

Minnesota_Fats I may have to check into that

scobee1 Logout:

Viktor Action:is done shilling.

Minnesota_Fats did you find any useful info in those books, Viktor

Night_Train Viktor: The International DL is pretty impressive. I've used them for three aliases years back. Works for hotel check in on a comp, but you need a credit card under that name as well (not difficult).

Night_Train Viktor: How up-to-date are the books? I have some older versions.

Viktor NT: Great! I didn't want to claim they were useful with no corroboration.

AsZehn What do you do for mailing address?

Viktor Infor about them is in the ID by Mail Book. MF: It's very educational about the whole concept of indentification and credentials in general.

Night_Train Back then, I used a PO Box, which I had various names for. Also, I used a friends last name, so I used his mailing address.

Night_Train He would call me when he got invites in the mail.

Minnesota_Fats Thanks, V

AsZehn Great, now i have to get friends.

scobee1 Login:

scobee1 sorry, I bounced myself inadvertantly

Night_Train These days it is very difficult to get a PO Box or Mailboxes Etc. box without real ID, and you cannot receive mail for anyone else (no aliases).

Viktor NT: The new ID by Mail came out about a year ago and is twice as thick.

Night_Train AsZehn: Yes. These days, using a friends address is the way to go.

scobee1 viktor. are these Eden publications in the RGE catalogue? If not, could you email me?

Viktor NT: You can receive mail under aliases, at least my first hand experience currently says so.

Night_Train Viktor: It's tougher since 9-11 to get the International DL. They require a "real" Drivers License before issuing it these days.

norm You can receive mail under any name you wish

scobee1 I think Ian uses legal name changes...alias registered in a court of law.

Viktor Scobee1: All of our privacy and ID products are at:

Night_Train Viktor: Absolutely. I've received mail offers to the same address for different names.

norm I would think you could use a DBA (doing business as.) Easy to get in a county courthouse.

scobee1 'scuse me while I get a pen. It seems this software doesn't cut and paste..

Viktor NT: But they do require your real name to get the box. IF you tell them you use the box for business, you can list dozens of names.

Night_Train Norm: You just gave away one of my little secrets!

norm Sorry 'bout that

Viktor Jinx!

Night_Train No worries. I haven't used that in awhile, since I "closed" the business.

Viktor I tell all my close AP friends to get a local PO Box. There are lot of amazing offers for locals only.

Viktor It's nice to play both sides of the local/out-of-towner fence. APers should go both ways.

Viktor So what is everyone wearing.

Night_Train Viktor: On the PO Box a few lines back..... True, you can register a PO Box for a business and list as many names as you like, BUT... post-9/11, when I attempted something along those lines, I was informed that you need to produce 2 forms of ID for EACH..

Night_Train name on the list.

Viktor One of interest aspects of ID by Mail is just how many kooks there are on tiny islands or tiny parcels of land that have declared themselves independent countries.

scobee1 cotton royal traveler by samsonite...doesn't chafe and goes right in with the other skivvies

norm I have a PO box under a DBA. Also a debit card and a checking account.

Night_Train Norm: How long ago did you set up to PO Box?

Viktor NT: That may vary by location, since MBE are franchises. They seems to still be more liberal around here. I think pseudonyms are much more common here because of: the entertaninment business, gambling, real estate, and more.

norm Nine years ago. But, I doubt there would be any difficulty. It's common.

Viktor More people seem to have multiple images.

EsBoy Logout:

norm MBE is much more expensive than the post office here.

Night_Train Viktor: Interesting point, I guess I'm in a "hot spot" since the MBE I use is a mere 5 miles from one of the MBEs used by the 9/11 terrorists !

Viktor NT: Holy shit! :O

Night_Train I kid you not!

norm Two of the anthrax leters went through my post offfice. But, I haven't seen any change in security.

EsDog Login:

scobee1 weird. two handles I don't know ask me about Chicago and then disappear without a fare thee well.

norm scobee - how's Chicago

norm Logout:

norm Login:

Night_Train Good one Norm ;-)

Minnesota_Fats wierd indeed!

scobee1 I posted my impressions on GC Midwest for Jimmer to confirm. games are not so good

scobee1 the weather is typical February...cold and clear

Minnesota_Fats Scobee, are you in Chicago?

Night_Train Viktor: How's the weather in LV?

scobee1 I have discovered a good game that I used to avoid...hence the friend's id for player card. I plan to hit 'em hard

Viktor Sunny and 60. Gorgeous.

scobee1 yeah, unfortunately I live here. spent two months this winter on the east coast, though.

Night_Train Too bad the game at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas sucks! That would be a nice long weekend trip this time of year!

Viktor January was the warmest Vegas Jan in recorded history. Feb has been the wettest. And there's no such thing as global warming.

scobee1 I have heard all the cruise lines in the carribean are going to CSM's

norm Even Paradise Island's a bit chilly in Feb.

Minnesota_Fats NT, where are the most exotic places your teams have played

Night_Train Guess we need to head a bit further south.

norm St. Martin's fine

Night_Train I guess Aruba and Curacao are pretty warm as well.

norm Yeh, Should be very warm off the coast of Ven.

Night_Train MF: Team play has mostly focused domestically. The problem with overseas play is you get killed with expenses. Many places don't comp airfare.

scobee1 how does the IM work on this platform, Viktor?

Minnesota_Fats Well, folks, I'm out of here. Thanks for hosting NT.

Minnesota_Fats Good night

Night_Train Hey guys, I've got to head out. Had a nice evening here. I hope we get the chats going regularly and next time I have the honor of hosting, we'll work out some topic of interest in advance.

Minnesota_Fats Logout:

norm Right-click on the name

norm Actually, left-click and then right-click

Night_Train Good night all. Thanks for coming.

scobee1 thanks, NT

norm Night

AsZehn Godd night.

Night_Train Logout:

AsZehn Logout:

norm Gonna watch the snow - see ya.

scobee1 Norm. sorry I am on my Macintosh so I am not set up for IM's independently. Next week I'll have the intranet PC working.

norm Logout:

EsDog Guess that's a wrap. Night all. Hit 'em hard!

scobee1 Viktor kudos for getting that trackjack info on Seneca Niagra up quickly. are you much involved with TJ

Viktor scobee: I programmed and maintain it, but Michael Belgard does all the editing and keeping up with reporters and condition changes.

scobee1 are the reporters volunteers?

Viktor So far.

Viktor I'm out here. Goodnight all!

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scobee1 g'night Viktor

EsDog Thanks, Viktor

EsDog Logout:

scobee1 Logout: