01/23/05 20:57:13
Laughlin_Marauder Logs in

01/23/05 20:57:33 KidDangerous Logs

20:58:07 KidDangerous: Hey guys, hows it going?

01/23/05 20:58:39
Laughlin_Marauder: Pretty good, watching Pgh get

01/23/05 20:59:04
KidDangerous: lol, it's rerunning tonight, I forgot about

01/23/05 20:59:26
Laughlin_Marauder: No, I mean the AFC championship

01/23/05 20:59:45
KidDangerous: Oh, I see.

20:59:59 KidDangerous: I don't keep up with ping

01/23/05 21:00:13
Laughlin_Marauder: lol ping pong

01/23/05 21:00:21 KidDangerous:

01/23/05 21:00:56
Dr_Bring_the_Pane Logs in

01/23/05 21:01:10 Laughlin_Marauder:
Football is all about strategy in the big picture, it's really a
thinking man's game for the coaches and coordinators

01/23/05 21:01:40 KenSmith Logs

21:01:42 KidDangerous: Aye, I can see that.

01/23/05 21:02:10 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
Hey kenny

01/23/05 21:02:24
KenSmith: Hi guys. How'd the party go, Dr Pane?

01/23/05 21:02:39 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
all the patients are doing fine

21:02:55 KenSmith: I finally got to watch with sound,
just a few minutes ago.

21:03:10 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: what did you

01/23/05 21:03:19
KenSmith: "Can I get a Heave-Ho!" Great stuff

01/23/05 21:03:30 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
that was funny

01/23/05 21:03:53
KenSmith: Again, very nicely played round. The final hand
bets were excellent all around.

21:04:12 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: even Kevin's?

01/23/05 21:04:23
KenSmith: Well, Kevin's could have been better, but it wasn't
that bad.

01/23/05 21:04:29
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: ok

21:04:38 Viktor Logs in

01/23/05 21:04:39 KenSmith: He at least
can win to cover Dave's surrender.

21:04:45 Viktor: The Pane!

01/23/05 21:04:50 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: dr
pane to you

21:05:06 Viktor: Oh yeah. D-to-the-R Pane!

01/23/05 21:05:16 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
regina just emailed you for a password

01/23/05 21:05:20 KenSmith: I love the
promo for the chat... Joe Pane from American Casino

01/23/05 21:05:25 Viktor: Holly D is
making notes watching the match on my computer, he'll be on in a few

01/23/05 21:05:29
Viktor: hehe

21:05:54 KenSmith: Hey Viktor, thanks for the

01/23/05 21:05:59
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: ask him to make notes on his hitting the

01/23/05 21:06:01 Viktor:
Great to see you Ken, thank you very much for showing up.

01/23/05 21:06:14 Viktor: He is.

01/23/05 21:06:21 Viktor:
Hello KD, LM!

01/23/05 21:06:29
Viktor: Is Miss R. in the hizzouse?

01/23/05 21:06:30 Bettie Logs

21:07:05 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: she is *whip*

01/23/05 21:07:38 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
kenny anybody we know win in Tunica

01/23/05 21:07:51 Viktor: It's a real
geekfest here. I've got Holly D. and Parker in my office, and our
computers are all jacked in.

21:08:04 KenSmith: No, a lady named Guinn won it.
However, I'll tell you Rita Bagot's story...

01/23/05 21:08:17 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:

01/23/05 21:08:22
KenSmith: Rita tied on the bubble to make the semifinals, so
there was a playoff this morning.

21:08:29 KenSmith: 4 hands, but she lost....

01/23/05 21:08:40 KenSmith: However,
they had a no-show for the semis, so she got a seat

01/23/05 21:08:41
Viktor: Dave's watching the last three hands.

01/23/05 21:08:58 KenSmith: She played
very well in the semis, taking first low on the last hand. Dealer

01/23/05 21:09:21
Sun_Runner Logs in

01/23/05 21:09:24 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
how did she do in finals

21:09:34 Viktor: Did you guys see the WSoB 2005 website
on GSN.com?

01/23/05 21:09:41
KenSmith: In the finals, she played pretty well, but underbet
the final hand. She bet $825, won the hand, but ended up third behind
a tied first and second place. She missed 1st place by

01/23/05 21:09:41
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: no

21:09:46 Viktor: Hey Sun! How are you

01/23/05 21:09:55
Sun_Runner: Good thanks.

21:10:15 KenSmith: However, she picked up $16,000 for
her efforts.

01/23/05 21:10:18
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: how is the wsob site?

01/23/05 21:10:26 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
very nice

21:10:56 Viktor: It has bios of all the players, and
decent, although small, pictures.

21:11:03 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: it was close between 1, 2,

01/23/05 21:11:12
Sun_Runner: I have yet to see the show... local Cox has my
signal screwed.

01/23/05 21:11:32
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: sun runner where are you

01/23/05 21:11:43 Sun_Runner:

01/23/05 21:11:47
KenSmith: She was BR2, behind BR1 by a couple hundred, ahead
of BR3 by a couple hundred. She thought she had first high with the

01/23/05 21:12:02
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: my cox was OK

01/23/05 21:12:06 Viktor: Holly D is
notating the last hand now.

21:12:32 Sun_Runner: I can get the stations on both
sides of GSN, just not GSN!! Very frustrating.

01/23/05 21:12:39 Viktor: Dr_Pane Yeah,
the digital Cox kind of stinks, lots of artifacts from the digital

01/23/05 21:13:04
NightTrain Logs in

01/23/05 21:13:12 Viktor:

01/23/05 21:13:15
KenSmith: Hey NightTrain

21:13:16 Sun_Runner: I think I have 'low' signal

21:13:19 Viktor: I understand Blackwood is coming

21:13:35 Sun_Runner: will be back.

01/23/05 21:13:37 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
and his makeup comment

21:13:44 Sun_Runner Logs Out

01/23/05 21:13:49 NightTrain: Good
Evening Folks! Yes. Kevin B. said he'd pop in.

01/23/05 21:14:09 Viktor: KenSmith How
are things going in the Confederacy?

01/23/05 21:14:15 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
viktor miss r is now in the room

21:14:42 Viktor: Hello Miss R! Thank you for the

01/23/05 21:14:45
KenSmith: Not bad. I'm just back from a futile effort at
Bally's Tunica, but I'm looking forward to an even better event next
weekend in Gulfport.

21:14:50 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: Miss R say hello to

21:14:57 KenSmith: Hi Miss R

01/23/05 21:15:07 Ilusion Logs

21:15:21 Viktor: "HollyWeird"

01/23/05 21:15:33 Ilusion:

01/23/05 21:15:54
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: she said you are very welcome

01/23/05 21:16:33 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
kenny miss r says hello

21:16:39 KenSmith: Tell Hollywood to get his head out
of the Koolaid and get going.

21:16:40 HollyDave Logs in

01/23/05 21:16:57 HollyDave: Lets rock
and roll, my peoples...

21:17:05 KenSmith: wzzup dave

01/23/05 21:17:16 HollyDave: hey boss
man... how was tunica?

21:17:37 KenSmith: Ineffective. I don't know if you
know Rita Bagot or not, but she took third for $16K

01/23/05 21:17:49 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
kenny can you teach hollywood Basic Strag. ?

01/23/05 21:17:56 KenSmith:

01/23/05 21:18:12
KenSmith: HollyDave,

01/23/05 21:18:25 Cardkountr Logs

21:18:34 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: thats a BS chart

01/23/05 21:18:39
Laughlin_Marauder: There ya are ck

01/23/05 21:18:43 HollyDave: great, now
i can learn how to play blackjack

21:18:57 Cardkountr: Hi Everyone

01/23/05 21:19:01 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
you have to start somwhere

21:19:22 HollyDave: i'd ask you to teach me but i've
already beaten you @ the world series...

01/23/05 21:19:40 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
you didnt beat me the dealer did

21:19:53 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you should have matched my

01/23/05 21:19:55
HollyDave: you were beat before you sat down, buddy...

01/23/05 21:20:04
Sun_Runner Logs in

01/23/05 21:20:07 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
you gave me the high

21:20:19 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you could have shut me

01/23/05 21:20:21
HollyDave: lets talk about the last hand...

01/23/05 21:20:26 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:

01/23/05 21:20:30
KenSmith: Let's do. It was an interesting hand

01/23/05 21:20:31 HollyDave: brilliant
bet and play, joe

21:20:44 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: THANK YOU

01/23/05 21:20:48 HollyDave: i admit, i
misplayed it. shoulda surrendered

21:20:57 KenSmith: Mr O was critical of your bet Pane,
saying you should have bet half the bank. I like your bet

01/23/05 21:21:07
moneytaker Logs in

01/23/05 21:21:12 KenSmith: You give
Dave a chance to max bet and give you the low

01/23/05 21:21:13 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
date stamp that hollywood admits wrong

01/23/05 21:21:22 HollyDave: but
kevin's soft 19 had me assuming he would be a fave to win, and clear
my surrender by 1000

21:21:30 HollyDave: pushing me into 3rd

01/23/05 21:21:50 KenSmith: Joe, you
gave Dave the high if he wanted it. Should he have taken

01/23/05 21:22:04
KenSmith: hi moneytaker

21:22:11 moneytaker: Hi Ken

01/23/05 21:22:13 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
match up would have been his play

21:22:24 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: plus he goes after me

01/23/05 21:22:48
HollyDave: i took the flex bet... a double would give me the
high (assuming joe couldn't double) and a surrender gave me the low
(assuming kevin wouldn't win while i lost)... of course, neither of
these things happened!

21:22:54 KenSmith: yeah, that's what I meant

01/23/05 21:23:30
Parker Logs in

01/23/05 21:23:50 KenSmith: The bet was
a nice precision bet Dave, and it did both those things nicely. I
still like matching up, but your bet was very flexible as

01/23/05 21:24:02
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i could have locked kevin out of the

01/23/05 21:24:07
HollyDave: i just didn't wanna guarantee kevin the

01/23/05 21:24:35
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: once you bet what you did he had the

01/23/05 21:24:47
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: unless you surr.

01/23/05 21:24:50 HollyDave: ? a
surrender would still give me the low

01/23/05 21:24:56 HollyDave: right

01/23/05 21:25:00
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: but you didn't

01/23/05 21:25:02 KenSmith: Yeah, Kevin
could still bet more, and should have to beat a possible push by

01/23/05 21:25:25
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: kevins bet left a lot on the table

01/23/05 21:25:47
KenSmith: He should bet all he can and still surrender after
Dave surrenders.

01/23/05 21:25:54
HollyDave: but as the cards came out, a surrender would have
me @ 88,250 to kevin's 88,000... but his 19 vs. a dealer 3 looked too
promising for him

21:26:27 moneytaker: I thought GSN did a wonderful job
with the show and you guys played an excellent table. Unfortunately
it was very hard to hear what Kevin was saying during the

01/23/05 21:26:29
KenSmith: Ooh, scratch my last thought. That's not it at

01/23/05 21:26:29
HollyDave: if kev surrenders, he goes down to 87,000 and i
clear him by just over 1000

21:26:37 HollyDave: after i surrender

01/23/05 21:27:05 KenSmith: Yeah, I'm
forgetting the bankrolls. Let's see, it was

21:27:15 HollyDave: what really messed me up was, once
i decided to hit rather than get into a sticky surrender situation

01/23/05 21:27:22
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: thats correct

01/23/05 21:27:44 HollyDave: i realized
after the 1st hit that since i couldn't SEE joe's double down card, i
didn't actually know what i was trying to hit to

01/23/05 21:28:10 HollyDave: the risk
of busting became greater than the risk of hitting to an unknown

01/23/05 21:28:21
KenSmith: I like $27,000 for Kevin.

01/23/05 21:28:23 HollyDave: if i
coulda seen joe's total, i woulda tried to beat him

01/23/05 21:28:24 Cardkountr: Dave, i
thought for sure that after joe split and then doubled that you would
then double yours too, thinking that if joe makes his hand you could
have given up 2nd place since Kevin was fairly good with 18

01/23/05 21:28:54
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: kevins bet was short didnt matter

01/23/05 21:28:55 HollyDave: a double
by me would still not be enough to clear joe

01/23/05 21:29:02 NightTrain: Good
evening folks. Joe, H-wood and Kev made a great threesome. Their
personalities worked well together during the match. Great

01/23/05 21:29:11
HollyDave: assuming we both won

01/23/05 21:29:11 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
kevins hand was of no factor

21:29:25 HollyDave: ? how so?

01/23/05 21:29:27 KenSmith: Yes, the
way the cards fell, Kev's bet was immaterial. But it could have been

01/23/05 21:29:42
HollyDave: it affected my decision to not surrender

01/23/05 21:29:59 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
but his bet left him no options

21:30:03 HollyDave: hey rick!

01/23/05 21:30:17 KenSmith: I agree
NightTrain, these guys put together a great show.

01/23/05 21:30:33 moneytaker: Hi

01/23/05 21:30:40
HollyDave: he shoulda bet about 11,000 (leaving himself the
highest number of unbet chips left

21:31:20 moneytaker: how would you have played your
hand if he did bet 11,000

21:31:28 HollyDave: good one...

01/23/05 21:31:54 HollyDave: well,
surrendering would still be out of the question (because of his 19 vs
dealer 3)

01/23/05 21:31:58
moneytaker: and what about you Joe? Would you have played the

01/23/05 21:32:05
HollyDave: yeah joe!

21:32:13 HollyDave: would you change anything if you

01/23/05 21:32:19
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i had to bet first and act first

01/23/05 21:32:20 NightTrain: I'm
having computer difficulty. Long delays in text appearing.

01/23/05 21:32:34
Viktor: Buy a real computer.

21:32:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: so my options were

01/23/05 21:32:39
moneytaker: LOL

21:32:44 HollyDave: but would you make any

01/23/05 21:32:58
HollyDave: i just watched the episode again and didn't notice
any irregularities in your play

21:33:11 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i decided to try to fool
hollywood into betting a max bet and giving me a low

01/23/05 21:33:17
moneytaker: Hollywood, you didn't answer. Would you have
tried to hit to 21?

01/23/05 21:33:46 HollyDave: oh —
probably not. as it turned out, his bet didn't have any

21:33:57 HollyDave: i would still be more concerned by
joe's double down

01/23/05 21:34:09
HollyDave: assuming kevin's win

01/23/05 21:34:17 norm Logs

21:34:24 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he was more concerned about
me the whole round not just the last hand

01/23/05 21:34:28 Cardkountr: not
knowing joe's double card had a big factor in dave not hitting out
and chance busting

01/23/05 21:34:45
Sun_Runner: Kid — are you OK?

01/23/05 21:34:46 HollyDave: what would
have changed is if i had only bet 12000 (my lead over

01/23/05 21:34:48
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he could bust and still win

01/23/05 21:35:05 HollyDave: then a
surrender would still clear me whether or not kevin won his

01/23/05 21:35:12
NightTrain: test

21:35:20 NightTrain Logs Out

01/23/05 21:35:25 HollyDave: but i
suspect kevin would have bet a lot more had i bet less

01/23/05 21:35:27 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
was stiff on one hand a my double was face down

01/23/05 21:35:38 moneytaker: Why did
you choose not to bet 12,000

21:35:53 HollyDave: i wanted to trick kevin into
thinking i had overbet my lead

21:35:58 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i disagree

01/23/05 21:36:04 HollyDave: when in
reality a surrender would still give me the low

01/23/05 21:36:13 norm: trick

01/23/05 21:36:24
HollyDave: same thing MIT Mike tried to do to me on the last
hand of the Series last year

01/23/05 21:36:43 HollyDave: obviously
it didn't work, but can you blame me for trying?

01/23/05 21:37:41 HollyDave: if i had
bet 12,000, kevin woulda had to take the high (at least

01/23/05 21:37:44
norm: i can't

21:37:46 moneytaker: What I have learned is that I
don't know a damn thing about tournament strategy lol

01/23/05 21:37:56 moneytaker: Lots to
learn yet

01/23/05 21:38:08
HollyDave: but baby you're damn cute! give yourself more

01/23/05 21:38:34
moneytaker: LOL, well the cards don't give a damn how cute I

01/23/05 21:38:47
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: it is a lot to learn

01/23/05 21:38:54 norm: distraction is
a part

01/23/05 21:39:06
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: some people think its all luck how wrong
are they

01/23/05 21:39:25
norm: it's all luck if you lose

01/23/05 21:39:31 HollyDave: i hate

01/23/05 21:39:34
HollyDave: it defeats skill

21:39:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: there is a skill level that
you must reach to be sucessful

21:39:37 moneytaker: Well, the breast man wins that
award for this series lol

01/23/05 21:39:59 Sun_Runner: trully
— what % 'luck' do you think it involves (tournaments)

01/23/05 21:39:59 norm:

01/23/05 21:40:07
HollyDave: a lot

21:40:16 HollyDave: i mean — a lot %

01/23/05 21:40:17 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
the luck factor will balance out even but the skill level will

01/23/05 21:40:23
NightTrain Logs in

01/23/05 21:40:38 Sun_Runner: more so
(luck) with better players

21:40:46 KenSmith: OK, I can concentrate finally.
I've had calls and IMs popping in.

21:40:57 nycfudu Logs in

01/23/05 21:41:00 HollyDave: Did anyone
have any other tourney questions about the rest of that

01/23/05 21:41:09
Viktor: Hey NYC!

01/23/05 21:41:24 HollyDave: Well, luck
is more of a factor if you all play the same strategy

01/23/05 21:41:24 moneytaker: I
understand that it isn't all luck. Heck you have to know basic
strategy before you could even sit down to play with the big dogs
which I just learned in March. I think that really figuring out the
last 3-5 hands is where the true skill comes into play

01/23/05 21:41:29 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
the better players will get lucky and they will get unlucky but their
skill level will not wain

21:41:29 nycfudu: hi vik hi all

01/23/05 21:42:08 HollyDave: i gotta
tell you — and i'm writing a book about this now — one must
respond to the skill level at the table you are playing in

01/23/05 21:42:23
KenSmith: Still like the martingale against better players

01/23/05 21:42:33 norm:

01/23/05 21:42:37
HollyDave: playing perfect Wong strategy at a World Series
table will only give you a crapshoot's chance at winnong

01/23/05 21:42:51 nycfudu: dr pane: are
u the infamous guy who got b'off in american casino?

01/23/05 21:42:54
HollyDave: one must innovate new strategies based on your
foreknowledge of how you know your opponents will play

01/23/05 21:43:02
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: YES I AM

21:43:13 Viktor: My marketing worked!

01/23/05 21:43:20 moneytaker:

01/23/05 21:43:23 Viktor:
In your face Smith!

21:43:32 HollyDave: its not a 'martingale' despite all
Max's preaching

01/23/05 21:43:33
norm: calm down viktor

21:43:42 Ilusion Disconnects

01/23/05 21:43:51 KenSmith: well, it's
close. If you like variance, just bet more.

01/23/05 21:44:10 Sun_Runner: Wong does
suggest a late hand progression sometimes, no?

01/23/05 21:44:18 norm: yep.

01/23/05 21:44:21
nycfudu: dr pane : how did gvr figure you out?

01/23/05 21:44:24 HollyDave: We went
over this last year... the tourney player has 3 bet choices:
correlative, progressive, and contrarian

01/23/05 21:44:40 KenSmith: I find the
progression to be very rarely useful. The problem is you're ALWAYS
chasing moving targets.

21:44:45 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: they didnt. i was not
backed off there for BJ play

21:44:48 norm: or, blackwood's. wait for you guys to

01/23/05 21:44:59
HollyDave: but wong's approach is to correlate (ie, flat bet
minimum bets) until it is obvious someone is too far ahead to

01/23/05 21:45:32
HollyDave: the 'real game' doesn't start until you examine
your position in the last 1/3 of the game

01/23/05 21:45:32 nycfudu: hollywood:
was blackwood wearing a guise or is that how he usually presents

01/23/05 21:46:00
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you need to play according to the talent of
your opponents

01/23/05 21:46:10
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: or lack of

01/23/05 21:46:12 HollyDave: but since
we know most players at that table will be playing that way, you know
you will not have a significant lead unless you pursue it early

01/23/05 21:46:41
KenSmith: I don't think you could characterize the entire
table as conservative. Look at what happened to Rene and

01/23/05 21:46:46
HollyDave: betting a 1/15th progression only gives an 8% RoR
per cycle

01/23/05 21:46:47
norm: wong said that. I'm not convinced if you can let others
take the same

01/23/05 21:46:48
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: kevin always looks that bad

01/23/05 21:46:56 HollyDave: ie a $6000

01/23/05 21:46:56
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: lol

21:47:32 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he is just jealous that the
makeup worked for me and did nothing for him

01/23/05 21:47:34 HollyDave: a risk i'm
willing to take even when repeated 5 times

01/23/05 21:47:44 Sun_Runner: what was
the initial BR ... and what ended up BR1?

01/23/05 21:48:00 HollyDave: because a
40% RoR is still better than splitting the difference with 2 or 3
other flat-betting Wong bettors

21:48:02 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: how about that double on 12
vs 13

01/23/05 21:48:02
KenSmith: $100K to start, $100250 was BR1 going into the final

01/23/05 21:48:21
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: where is that in wongs book

01/23/05 21:48:23 HollyDave: i had to
hit anyway, and wanted to get more $$$ on the table safely

01/23/05 21:48:31 Sun_Runner: that
sounds conservative, no?

21:48:36 HollyDave: accumulate more chips with low

01/23/05 21:48:37
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: so why not a full double

01/23/05 21:48:43 norm: going on my
poor memory

01/23/05 21:48:47
[email protected] Logs in

21:48:55 Illusion Logs in

01/23/05 21:48:58 HollyDave: because i
only added 15% more chips

21:49:03 KenSmith: All tables are conservative when the
big bettors bust out.

21:49:05 nycfudu: dave: looked to me like you were
going for a 2nd place finish on the last round.

01/23/05 21:49:05 HollyDave: close
enough to just taking a hit

21:49:07 NightTrain: H-wood: Speaking to folks, I hear
much about this in the early and late game. I never hear anything
specific about the middle game.

21:49:11 HollyDave: and still maintaing my lead

01/23/05 21:49:14
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you should have bet more if you wanted more
money on the table

01/23/05 21:49:36
Sun_Runner: did most start out flat betting/minimum?

01/23/05 21:49:38 BJSWEETIE Logs

21:49:48 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: hi regina

01/23/05 21:49:50 HollyDave: i think
the purpose of early and middle game is to ACCUMULATE chips when
playing against better players (rather than CORRELATE)

01/23/05 21:50:01 HollyDave: 1. to
better prepare yourself for late game play

01/23/05 21:50:11 KenSmith: The
'all-doubles-face-down' rule makes doubling for less sometimes useful
for concealing your outcome, though it didn't apply to Hollywood's 12

01/23/05 21:50:23
HollyDave: and 2. because your "wild bets" will force the
other players to continue to bet low

01/23/05 21:50:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
why take a non-BS double

21:50:39 HollyDave: you train your opponents, forcing
their bets

01/23/05 21:50:42
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: makes no sense

01/23/05 21:50:42 BJSWEETIE: HI

01/23/05 21:50:50
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: finally

21:50:57 HollyDave: ? it was a tourney play, joe, not
a BS play

01/23/05 21:51:10
HollyDave: i had to hit anyway, right?

01/23/05 21:51:10 moneytaker: Hi

01/23/05 21:51:11
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: that's not a tourn play early on

01/23/05 21:51:16 [email protected]
Logs Out

01/23/05 21:51:18

21:51:28 HollyDave: my point exactly — the early
and middle game are entirely too neglected

01/23/05 21:51:34 KidDangerous Logs

21:52:08 KenSmith: Dave: Your opponents can wait and
see if one of your progression cycles busts you out, and if that
doesn't happen, they can do a shorter $30K/$60K progression to catch

01/23/05 21:52:11
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: hit is the right play, double is poor money
mgt., and thats what tourn play is about

01/23/05 21:52:26 HollyDave:
"that's not a tourney play early on" refers to a set of
tourney rules that are only effective against average/poor players,
not tourney giants like you

21:52:28 HollyDave: !

01/23/05 21:52:44 Sun_Runner: could you
briefly describe the set up — # decks, # hands? (Again, my Cox
svc, #$%^!)

01/23/05 21:53:04
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: thanks for the kind words but i still dont
like the play

01/23/05 21:53:07
KenSmith: 6 decks, $100K bank, Betting $1000 to $50,000. 25
hands. Surrender. Stand 17.

21:53:17 norm: hollydave, you do appear to put unusual
effort in the middle game. And I like the force low bets

01/23/05 21:53:28
nycfudu: do you guys keep the count at all during tournament
play.. or it's just thrown out the window?

01/23/05 21:53:35 NightTrain Logs

01/23/05 21:53:46
HollyDave: right Ken, but how many times do you get a sweet
snapper or 11 vs. a 6 and only have minimm bet out?

01/23/05 21:53:55 olympia
Logs in

21:53:58 KenSmith: Agreed. Way too often.

01/23/05 21:54:24 HollyDave: lot of
small progressions give you better opportunities to have money in
place for these opportunities, as well as forcing Wong players to
stay low longer

01/23/05 21:54:25
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: the count is not that important in a

01/23/05 21:54:38
Sun_Runner: penetration 100%? But do you count?

01/23/05 21:54:48 HollyDave: and the
difference in RoR % is so marginal

21:54:51 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i do for Surr

01/23/05 21:55:04 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
and hand plyying

21:55:11 KenSmith: I understand your point, and when
you add in the force-low-bet idea it has merit.

01/23/05 21:55:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
don't agree with this force low bet

01/23/05 21:55:38 HollyDave: what's
interesting is how this changes the perception of

01/23/05 21:55:56
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you didn't have me betting low because of
your prog.

01/23/05 21:56:00
Sun_Runner: did the play require a shuffle up?

01/23/05 21:56:06 HollyDave: EARLY
position is great because you use your bet to control everyone else's
bet (they must react)

21:56:18 HollyDave: LATE position still retains all its
inherent advantages


01/23/05 21:56:40 HollyDave: let's go

01/23/05 21:56:59
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: using the puck affects when i will make a
move when i do

01/23/05 21:57:01
KenSmith: Causing a reaction to your bet doesn't mean control.
Early position will always allow your bet to be exploited.

01/23/05 21:57:19 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
there can be no counter

21:57:29 moneytaker: Viktor, what do you

01/23/05 21:57:32
KenSmith: If I decide to bet low because you're in a risky
part of your progression, it's because I've decided I like the risk
profile of giving you a shot.

21:57:48 HollyDave: right, but the foreknowledge of
what you'll be up against is certainly a % of advantage

01/23/05 21:58:04 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
with a 100,000 BR, there was no need to panic

01/23/05 21:58:05 BJSWEETIE: GOOD

01/23/05 21:58:17
HollyDave: of course, NONE of this matters when playing
average/poor players who are unaware of the nuances of betting

01/23/05 21:58:37
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i'd rather play against good

01/23/05 21:58:50
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i know what they are going to do

01/23/05 21:58:50 HollyDave: me, too.
they're easier to beat...

21:59:01 Viktor: I agree with Dave. Early accumlation
and agression are important when you're playing against other skilled
players and will end up with poor position on the last

01/23/05 21:59:08
KenSmith: Not me, send me the unpredictable but lousy players.

01/23/05 21:59:19
HollyDave: give me stanford, rosa, tamburin, and ken smith

01/23/05 21:59:20
moneytaker: Here I am

21:59:30 moneytaker: Ken

01/23/05 21:59:33 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
the good players are not easy to beat i could not disagree

01/23/05 21:59:34
moneytaker: lol

21:59:39 nycfudu: have u guys gotten any feedback from
GSN as to how popular these show are and ratings etc?

01/23/05 21:59:41 norm: thanks ken. the
pane/holly comment was funny. but give me lousy players

01/23/05 21:59:45 Parker: Dave: Why are
good players easier to beat?

22:00:06 KenSmith: Good players are more predictable.
That's true.

01/23/05 22:00:10
HollyDave: joe, 2 minutes ago you said you'd rather play good
players, now you say they're harder to beat, which is it?

01/23/05 22:00:15 Viktor: nycfudu I
haven't heard anything, but I am watching the boards at

01/23/05 22:00:19
HollyDave: methinks you just like to disagree with

01/23/05 22:00:43
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i know what they are going to bet before
they bet

01/23/05 22:01:08
Viktor: http://www.gsn.com/buzz/

01/23/05 22:01:11 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
give me the good players

22:01:14 HollyDave: but if they're harder to beat, why
wouldn't you rather play against lousy playes

01/23/05 22:01:20 KenSmith: Joe, how
many players actually fall into this category of being good enough to
be predictable. I'd say less than 20.

01/23/05 22:01:30 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
they are very unpredictable

22:01:34 HollyDave: a lot more than that

01/23/05 22:02:07 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
yes plus when i win, i want to play against the best

01/23/05 22:02:07 KenSmith: I should
restate. There are lots more predictable players, but that's because
some really bad players are predictable too.

01/23/05 22:02:10 nycfudu: thanks

01/23/05 22:02:10
HollyDave: it certainly takes all the fun out of playing (when
playing against bad players)

22:02:20 nycfudu: but how does one know the skill level
of opponents?

22:02:55 HollyDave: that's why part of my strategy
involves a Profiling system in the first few bets to be able to
adjust the level of acceptable Aggression you must use to have the
clearest advantage

01/23/05 22:03:06
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you need to know your opponents

01/23/05 22:03:14 HollyDave: and the
various strategies used

22:03:22 Sun_Runner: the little lady that's splitting
her tens on hand 1 is probably not a pro

01/23/05 22:03:30 nycfudu: some players
might bluff early on...

22:03:44 KenSmith: The players doubling hard 12
probably aren't pros either.

22:03:50 norm:

22:04:05 KenSmith: Sorry Dave, that was too

01/23/05 22:04:05

01/23/05 22:04:08
Sun_Runner: unless the last hand and they are BR7

01/23/05 22:04:13 nycfudu: i remember
wong tried a little bluff move on the first series

01/23/05 22:04:15 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
they only time i want bad players is on the last hand when i have to
bet early

01/23/05 22:04:16
HollyDave: i play poker constantly... it teaches you to be
constantly evaluating the skill level of your opponents, based not
only on their betting patterns but their mannerisms, etc., as

22:04:43 HollyDave: The only times you've seen me play
are at World Series events, Regina

22:04:44 norm: Yes wong did. It seemed out of place.
Unbluffable people

01/23/05 22:05:00
HollyDave: when i qualified for the Hilton in November i was
almost 100% Wong

22:05:10 HollyDave: low bets most of the time

01/23/05 22:05:54
BJSWEETIE: hollywood, how many tournaments have you

01/23/05 22:06:14
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: here we go

01/23/05 22:06:24 BJSWEETIE: dave: how
many tourneys have you won?

22:06:33 KenSmith: I may not agree with Dave all the
time, and he may not have the long history of tournaments, but he
definitely brings an open and sharp mind to the problems of tourney
play. Kudos.

01/23/05 22:06:36
HollyDave: i've only been doing that for about 2 years, since
Griffin and Poker tourneys changed my outlook on cash table

01/23/05 22:07:02
HollyDave: before that i was a card counter for about 3-4

01/23/05 22:07:30
HollyDave: supported myself as a starving LA actor by spending
a week a month in Vegas

22:07:38 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: seems that you were camera
shy during those years

22:07:47 Sun_Runner: griffin forced you to

01/23/05 22:07:58
BJSWEETIE: hollywood may bring a sharp mind but don't forget
about his sharp tongue. joe and holly had some cute vocal

01/23/05 22:07:59
HollyDave: plenty of festival films and failed pilots that are
floating about

01/23/05 22:08:45
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i was talking about griffin camera

01/23/05 22:08:55
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: never saw your photo

01/23/05 22:09:00 nycfudu: dave, GSN
should have some poker shows... it seems to be the craze these

01/23/05 22:09:03 norm:
Yes, joe had someone outtalk him

22:09:10 moneytaker: It seems like Hollywood has to
defend his bj background alot. Why the attacks?

01/23/05 22:09:29 HollyDave: cuz the
old guard is threatened by me... isn't it obvious

01/23/05 22:09:32 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
that does not happen to often

22:09:44 Laughlin_Marauder: the old guard?

01/23/05 22:09:52 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: no
threat at all

01/23/05 22:10:06
HollyDave: everyone insists on attacking every idea i put

01/23/05 22:10:14
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i don't mind playing you if you are going
to use that prog. all the time

01/23/05 22:10:27 norm: Lately it's
nice to be on the defensive.

22:10:56 Sun_Runner: since we have lulled .. did they
have to shuffle up at any time?

22:10:58 HollyDave: dude, you won't even consider
accepting that Wong is not as effective against other skilled
players, and that different modes of play must be employed

01/23/05 22:11:24 HollyDave: his
strategy was powerful 10-20 years ago when no one had any clue about
blackjack tourneys

01/23/05 22:11:30
HollyDave: that's not 100% true today

01/23/05 22:11:32 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
play my style which is not wongs style

01/23/05 22:11:32 norm: Obviously if
everyone read Wong's book.......

22:11:34 Viktor: Yeah, what happened to "Beyond

01/23/05 22:12:03
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: thats why it will be called that

01/23/05 22:12:15 Sun_Runner: I thought
A. Curtis was working on that one!

22:12:19 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he gives up

01/23/05 22:12:20
Viktor: With all due props, that's Dr Pane's joke.

01/23/05 22:12:28
HollyDave: well, when you're ready, i'll be sure to attack you
on every non-Wong idea you have, just like you do to me!

01/23/05 22:12:32 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
thank you, V

01/23/05 22:12:40
nycfudu: dave, your performance on the vegas challenge was
your best work i think..

22:12:55 Illusion: Dave, any poker strategies that you
have crossed over for blackjack?

22:12:56 HollyDave: thanks...

01/23/05 22:13:27 nycfudu: i was
watching it on tv with some friends and they all thought you were

01/23/05 22:13:44
HollyDave: sure — the profiling of players, the trash
talking, the distraction, the studying of different strategies... Be

01/23/05 22:13:52
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if you are talking to me Dave i dont attack
you on every move you make why do you think that

01/23/05 22:14:08 HollyDave: really?

01/23/05 22:14:14
Sun_Runner: What is Dr Pane's joke .. the A. Curtis

01/23/05 22:14:20
norm: He's still trying to distract you

01/23/05 22:14:33 nycfudu: dr pane :
please tell us about your hair..

22:14:34 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: dave never has distracted

01/23/05 22:14:49 norm: I
said 'trying'

01/23/05 22:14:53
HollyDave: love ya joe...

22:14:54 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: what about my

01/23/05 22:15:06
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i love you also dave

01/23/05 22:15:10 nycfudu: dr pane :
surely there's a story behind your hair

01/23/05 22:15:11 HollyDave: a little
purple would spruce it right up i think

01/23/05 22:15:16 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: we
make for good tv

22:15:24 HollyDave: the odd couple

01/23/05 22:15:39 HollyDave: next
season we'll have to stage a big fight and get disqualified

01/23/05 22:15:39 BJSWEETIE: mutt and

01/23/05 22:15:45
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if we are talking ODD i leave that part to

01/23/05 22:15:46 Viktor:
Or jett and muff

01/23/05 22:15:48
KenSmith: Next time we could have Dave in gray and Joe with
rainbow hair.

01/23/05 22:16:02
moneytaker: LOL

22:16:03 BJSWEETIE: lol

01/23/05 22:16:29 KenSmith: Well I hope
the ratings are good. I'm looking forward to WSOB3

01/23/05 22:16:34 moneytaker: Are there
any plays that you would have done different on this show?

01/23/05 22:16:36 Viktor:

01/23/05 22:16:40
HollyDave: so... anybody here watch a little show i like to
call "Celebrity Blckjack"?

01/23/05 22:16:41 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
dave if i hit you i'm not going to get disqualified i'm going to JAIL

01/23/05 22:16:46
HollyDave: lol

22:16:47 Laughlin_Marauder: Dave is your strategies for
tournament play based in mathematics? or more psychology?

01/23/05 22:16:55
HollyDave: definitely math

22:17:19 norm: maybe in the last five hands

01/23/05 22:17:20 HollyDave: every bet
i make is based on a very specific mathematical reason... the splash
and dazzle is added on top

22:17:22 BJSWEETIE: debateable

01/23/05 22:17:32 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: we
then could take it to the Jerry Springer show

01/23/05 22:17:57 BJSWEETIE: you lost
some big bets and that was mathematically figured in?

01/23/05 22:18:05 HollyDave:

01/23/05 22:18:35
HollyDave: they were 1/30th, 1/15th and 1/7th progressions
with a level of risk i was willing to accept

01/23/05 22:18:55 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
where is Kevin "Gilligan" Blackwood

01/23/05 22:19:03 Viktor: ha

01/23/05 22:19:07
HollyDave: certainly you're not measuring the skill of a
player by the # of bets lost

22:19:10 Viktor: *laugh*

01/23/05 22:19:22 nycfudu: i thought
kevin looked like those lord of the ring wizards..

01/23/05 22:19:25 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he
looks like Gilligan

22:19:34 HollyDave: he looks like Night Train

01/23/05 22:19:35 moneytaker: Hollywood
and Joe, were there any plays in the last 5 hands that you might have
done differently?

01/23/05 22:19:38
BJSWEETIE: i think you are all cute

01/23/05 22:19:53 norm: I'll tell rick
you said that

22:19:57 KenSmith: I have to take a break here. I'll
see if you're here after 15 mins or so.

01/23/05 22:20:14 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if
i knew hollywood was going to bet that short i would have locked
kevin out of the low

22:20:17 HollyDave: in hand 22 i underbet by 1000
(tried to take the high on Joe and ended up only betting enough to
tie with him)

22:21:04 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: and still beat hollywood if
i swing him

01/23/05 22:21:19
moneytaker: That was funny Regina. "I think you all are

01/23/05 22:21:20
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: lock up 2nd and still have a shot at

01/23/05 22:21:28
HollyDave: joe, if you take the low to kevin, i still have the
low to you since i was BR1

22:21:46 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i know but i have 2nd
locked up

01/23/05 22:21:49
norm: Hey, getting second place means you can be on three

01/23/05 22:21:55
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: and can win with a swing

01/23/05 22:22:04 HollyDave: yes... the
+ EV of TV time

01/23/05 22:22:27
HollyDave: i parlayed my 3 episodes last year into a job on 2
seasons of Celebrity BJ

22:22:33 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: it had nothing to do with
TV time if it did i would have bet short

01/23/05 22:22:46 olympia: Joe, do you
use any kind of quick & dirty formula to figure an insurance

01/23/05 22:22:51
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i was out to win 250,000

01/23/05 22:23:17 BJSWEETIE: you do
realize that if the dealer had a 523n56, holly would not have placed
2nd. an element of luck assisted you on the last hand dave

01/23/05 22:23:32 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if
i'm leading i take ins. if my opponents do if i'm behind if they do i

01/23/05 22:23:45
nycfudu: dave, what was up with that girl on celeb blackjack
who said she'd be banned from the casinos if she told you what she
was doing?

01/23/05 22:23:59
HollyDave: what's your point regina

01/23/05 22:24:16 HollyDave: my girl
Giuliani DePandi... what a hottie

22:24:38 HollyDave: she's the E! News

01/23/05 22:25:11
nycfudu: dave, did she tell you why she would be

01/23/05 22:25:15
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if the dealer made a 17 -18 -19 or busted i

01/23/05 22:25:23
HollyDave: i ended up doing a segment with her @ Palms playing
craps on TV with one of the stars of the movie

01/23/05 22:25:24 BJSWEETIE: we can
brag all we want, but cannot forget that luck does enter in any card
game. what's important is that we utilize our skills.

01/23/05 22:26:07
HollyDave: she was a good player , but relied more on voodoo
than math! (like most of the celebs)

01/23/05 22:26:14 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
was such a huge favorite on the last hand

01/23/05 22:28:45 moneytaker: Well I am
excited to see how next week's show goes.

01/23/05 22:28:57 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
who is on next week

22:28:58 HollyDave: who's gonna be our guest then,

01/23/05 22:29:08
moneytaker: I believe Ken?

22:29:20 BJSWEETIE: hollywood, there's a bj tourney
feb 10 - 12 at the frontier? care to demonstrate your skills

01/23/05 22:29:24
Viktor: Who plays next week?

01/23/05 22:29:29 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:

22:29:44 norm: please

01/23/05 22:29:48 Sun_Runner: Who's

01/23/05 22:29:54
HollyDave: i'll be in hollyweird... won't be back in Vegas til
March for the Craps tourney @ the Hilton i just qualified

01/23/05 22:29:55
Laughlin_Marauder: Stanford Wong

01/23/05 22:30:16 norm: viktor, ask
stanford to stop by. he might

22:30:19 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: no KENNY SMITH IS

01/23/05 22:30:21 Sun_Runner:

01/23/05 22:30:24
HollyDave: then in May to have it out once & for all with
joe pane @ the final table of the Hilton MD III

01/23/05 22:30:31 BJSWEETIE: stanford
is not on next week. he's in the 4th of feb. ken smith is

01/23/05 22:30:41
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: that would be great hollywood

01/23/05 22:30:44 Viktor: OK. Dear Ken,
will you be our guest of honor for next week's chat?

01/23/05 22:30:50 BJSWEETIE: kenny,
who's on with you next week.

01/23/05 22:31:29 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
this time i sit ot your left

01/23/05 22:32:01 Viktor: Oh yeah, he's
on "break." Must be a union thing.

22:32:02 bfbagain Logs in

01/23/05 22:32:05 HollyDave: if that'll
give you the edge you need to think you can beat me...

01/23/05 22:32:11 Viktor: Hey

01/23/05 22:32:13
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you used it

01/23/05 22:32:18 moneytaker: Next week
will be Russ Hamilton, Marshall Sylver, Ken Smith, Charlene Ono, and
Leann Moell

01/23/05 22:32:20
BJSWEETIE: hollywood: what strategy would you use in a live
money tourney

01/23/05 22:32:32
HollyDave: depends on who i'm playing with

01/23/05 22:32:39 bfbagain: Hi
everyone, just got in. So how's everyone doing.

01/23/05 22:32:54 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: me
how would you play against me & Regina

01/23/05 22:33:01 Viktor: Next time he
graces us with this presence, I'll ask him to be our guest of

01/23/05 22:33:01
HollyDave: i use an Aggression Index after Profiling my
opponents to determine how high a RoR i need to accept to have the
best advantage

01/23/05 22:33:09
HollyDave: the better the players, the riskier the

01/23/05 22:33:25
HollyDave: buy my book

22:33:33 HollyDave: be out around xmas

01/23/05 22:33:42 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
get one for free, right Dave

22:34:04 HollyDave: done

01/23/05 22:34:13 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
boy girl productions

22:34:20 HollyDave: my theater company

01/23/05 22:34:35
HollyDave: we do postmodern performance art, mostly

01/23/05 22:35:01
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: a shameless plug for you

01/23/05 22:35:58 norm: the tournament
is over

22:36:25 moneytaker: Yes it is. It was shot in 5

01/23/05 22:36:53
Viktor: The show is on GSN right now. I forgot it started at 7

22:38:02 Viktor: "Renee, the only person not
having a bad hair day out there..." That was a good

01/23/05 22:38:02
HollyDave: So rumor has it we will see Celebrity Blackjack
season III as well as World Series season III in the next 6

01/23/05 22:38:26
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i already have been invited

01/23/05 22:38:31 HollyDave: nothing
offical, of course ...

22:38:35 moneytaker: How many players in WSOB

01/23/05 22:38:42 norm:
So your aim is to be a player and the dealer on Celebrity

01/23/05 22:38:46
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: so far 1 — me

01/23/05 22:38:50 HollyDave: that's
funny, they told me the only one they WEREN'T inviting is

01/23/05 22:39:05
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: your info is wrong

01/23/05 22:39:17 HollyDave: my real
aim is to cross over into hosting more non-gambling related

01/23/05 22:39:19
nycfudu: dave, you don't really interact with player during
celeb blackjack... you seem to put on a better show during the

01/23/05 22:39:20
moneytaker: do they need cleavage?? OH WAIT, BREAST MAN HAD
THAT ONE COVERED!!! Guess I am out of luck lol

01/23/05 22:39:39 bfbagain: I've seen
him have a bad "day" at the Bellagio. He doesn't seem the friendly
sort is he.

01/23/05 22:40:04
HollyDave: season one was awful, but most of the season 2
episodes have me doing a lot of interacting/cussing & swearing @ the

01/23/05 22:40:19
norm: Someone has to do it

22:40:23 moneytaker: and getting a little under the

01/23/05 22:40:32
HollyDave: oh baby, don't remind me

01/23/05 22:40:43 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
there is more room on the floor

22:40:45 Viktor: Nice bladder control commercial in the
middle of the WSoB.

22:40:53 Viktor: I think they're trying to tell Joe

01/23/05 22:40:53
KenSmith: I'm back

22:40:55 HollyDave: Shannon Elizabeth has the softest
collagen-injected lips i've ever felt

01/23/05 22:40:58 moneytaker: was that
an offer Joe?

22:41:22 moneytaker: or a inquiry, I think we can
arrange a pillow for your knees

22:41:25 bfbagain: Viktor, did I tell you that i was at
the GN for the final day?

22:41:35 bfbagain: In and out

01/23/05 22:41:38 bfbagain: I

01/23/05 22:41:44
Viktor: No, were you in the audience with all of the paid

01/23/05 22:42:20
nycfudu: dave, you should whine about 6/5 bj on one of these

01/23/05 22:42:25
HollyDave: hey, some of those paid extras turned out to be
pretty nice...

01/23/05 22:42:38
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: JAIL BAIT ALSO

01/23/05 22:42:47 Sun_Runner: that is
why they were paid.

22:42:48 bfbagain: No no no. In the HL room, then I
walked around by the pool when someone said it was going on, and I
saw the black curtains, and out on the street the vans

01/23/05 22:42:49 HollyDave: i did
— there was a blurb i did on this episode of WSoBJ about

01/23/05 22:42:54
moneytaker: ROFL

22:43:12 nycfudu: good job.. you're like our voice

01/23/05 22:43:15
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you find that funny angie

01/23/05 22:43:17 norm: Whining about
6:5 has no chance of making it

22:43:24 HollyDave: it did, though

01/23/05 22:43:33 norm: yeah?

01/23/05 22:43:37 HollyDave:

01/23/05 22:43:46
moneytaker: that you called him out on it

01/23/05 22:44:20 norm: Great —
yell out my website next time

22:44:23 HollyDave: i talked more about it on the
episode of "Caesar's 24/7" i just did

01/23/05 22:44:44 nycfudu: gee
hollywood you're every where these days

01/23/05 22:44:49 norm: Any bit

22:45:02 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if you want more of me on
TV i will be on Caesars 24/7 Mon. night

01/23/05 22:45:14 HollyDave: you,
regina, henry

01/23/05 22:45:16
norm: is that bringing on the pain

01/23/05 22:45:17 HollyDave:

01/23/05 22:45:22
moneytaker: I also think it was funny that a certain person
not in this room couldn't tell if one of the BJ groopies was a man or

01/23/05 22:45:24
BJSWEETIE Disconnects

01/23/05 22:45:25 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: me
and Regina

01/23/05 22:45:50
nycfudu: i saw the first show caesars. that host guy really
looks like a mobster.

22:46:00 KenSmith: I'll be standing around in the
background. Since they wouldn't let me bet at Caesar's, I talked Swog
into betting for me on his spot.

22:46:05 HollyDave: well, matt v had my seconds and
asked if she was a hooker... all i could say is, "well, she didn't
charge me, so..."

01/23/05 22:46:17
bfbagain: when is the caesars show on?

01/23/05 22:46:27 moneytaker: LOL,
first he asked if it was a man or woman

01/23/05 22:46:31 HollyDave: Monday
nites on A&E

22:46:35 norm: good question

01/23/05 22:46:36 bfbagain:

01/23/05 22:46:40
Viktor: Unshowered seconds!

22:46:41 HollyDave: can only assure you she was all

01/23/05 22:46:48

22:46:57 moneytaker: YUCK sticky seconds

01/23/05 22:47:17 norm:
the question is more polite than checking

01/23/05 22:47:25 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
who are we talking about

22:47:29 moneytaker: ROFL, I couldn't either, but I
wasn't about to have sex with her

22:47:45 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: did i have a he-she in my

01/23/05 22:47:55
HollyDave: sweetie, trust me, you weren't in the room when i
found out that the proof was, indeed, in the pudding

01/23/05 22:48:00 moneytaker: How would
you ask someone if they are a man or woman?

01/23/05 22:48:17 Bettie:
Dr_Bring_the_Pane, no, the he-she was someone else.

01/23/05 22:48:18 norm: You say "are
you a woman"

01/23/05 22:48:22
moneytaker: Norm?

22:48:24 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: ok

01/23/05 22:48:27 norm: yep

01/23/05 22:48:28 moneytaker:

01/23/05 22:48:29
HollyDave: not the cutie i brought to your house the other
nite, joe... if you think she's a man, you seriously need your eyes

01/23/05 22:48:51
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: thats what i was thinking

01/23/05 22:48:56 norm: Not in

01/23/05 22:49:04
moneytaker: really?

22:49:13 moneytaker: Joe, care to verify

01/23/05 22:49:14
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: that why i was lost as who they were
talking about

01/23/05 22:49:17
HollyDave: or on santa monica blvd

01/23/05 22:49:40 norm: Well, OK. Not
if the answer is not what you want. In which case it's irrelevant.
You have a point

01/23/05 22:49:45
moneytaker: I think Chuck G has him beat on that

01/23/05 22:49:56 norm: Depends on the

01/23/05 22:49:56
moneytaker: He says it's not any good unless someone is

01/23/05 22:50:38
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: who is watching?

01/23/05 22:50:42 HollyDave: we

01/23/05 22:50:45 norm:
viktor, you may not want to archive all of this. Then again, you

01/23/05 22:50:55
HollyDave: just brought out hte Skull Arm Warmers of

01/23/05 22:50:59
KenSmith: Yeah, I'd say editing would be in order!

01/23/05 22:51:00 Viktor: We just
watched Dave "whip out the pythons"

01/23/05 22:51:22 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: a
small python i might add

22:51:25 moneytaker: Big Chuck needs anyone to watch
him in order for it to be good, so he says

01/23/05 22:51:32 HollyDave: i wanna
count the times Max refers to my 'negative progression'

01/23/05 22:51:43
KenSmith: Might be a good drinking game.

01/23/05 22:51:45 Viktor: I think
BJSWEETIE logged out when we went from PG13 to R.

01/23/05 22:51:46 HollyDave: like

01/23/05 22:51:52 norm:
Max did overplay that

22:52:05 Viktor: KenSmith

01/23/05 22:52:15 Viktor: We do need a
WSoB drinking game.

22:52:26 Sun_Runner: Interesting, but I gotta go,
thanks for the effort tonight.

22:52:37 KenSmith: See ya next week Sun.

01/23/05 22:52:42 HollyDave: have a
good one. rock on

01/23/05 22:52:46
Viktor: Doubling a stiff, take a drink. Doubling a blackjack,
2 drinks.

01/23/05 22:52:48
HollyDave: thanks 4 coming

01/23/05 22:52:55 norm: Sun, I'm sure
you learned a lot about under-table play

01/23/05 22:53:01 bfbagain: night

01/23/05 22:53:07 Viktor:
Later Runner.

01/23/05 22:53:07

22:53:17 KenSmith: That'll fit in well with next week's
venue for me to watch. I hope to be in the sports bar at the Grand in

01/23/05 22:53:18
Sun_Runner Logs Out

22:53:37 Viktor: Max says "progression," take a drink.
Max's daughter whips her hair, take drink.

01/23/05 22:53:43 norm:

01/23/05 22:53:48 moneytaker: We need a
drink of blackjack like budweiser is for football

01/23/05 22:54:10 HollyDave: its
bourbon time, y'all. thanks again 4 having me!

01/23/05 22:54:20 olympia: Black

22:54:28 moneytaker: When Matt V says something dumb,
we take a drink...wait, we would be drunk before the first

01/23/05 22:54:28
nycfudu: dr pane: the guy who backed you off in AmCas.. he
said in another show if a guy insures a bad hand and the dealer has
it.. and then he insures a good hand but dealer does not have it,
he's a counter.. what kind of strange theroy is that?

01/23/05 22:54:29 HollyDave: manhattan,
rocks, no bitters

01/23/05 22:54:33
Illusion: Guinness

22:54:35 HollyDave: preferably baker's

01/23/05 22:55:08 KenSmith: I'm headed
out as well. I'll be back next week. See ya

01/23/05 22:55:14 norm: Holly, screw
manhattan — I'm moving to Hollywood

01/23/05 22:55:15 moneytaker: like the
whole titanic theme and lets get back to the passengers

01/23/05 22:55:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
the guy who backed me off in american casino never backed me

01/23/05 22:55:38 Viktor:
Norm You're gonna head west with us pimps?

01/23/05 22:55:40 HollyDave: no, i mean
to DRINK -- manhattans. nyc is too cold!

01/23/05 22:55:51 norm: i

01/23/05 22:55:53
KenSmith Logs Out

22:55:54 bfbagain: at the mondrian

01/23/05 22:56:03 HollyDave: or the

01/23/05 22:56:06
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he was put up to take to me on

01/23/05 22:56:07
nycfudu: yes very cold... dug out my car today.... i'm in

01/23/05 22:56:23
bfbagain: ah, but the skybar is still coool

01/23/05 22:56:27 norm: i like the
mondrian. the view is great on the three days there is no

01/23/05 22:56:29
Sidekick Logs in

01/23/05 22:56:35 Illusion: snow banks
are almost 6 feet high here

01/23/05 22:56:45 HollyDave: f

22:57:00 norm: Snow is not that bad in midtown

22:57:04 Laughlin_Marauder: Illusion is your casino
pretty slow then?

22:57:08 moneytaker: well boys and girls, it is time
for me to retire for the night.

01/23/05 22:57:09 nycfudu: dr pane : i
c.. it was made to seen like he'd backed you off

01/23/05 22:57:18 bfbagain: 14 ft in
tahoe, but half is melted now

01/23/05 22:57:18 olympia: Viktor, I
hope archive this, I came in 45 min. late (java problem)

01/23/05 22:57:31
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i wasnt even playing BJ there

01/23/05 22:57:38
Illusion: its ok, been slow lately, no smoking city bylaw is
killing us

22:57:38 Viktor: We may cut off the parts that normally
cost $3.99/min.

22:57:48 HollyDave: you commercial whore

01/23/05 22:57:50
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i made a complaint about a host there

01/23/05 22:57:55
HollyDave: don't censor me you fucker

01/23/05 22:58:24 Viktor: You'll be the
first person in our archive to use the word "fucker."

01/23/05 22:58:32 Viktor:
And I'll be the second.

01/23/05 22:58:53 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
who is censoring dave

01/23/05 22:59:00 Bettie: Doesn't count
if you put it in quotes.

01/23/05 22:59:08 Viktor: No one, he's
just being a commie dick.

01/23/05 22:59:08 Laughlin_Marauder:

22:59:27 Viktor:

01/23/05 22:59:38 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
hollywood you need me to bring the pain to someone

01/23/05 22:59:39 Laughlin_Marauder: A
communist? I figured him for a marxist lennonist

01/23/05 22:59:46 Sidekick: H Dave,
wanted to know if that chick really did stink her tongue down your
throat on season 2

23:00:03 HollyDave: i told you, joe -- final table,
may, you and me -- i'll bring the pain all right

01/23/05 23:01:58 HollyDave: camryn
manheim? you betcha (much to my chagrin)

01/23/05 23:02:20 HollyDave: she took
me to a few poker games --

01/23/05 23:02:30 Viktor: Sidekick You
like 'em large Sidekick?

01/23/05 23:02:55 norm: How do you get
a drink in this room?

01/23/05 23:03:05 HollyDave: played
$1/$2 stud (with no checkraising allowed) with lou gossett jr, ed
asner, chris noth, julianne margolis, ed harris, and mimi rogers

01/23/05 23:03:15
Illusion: I push the "tab" button and nothing

01/23/05 23:03:40
olympia: Best to you all I'm going to bed

01/23/05 23:03:46 Viktor: Illusion I
got that one.

23:03:50 olympia Logs Out

01/23/0523:03:51 Viktor: See you

23:04:05 moneytaker: night all

01/23/05 23:04:14 Sidekick: Not really,
I just thought that was a nice touch

01/23/05 23:04:15 Viktor: G'night
Angie. Thanks for coming!

01/23/05 23:04:26 moneytaker: ty

01/23/05 23:04:28
Sidekick: Anyone here play up in Tahoe occasionally?

01/23/05 23:04:29
moneytaker Logs Out

01/23/05 23:04:53 bfbagain: yes I play
tahoe. what can I help you with

01/23/05 23:04:58 nycfudu: card : i saw
an update on TJ saying MS cut had improved

01/23/05 23:05:41 Cardkountr: i'll have
to check it out nycfudu

01/23/05 23:06:12 Sidekick: I live near
San Francisco, usually go up to North Tahoe for vacation

01/23/05 23:06:20
Laughlin_Marauder: Just dont go with him NYC he will hide in
the bathroom and leave you to face the fire! lol

01/23/05 23:06:28 Sidekick: looking to
play some and have my play reviewed by someone here

01/23/05 23:06:39
Sidekick: call it, "Card Counter Mentoring"

01/23/05 23:06:52 Viktor: Hey! Ho!

01/23/05 23:06:58
Laughlin_Marauder: Sidekick, there is a really good piece of
Software for that

23:07:02 Laughlin_Marauder: CV blackjack

01/23/05 23:07:03
bfbagain: Well, incline has the Hyatt. but I don't recommend
it, and they use shuffle machines.

01/23/05 23:07:15 nycfudu: LM : i've
been reading your reviews on TJ... keep up the good work!

01/23/05 23:07:16
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you are at the right place for that

01/23/05 23:07:44
Laughlin_Marauder: NYC I would but I let my subscription
lapse:-) I know where all the good games are around here now:-)

23:07:55 nycfudu: card : check it out and let me know..
maybe i can plan a quick trip otherwsie i should wait till mar

01/23/05 23:08:09
Sidekick: My first two wins were at the Hyatt and my first
tourney win also, but 6 deck etc, it's bad

01/23/05 23:08:09 HollyDave: joe i'm
watching you being SICK after the dealer pulls a 21 on hand 25

01/23/05 23:08:14
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: where do you live sidekick

01/23/05 23:08:24
Sidekick: I live near *******, CA

01/23/05 23:08:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: im
still sick

23:08:52 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: there is no justice

01/23/05 23:09:20
bfbagain: go to the atlantis in reno, or boomtown, depending
on your level of play

01/23/05 23:09:22 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
lost so many hands and worked my way back into the game and actually
had the lead

23:09:24 nycfudu: lm : how are conditions there sat
night? too crowded?

01/23/05 23:09:25 Viktor: I wonder if
they'll keep Matt's "G-Nug" references later in the series.

01/23/05 23:09:41
HollyDave: for 2 hands

01/23/05 23:09:44 HollyDave:

01/23/05 23:09:57
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you only need the lead for 1

01/23/05 23:10:00
Laughlin_Marauder: Matt V is strange... he is the announcer
for the Padres, and has this weird habit of singing whenever a Padre
hits a homerun

23:10:02 HollyDave: you played incredibly & i'm
definitely honored to have played with you, man

01/23/05 23:10:17 HollyDave: all
kidding aside

23:10:36 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i know, i only break chops
with people i like and respect

01/23/05 23:10:44 HollyDave:

23:10:49 norm: you don't know how not to kid

01/23/05 23:10:51
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: and i respect you

01/23/05 23:11:04 Sidekick: Dr.Bring
Where do you live?

23:11:06 Cardkountr: LM........i get followed around
because of you......and then you leave me stuck in the bathroom while
security is waiting outside for me

01/23/05 23:11:13 HollyDave: can we
archive that one for the record, vik? joe must be drunk...

01/23/05 23:11:28
Viktor: I'll bold it and make it blink.

01/23/05 23:11:39 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
you just cant let it go can you

01/23/05 23:11:56 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: do
you know me norm

23:12:18 HollyDave: love ya joe

01/23/05 23:12:19 norm: nope

01/23/05 23:12:31
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: now lets not get mushy

01/23/05 23:12:52 Laughlin_Marauder: uh
oh sounds like its now WestHollyDave

01/23/05 23:13:00 HollyDave: alright
all, time for some sweet sweet bourbon. thanks again for having me &
have fun watching the rest of the Series!

01/23/05 23:13:03 Sidekick: Any good
casinos near Redondo Beach or LAX?

01/23/05 23:13:05 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: so
why would you say i dont know not to kid

01/23/05 23:13:10 Sidekick: Coming down
this Friday/Saturday

01/23/05 23:13:20 norm: talking to

23:13:26 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: ok

01/23/05 23:13:44 HollyDave: none that
offer real blackjack games... for poker tourneys there's several:
Hustler, Commerce, the Bike, Hollywood Park

01/23/05 23:13:45 Viktor: Thank you
very much to Holly D. And Dr. Pane for being our hosts this week,
this was geat!

23:13:54 Sidekick: ok

01/23/05 23:13:58 Laughlin_Marauder:
Sidekick there are some excellent games about 4.5 hours from LAX in a
little gambling town, called Las Vegas :-)

01/23/05 23:14:10 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
hollywood you forgot to take my lesson book with you when you left my
house on Friday

23:14:15 Sidekick: I wish that I had enough time

01/23/05 23:14:25
norm: have fun holly

01/23/05 23:15:50 Sidekick: H Dave-Is
the Survivor guy a dweeb?

01/23/05 23:16:30 HollyDave: Probst is
actually a really cool guy... we got along really well.

01/23/05 23:16:36
Sidekick: good

01/23/05 23:16:46 Sidekick: Shannon
Elizabeth looks like a nice person also

01/23/05 23:17:02 HollyDave: yeah, and
she's got some incredible "assets"

01/23/05 23:17:10 Sidekick: not a bad
player either

23:17:15 bfbagain: hollywood, you do any

23:17:24 Laughlin_Marauder: This reminds me of Spalding
Grey's monologue "Tell me how Harrison Ford really is"

01/23/05 23:17:32

23:17:35 nycfudu: shannon's hubby is well.. what can i
say pretty unattractive

01/23/05 23:17:49 HollyDave: ah, the
late great SG.... RIP

01/23/05 23:17:51 Bettie Logs

23:17:53 Viktor: LM Wow, now that's an esoteric

23:18:36 HollyDave: i did about 6 commercials last

23:19:03 bfbagain: anything in particular you like to
do, or just what comes along?

01/23/05 23:19:03 norm: viktor, big
deal. you're not the first to reference Spaulding Grey

01/23/05 23:19:09
Laughlin_Marauder: Spalding (RIP) was one of my favorites

01/23/05 23:19:33
Viktor: norm On this site!

01/23/05 23:19:43 Sidekick: If anyone
comes up to Northern CA, let me know

01/23/05 23:19:51 norm: How bright can
you be to jump off a bridge. Sorry, I liked him too

01/23/05 23:20:18
Laughlin_Marauder: Yeah, he was a brilliant writer, and
speaker.. My monster in a box video got worn out.

01/23/05 23:20:21 HollyDave: i'm a
media whore, man. whatever pays the bills... but i do tend to get
cast in roles where i play a very off-center hollywood-dave-esque
character (go figure, right?), plus i have a theater company that
performs a lot of postmodern stuff...

01/23/05 23:20:24 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
hollywood, what is going to be the name of your book

01/23/05 23:20:52
HollyDave: probably "Hollywood Blackjack"

01/23/05 23:21:03 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:

23:21:12 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: how original

01/23/05 23:21:17
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: lol

01/23/05 23:21:39 Sidekick Logs

23:21:45 norm: I'm writing "The man with the $20

23:21:56 Viktor: "Hollywood Blackjack" vs.
"Beyond Wong" next on Extreme Dodgeball!

01/23/05 23:22:18 norm: After my Craps

23:22:19 HollyDave: i'm also writing a companion piece,
"XXXtreme Blackjack: Advantage Plays in Getting Hot Blackjack Groupie

23:22:19 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: there is a match that we
can both win at

23:23:18 Laughlin_Marauder: Holly D that book is
easy... go to vegas, bring money, give to girl

01/23/05 23:23:28 bfbagain: just
askin', you have a certain eminem type quality that could probably
work in hip hop type spots for say, coke, mcdonalds, even..toyota
maybe huh?

23:23:37 Illusion: blackjack groupies, I'd read

23:23:46 HollyDave: ah, but getting positive EV doingthat
is the trick. one word: coupons

01/23/05 23:23:53 norm: You have a mean
streak bfb

23:24:13 Viktor: My favorite is the 2:1

01/23/05 23:24:20
bfbagain: no, just friends in the right places.

01/23/05 23:24:26
HollyDave: 3:1 Ho coupons

01/23/05 23:24:30 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
free bets are the bomb

01/23/05 23:24:40 HollyDave: matchplay,

23:25:03 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: no money at risk with free

23:25:14 norm: I just try to look pretty and get
invited to parties for the booze.

01/23/05 23:25:23 HollyDave: I GOTTA GO
DRINK. this is turnin' into a sausage fest 4 real. 'night all!

01/23/05 23:25:25
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: *bleep*

01/23/05 23:25:33 norm: night

01/23/05 23:25:34
Viktor: And then stand 6 feet away from everyone like you're
too cool for school!

01/23/05 23:25:43 norm: 5 feet

01/23/05 23:25:58
Parker: Good night Dave, Thanks for coming

01/23/05 23:26:23 Parker: Or however
you reacted 8)

23:26:23 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: im going to see miss r
about a problem that i have

01/23/05 23:26:34 HollyDave: Joe, don't
you wanna get in one more comment about how i'm probably going to gey
a $5 crack whore or something?

01/23/05 23:26:49 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: 5,
i was thinking 2

23:27:05 HollyDave: i feel much better now. Later,

23:27:09 Viktor: He can get 2.5 crack hos at that

23:27:12 bfbagain: night HD, and Joe the doc of P.

01/23/05 23:27:12
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: *grr*

01/23/05 23:27:12 HollyDave Logs

23:27:20 norm: Hey. Where can I get crack for $2

01/23/05 23:27:34
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: behind the strat

01/23/05 23:27:46 norm:

01/23/05 23:28:11 Viktor:
I buy all of mine from eCrack.com.

01/23/05 23:28:14 norm: Well, now we
can talk about BJ tournament strategy

01/23/05 23:28:24 Viktor: ha ha!

01/23/05 23:28:24
Illusion: hehe

01/23/05 23:28:24 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: go
ahead and ask

23:29:05 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: pick my brain before i

23:29:10 norm: Well, clearly the highest EV is getting
invited to free invitation-only games

01/23/05 23:29:40 Viktor: Ok, well I'm
out of here. See you all next week. This could become a fun

23:29:40 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: but you need to play at a
high level to get invited

01/23/05 23:29:46 norm: So, I'm getting
my hair spiked

23:29:51 nycfudu Logs Out

01/23/05 23:29:53 Viktor:

01/23/05 23:30:03 Viktor:
So Norm, how many glasses?

23:30:09 bfbagain: well, I have to go. I'll read what i
miss after the editing in the days ahead. Viktor, please tell bettie
thanks for the book. I'm assuming she sent it out on friday. night

23:30:14 norm: none of your business

01/23/05 23:30:20 Viktor: She did.

01/23/05 23:30:33
Viktor: 6?

23:30:40 Viktor: 7?

01/23/05 23:30:42 Viktor: 8?

01/23/05 23:30:45
Laughlin_Marauder: When are we going to have a chat with Don

23:30:50 Viktor: Stop me when I hit it.

01/23/05 23:30:50 norm:
Goodnight viktor

23:30:52 Viktor: 9?

01/23/05 23:30:54 Viktor: 10?

01/23/05 23:31:00
bfbagain Logs Out

01/23/05 23:31:01 Viktor:

23:31:09 Cardkountr: hair?? you have hair......wish i
had some

23:31:19 Viktor: OK, g'night all.

01/23/05 23:31:28 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
night V

23:31:30 Laughlin_Marauder: Just borrow some of

23:31:42 Viktor Logs Out

01/23/05 23:31:45 Illusion: well I
guess I am out of here too, night

01/23/05 23:31:47 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
thanks for having me

01/23/05 23:31:52 Illusion Logs

23:31:52 Laughlin_Marauder: gnight

01/23/05 23:32:03 norm: Pane, great to
have you here

23:32:20 Laughlin_Marauder: Well the Casino personnel
has left now

23:32:34 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if i can help with any
tourn questions let me know

01/23/05 23:32:59 KidDangerous: I'm
curious as to why counting doesn't play a role or as big a role?

01/23/05 23:33:02
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: where are you from norm?

01/23/05 23:33:04 norm: Come back next
week Pane. Please. As the series goes on it will be more

23:33:18 norm: Pane, *********

01/23/05 23:33:29 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: im
from ********

23:33:38 norm: Never heard of it

01/23/05 23:33:41 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:

23:33:57 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: you people from *********
are all the same

23:34:00 norm: Still in the neighborhood?

01/23/05 23:34:09
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: no in ********

01/23/05 23:34:15 norm: Close?

01/23/05 23:34:25
norm: I wish

01/23/05 23:34:48 Parker: Gotta run.
Thanks for dropping by, Dr.

01/23/05 23:35:00 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
parker good night'

23:35:01 nycfudu Logs in

01/23/05 23:35:13 Parker Logs

23:35:50 norm: Dave leaves a room and there is silence

01/23/05 23:36:22
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he can talk trash

01/23/05 23:36:40 norm: I was waiting
to see you and him together

01/23/05 23:37:07 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he
was at my house on friday and got out safe and sound

01/23/05 23:37:11
Cardkountr: joe gave some trash talk back to dave on the final
hand......i loved it

01/23/05 23:37:19 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
was in a good mood

23:37:29 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: thank you counter

01/23/05 23:37:34
norm: You were to his right

01/23/05 23:37:40 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i

23:37:40 KidDangerous: Hey Norm, I wanna tell ya, CVBJ
is the greatest! After using it, I realize how "In the dark
ages" my study tools were.

01/23/05 23:37:51 KidDangerous: It's a

23:38:02 norm: Thanks. I'll finish it one day

01/23/05 23:38:40
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: position is so important in a

23:38:41 norm: Pane, I think you were having an effect
in your chatter in the last few hands

01/23/05 23:38:42 Cardkountr: norm ever
think about giving a seminar about how to use CV?

01/23/05 23:38:47 Laughlin_Marauder:
Norm the new Bill Gates "I will finish windows one of these

23:39:05 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i was and it hurt me

01/23/05 23:39:20
KidDangerous: At night I let the flashcard drill run. It
requires no user button pushing to keep it going. I set it for 4000
rds and literally go to sleep counting cards.

01/23/05 23:39:21 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he
hit that 13 vs 3

23:39:26 norm: Please, Gates has an apartment across
from me. I may change my thoughts on gun control

01/23/05 23:39:53 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: he
should have stood or surr.

01/23/05 23:39:55 nycfudu Logs

23:40:16 norm: yeah. Unusual moves make sense when
playing with poor players. But, where were the poor players?

01/23/05 23:40:17
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: if he does the dealer breaks and i win

01/23/05 23:40:40
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: none on this show

01/23/05 23:40:40 norm: sorry, medium

23:40:42 Cardkountr: joe, your double for less on the
last hand while you trashed talked shut dave up while he tried to
concentrate lol

23:41:00 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i know

01/23/05 23:41:21 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
got lucky enough to get multible bets out

01/23/05 23:41:24 Cardkountr: and what
made it harder........he couldn't see your double card

01/23/05 23:42:48
Cardkountr: ok joe now for the real question......what effect
do you think your tv appearance will have on you playing in the

23:43:20 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i think im going to be

23:43:33 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: in as far as my bj

23:43:35 Cardkountr: is it worth it?

01/23/05 23:44:22 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
was pretty much toast before the show thats why i made a decesion to
do it

23:44:40 Cardkountr: back in the late 80's i won
several tourneys back to back and then couldn't play for a number of
years afterwards because of it

01/23/05 23:45:27 norm: CK really. I
thought most casinos kind of ignored tourney players

01/23/05 23:46:10
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: they hate tourney players

01/23/05 23:46:25
Cardkountr: Norm.......in fact after i won one of the tourneys
in **.......they had pics spread out on a bacarat table in the high
limit room discussing which players were counters

01/23/05 23:46:55 norm: Casino managers
are idiots

23:47:02 Cardkountr: that's a given

01/23/05 23:47:15 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
casino think that all tourney players are counters

01/23/05 23:47:37 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
there are some casino mgr that are very sharp

01/23/05 23:47:46 Cardkountr: well they
are somewhat right........many tourney players are counters

01/23/05 23:47:48
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: dont underestimate them

01/23/05 23:48:26 KidDangerous Logs

23:48:29 norm: Casinos should be happy they are playing

23:48:47 norm: sorry, I was using logic

01/23/05 23:48:51
Cardkountr: hehehe

01/23/05 23:48:53 Dr_Bring_the_Pane:
stardust is the worst in dealing with tourn players

01/23/05 23:49:20
Cardkountr: i've had casinos refuse my tourney entry......they
just didn't want me around period!

01/23/05 23:49:39 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: i
have been there also

01/23/05 23:49:44 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: 2
many times

23:49:53 norm: Of course many tourney players are
counters. But they can't hurt the casino in a tourney

01/23/05 23:49:54
Dr_Bring_the_Pane: told no bj tourn

01/23/05 23:50:48 norm: It's like Pai
Gow Poker or Poker rooms. If they can get the players to play against
each other; what do they care?

01/23/05 23:51:05 Cardkountr: no but
the casinos don't want a counter to win anytime.......even in a
tourney. they hate us

01/23/05 23:51:34 norm: They need to
understand the concept of a loss-leader.

01/23/05 23:51:43 norm: but i'm

00:05:07 Dr_Bring_the_Pane: good night all

01/24/05 00:05:13
Laughlin_Marauder: night dr.

01/24/05 00:05:13 Cardkountr: night

00:05:18 Dr_Bring_the_Pane Logs Out