03/20/05 20:56:08 Viktor Logs

20:56:10 VerdugoJohn Logs in

03/20/05 20:56:18 Viktor: Hey

03/20/05 20:56:40
VerdugoJohn: good evening Viktor

03/20/05 20:56:48 VerdugoJohn: pleased
to meet you

03/20/05 20:56:59
VerdugoJohn: congrats on your play the other night

03/20/05 20:57:16 Dr_Pain Logs

20:57:30 Viktor: Thank you. It was fun, and it looked
pretty good on TV!

20:57:44 Viktor: Hey, it's Dr. Pain! I'm still feeling
the Pain from last night.

20:57:45 VerdugoJohn: lol, indeed it did

03/20/05 20:57:48 Dr_Pain: Congrats
again Viktor

03/20/05 20:57:59
Dr_Pain: we kept you up late

03/20/05 20:58:47 VerdugoJohn: hello Dr
Pain, pleased to meet you...

20:58:56 Dr_Pain: same here John

03/20/05 20:59:01 VerdugoJohn: thank

20:59:05 KenSmith Logs in

03/20/05 20:59:15 Dr_Pain: Ken is in
the house

20:59:23 KenSmith: What's up Dr?

03/20/05 20:59:29 Dr_Pain: welcome

03/20/05 20:59:47
VerdugoJohn: ooh, my, hello Mr Smith

03/20/05 20:59:55 Dr_Pain: Global wants
to start sit and go

20:59:59 VerdugoJohn: delighted to say hello

03/20/05 21:00:11 KenSmith: Sit and gos
would be good. Hi Verdugo.

21:00:19 Dr_Pain: wow do i need to call you Mr Smith

03/20/05 21:00:30
Viktor: Hey Ken!

21:00:38 KenSmith: Hey Viktor. Sorry I've been MIA

03/20/05 21:00:56
Viktor: No problemo.

21:01:14 Viktor: Mr. Smith Goes to Vegas

03/20/05 21:01:16 Dr_Pain: their only
concern is how long the players have to wait for the tourn. to

03/20/05 21:01:19
Viktor: The next great blackjack novel.

03/20/05 21:01:20 KenSmith: And, I
haven't seen your show yet. :-o Too much going on lately.

03/20/05 21:01:45 Viktor: I'm

03/20/05 21:01:48
KenSmith: I'll probably try to watch it and write my recap
tomorrow night.

03/20/05 21:01:54
Dr_Pain: Mr Smith buries Las Vegas

03/20/05 21:01:57 Cardkountr Logs

21:02:02 Viktor: Hey Card.

03/20/05 21:02:06 Cardkountr: Hi

03/20/05 21:02:09
Dr_Pain: hey card

21:02:10 KenSmith: Friday night I was at *****, and
I've been pretty busy since coming home.

03/20/05 21:02:19 KenSmith: Hi

03/20/05 21:02:22
Cardkountr: Congrats Viktor on the wsobj win

03/20/05 21:02:26 Dr_Pain: card im me

03/20/05 21:02:29
VerdugoJohn: greetings.

21:02:37 Viktor: Thanks Card!

03/20/05 21:02:42 Cardkountr: hehehe
Joe......how are ya doing buddy?

21:02:52 Cardkountr: Hiya Ken

03/20/05 21:02:54 Viktor: Micky will be
along in a few minutes.

21:02:57 Dr_Pain: not bad we were talking about you
last night

03/20/05 21:03:04
Parker Logs in

03/20/05 21:03:12 Viktor: Hey

03/20/05 21:03:21
Viktor: You missed a wild night last night.

03/20/05 21:03:24 Dr_Pain: about your
recent adventures

21:03:30 Cardkountr: who joe?

03/20/05 21:03:33 Dr_Pain: in the

21:03:46 bfbagain Logs in

03/20/05 21:03:52 Dr_Pain: at Viktors

03/20/05 21:03:53
KenSmith: Joe, you playing the game we talked about?

03/20/05 21:03:59 Parker: Hi, Viktor
— I'll bet I did. 8)

21:04:06 KenSmith: AH, never mind Joe.

03/20/05 21:04:15 Dr_Pain: im lost

03/20/05 21:04:19
Dr_Pain: what game

21:04:24 Dr_Pain: AC Colors

03/20/05 21:04:27 M_Rosa Logs

21:04:33 KenSmith: I was too. When you said northeast,
I didn't think *****.

21:04:40 Dr_Pain: hey Micky

03/20/05 21:04:46 KenSmith: Hey

03/20/05 21:04:50
M_Rosa: Hello everyone

21:04:59 Bettie Logs in

03/20/05 21:05:00 Dr_Pain: Congrats on
a job well done

03/20/05 21:05:04
Illusion Logs in

03/20/05 21:05:07 Dr_Pain:

03/20/05 21:05:15
VerdugoJohn: good evening, delighted to say hello to you Mr.

03/20/05 21:05:17
Cardkountr: lmao......my days are numbered Joe

03/20/05 21:05:18 M_Rosa: job well

03/20/05 21:05:20
Illusion: good evening all

21:05:21 Viktor: We were up until 3 AM planning the
continuing rise of blackjack on television. Some of us may have had a
drink or two as well.

21:05:42 Dr_Pain: it was a long nite

03/20/05 21:05:47 Parker: Imagine that

03/20/05 21:06:34 Dr_Pain:
i was so tired i went to sleep with my contacts on — when i woke
up this morning i thought a miracle happened and my sight was

03/20/05 21:06:50
Viktor: Then things got wild and The Wizard of Odds and Holly
D. and I went through the world famous Viktor Nacht Playboy

03/20/05 21:07:05
NightTrain Logs in

03/20/05 21:07:07 Viktor: Did you have
to pry them off?

03/20/05 21:07:10
aceten Logs in

03/20/05 21:07:15 Dr_Pain: just

03/20/05 21:07:16
Cardkountr: Hi NT

03/20/05 21:07:25 M_Rosa: Hey

03/20/05 21:07:28
Illusion: I am dying to understand that play Viktor, hitting
hard 17

21:07:32 NightTrain: Good evening. Let's see how long
my connection lasts

21:07:32 aceten: hi all

03/20/05 21:07:41 Viktor: Hey

03/20/05 21:07:47
Dr_Pain: hopefully longer than you do lol

03/20/05 21:07:55 Viktor: Let's give it
3 or 4 or minutes before we talk about the tourney.

03/20/05 21:07:56 Parker: Hey,

03/20/05 21:08:05
NightTrain: Congratulations Micky and Viktor! You guys looked
sharp on the tube

03/20/05 21:08:06
Illusion: fair enough

03/20/05 21:08:14 Dr_Pain: rick might
be gone by then

03/20/05 21:08:28
NightTrain: You go Pain! No warming up in the bullpen.
Starting right in.

03/20/05 21:08:41
Viktor: Rick We watched more video of your disguise last
night. Funny, funny stuff.

21:08:47 Cardkountr: Got hammered last week Joe,
dropped **k

03/20/05 21:08:53
Dr_Pain: ouch

21:09:08 Dr_Pain: train i tell it like it is

03/20/05 21:09:12 VerdugoJohn: my first
large chat...is there some protocol to follow for asking questions of
our guest?

03/20/05 21:09:17
Cardkountr: it'll get me some playing time at that club for
awhile though so it's ok

03/20/05 21:09:27 NightTrain: You go,
Big Doggie !

03/20/05 21:09:32
Viktor: Nope. It's dog eat dog. Jump in with both, er, all
four feet.

03/20/05 21:09:40
VerdugoJohn: lol

21:10:16 Dr_Pain: can't start without Miss R can

03/20/05 21:10:26
BJ_Majish Logs in

03/20/05 21:10:26 Viktor: VerdugoJohn
It helps if you click the name of the person in [ ]'s to insert their
name into your message, but that's about it.

03/20/05 21:10:30 NightTrain: Watched
the Breaking Vegas gig last week. When George Joseph was on, I
thought it was Joe P. at first. Do you guys go to the same

03/20/05 21:10:32
Viktor: Hey BJ_Majish

21:10:39 VerdugoJohn: ty

03/20/05 21:10:49 Dr_Pain: there is a
funny story to that

21:10:56 BJ_Majish: Hi, Viktor.

03/20/05 21:11:03
M_Rosa: hmm, Miss R is somewhat occupied at the

03/20/05 21:11:10
Viktor: BJ_Majish Thanks.

21:11:20 NightTrain: Oh! Micky... tell us

03/20/05 21:11:26
BJ_Majish: Sorry to come in late....

03/20/05 21:11:27 Viktor: Alright,
before we go down that road again, let's talk WSoB!

03/20/05 21:11:31 Bettie Logs

03/20/05 21:11:36
bfbagain Logs Out

21:11:56 Cardkountr: Where's dave tonight?

03/20/05 21:12:04 Dr_Pain: i went to
James Grojean's trial and was asked to leave because the Judge
thought i was George Joseph The IP expert witness in the

03/20/05 21:12:06
bfbagain Logs in

03/20/05 21:12:14 Viktor: First things
first, about hitting the 17 vs. 10: 1. The commentary was actually
wrong. He says I hit a 17 vs. a 2, but that was wrong, It was a
versus a 10.

03/20/05 21:12:24
NightTrain: That's funny Joe!

03/20/05 21:12:41 Dr_Pain: Its true, so
you are not the only one who thinks that

03/20/05 21:12:44 bfbagain: Hi

03/20/05 21:12:47 MissR
Logs in

21:12:56 Viktor: For a couple days before my match with
Micky, some of us watched the other matches from the green

03/20/05 21:12:56
Cardkountr: Viktor, actually Matt said you hit 17 against a
dealers 7 but she really had a Jack up

03/20/05 21:12:57 Dr_Pain: Miss R is
here we can start

03/20/05 21:13:05
Illusion: MissR is here we can start

03/20/05 21:13:08 VerdugoJohn: Viktor
or Micky...did you have a general plan you followed in the

03/20/05 21:13:11
BJ_Majish: Viktor, I watched it again after hearing your
comment, and they were absolutely wrong on that call.

03/20/05 21:13:11 NightTrain: Micky,
you looked and presented yourself as very "polished" in the
interview segments of the show.

21:13:18 Viktor: and we were batting above 50% in
dealer tells.

03/20/05 21:13:18
M_Rosa: polished?

21:13:25 Cardkountr: Hi Miss R

03/20/05 21:13:27 MissR: Hi Good
evening All

03/20/05 21:13:39
NightTrain: Good evening to you, Miss R.

03/20/05 21:13:56 Viktor: So hit my 17
vs. a Jack (thanks Card), thinking I had a tell. Which, was the wrong
move for another reason. I SHOULD have surrendered, as pointed out
last night by Micky and Dr. Pain.

21:14:09 KenSmith: Viktor, as I said, I unfortunately
haven't watched it yet. What did she have under the Jack?

03/20/05 21:14:12 Dr_Pain: say hello
quick to rick dont know how long he will last

03/20/05 21:14:26 Cardkountr: i agree,
surrender was the much better play

21:14:26 MissR: Hi Night!

03/20/05 21:14:48 Cardkountr: dealer
had a 7 under the jack Ken

21:14:58 Viktor: A production assistant had overheard
us doing the tells, and note had gone in to Deanna (the dealer) at
some point prior to our match to tighten up.

03/20/05 21:15:06 Dr_Pain: did you just
forget about the surrender option

21:15:06 KenSmith: Those dangerous tells strike

03/20/05 21:15:44
Viktor: I thought she displayed the same behvior as having a
strong, made hand. I'm actually happy to have been wrong with a min.
bet out, and I didn't try to make another read for the rest of the

03/20/05 21:15:56
Parker: Surrender is actually fairly unusual for tournaments,

03/20/05 21:15:59 Viktor:
So I was wrong, no matter what.

21:16:04 Cardkountr: even though surrender would have
been the better play, as it turned out Viktor would have pushed if he
had just stayed

03/20/05 21:16:12
KenSmith: Surrender was unusual, but it's becoming much more

03/20/05 21:16:13
aceten: Viktor what were the tells?

03/20/05 21:16:15 Dr_Pain: only 2 other
tournaments offer surr

21:16:16 Viktor: And I hit the hard 14 vs. a 2 because
the count said so. Max missed that.

03/20/05 21:16:43 MIT_Mike Logs

21:16:45 Dr_Pain: Hilton & Frontier

03/20/05 21:16:48 Viktor: Hey MIT

03/20/05 21:16:51
M_Rosa: Hey Mike!

21:16:56 Dr_Pain: hey mighty mike

03/20/05 21:17:00 MIT_Mike: Hey

03/20/05 21:17:03
Cardkountr: Hi Mike

21:17:05 Viktor: Any other mistakes I made were just
that, fuck-ups.

03/20/05 21:17:06
NightTrain: Surrender is a huge option in the tournament. If
you are playing against someone who is not taking it into
consideration, you can work that to your advantage in a big

03/20/05 21:17:12
BJ_Majish: Welcome, Mike....

03/20/05 21:17:13 NightTrain: Good
evening Mike.

03/20/05 21:17:19
MissR: M_Rosa, Were you counting during your match?

03/20/05 21:17:25 MissR: Hi

03/20/05 21:17:28
VerdugoJohn: delighted to meet you Mike

03/20/05 21:17:29 Viktor: aceten IMHO,
Tight lips on a made hand.

21:17:32 MIT_Mike: Hello

03/20/05 21:17:36 M_Rosa: I actually
don't recall.

21:17:49 aceten: thanks

03/20/05 21:17:57 Illusion: wow quite
the turn out

03/20/05 21:18:01
NightTrain: Hey Pain Boy... I'll still standing, Cuz

03/20/05 21:18:06
Dr_Pain: he counts in his sleep don't let him fool you

03/20/05 21:18:22
BJ_Majish: Max did refer several times to the count being

03/20/05 21:18:28
Dr_Pain: i see must be the BAGELS

03/20/05 21:18:36 VerdugoJohn: Micky,
it was a good move to split tens...do you recall what you were
thinking when you did that?

21:19:13 Cardkountr: Viktor's extra 500 above a max bet
lead really put him in the drivers seat on the last hand, even though
he had to bet first

21:19:16 NightTrain: I owe the Bagel King a

03/20/05 21:19:42
Dr_Pain: he was probably thinking i can split 10 here and the
shift Mgr will not be called

21:19:51 VerdugoJohn: lol

03/20/05 21:19:53 NightTrain: Viktor,
your bets in the last few hands were phenomenal.

03/20/05 21:20:01 M_Rosa: The count
wasn't high enough to justify it, but splitting would likely give me
the lead at that point

21:20:06 VerdugoJohn: the players ahead of you could
have also

03/20/05 21:20:27
Illusion: what was with the other correlation bets on the last

03/20/05 21:20:39
Viktor: NightTrain Thanks. It helps I had fewer chip stacks to
worry about and we got more chip counts from the direction at the

03/20/05 21:20:40
NightTrain: Mickey: Were you thinking of

03/20/05 21:21:07
M_Rosa: not much point — I didn't think the value of
getting a bigger lead was that much

03/20/05 21:21:08 VerdugoJohn: thought
it was strategically correct, In the 1st tourney I remember you
splitting tens three times on one hand

03/20/05 21:21:35 M_Rosa: well, the
first tourney i split the 10's because of tells. i only had $100 out
at that time

21:22:02 VerdugoJohn: i see, I recall it look weird at
the time...

21:23:32 NightTrain: MIT Mike: Is your match scheduled
this Friday?

03/20/05 21:23:45
VerdugoJohn: Micky/Vicktor, were either of you concerned when
Joe jumped out to a big lead early?

03/20/05 21:23:47 MIT_Mike: Yes, I
believe so

03/20/05 21:24:19
Dr_Pain: They held Mighty Mike for last

03/20/05 21:24:34 Dr_Pain: he is the

03/20/05 21:25:00
bfbagain: Micky: Max alluded to you just getting in prior to
playing. How tired, if at all, were you when you played?

03/20/05 21:25:41 NightTrain: Pain: who
else is in the lineup?

21:25:42 M_Rosa: somewhat concerned that he might get a
huge lead and I'd have to chase him, but he kept betting big after
getting a decent lead.

21:25:45 98% Logs in

03/20/05 21:25:54 Viktor: VerdugoJohn
As long as he kept betting that way, no. You'll notice mid-match that
I jockied for position with Micky, assuming that Joe would either
crash and burn, or he would get extremely lucky and it would be a
fight for second.

03/20/05 21:25:56
M_Rosa: Hey 98

21:26:00 98%: hi

21:26:07 NightTrain: Good evening 98

03/20/05 21:26:44 Cardkountr: Hi

03/20/05 21:26:44 Viktor:
Hey 98!

03/20/05 21:26:51
Dr_Pain: next week its Mighty Mike, The breast Man, and some
Casino Exec.

03/20/05 21:27:17
VerdugoJohn: you guys were cool, it looked as though he could
run out and sit on a lead...he decided against...did he ask for a
comp when he got ahead ;-)?

21:27:20 Illusion: how would you play against a table
of "joes"

21:27:30 M_Rosa: I wasn't particularly tired during
this match. The subsequent one, however, was held the same day and I
hadn't eaten anything substantial for about 20 hours by the end of
that match

03/20/05 21:27:35
KenSmith: Next week: MIT Mike, Brian Zembic, Eric Kiel, Jason
Geraci, Michelle Richards

21:27:39 norm Logs in

03/20/05 21:27:55 Cardkountr: Hi

03/20/05 21:28:01
bfbagain: hi norm

21:28:07 norm: hi folks

03/20/05 21:28:08 Illusion:

03/20/05 21:28:08 98%:
Did they let Brian Zembic touch the cards, or was it dealt face

03/20/05 21:28:26
Dr_Pain: they let him touch his breast

21:28:33 98%: That's dangerous.

03/20/05 21:28:36 Viktor: Hey

03/20/05 21:28:47
BJ_Majish: Hi, Norm!

21:28:56 MIT_Mike: Hey Norm

03/20/05 21:28:58 Viktor: He should
have hidden an Ace in his bra...

21:29:03 NightTrain: Good evening Norm.

03/20/05 21:29:55 MissR:
Hi Norm

21:30:11 Dr_Pain: Mighty Mike when are you coming back
to Las Vegas

21:30:32 MIT_Mike: Hopefully soon, when's the last shot
for Hilton?

03/20/05 21:30:43
Dr_Pain: April 15-17

21:31:03 Dr_Pain: you need to play in that

03/20/05 21:31:12 MIT_Mike: Yes I

03/20/05 21:31:22
MIT_Mike: How many people in this chat have

03/20/05 21:31:23
MissR: Sign up early, it will fill up fast

03/20/05 21:31:27 VerdugoJohn: oops,
got to go,it was a treat to be in the company of all you....thanks
for having me

03/20/05 21:31:31
Dr_Pain: I have

21:31:33 VerdugoJohn: so long

03/20/05 21:31:46 MissR: Night

03/20/05 21:31:48
Dr_Pain: take care John

21:31:51 VerdugoJohn Logs Out

03/20/05 21:32:03 KenSmith: I'm in,

03/20/05 21:32:18
KenSmith: See ya, V.

21:32:24 MissR: Do you have a number on who has
qualified, V

03/20/05 21:32:25
Dr_Pain: who else has qualified for the Hilton

03/20/05 21:32:48 KenSmith: Joe, I just
looked at the schedule for events around the May finals, and the
Stardust is the only thing listed. What am I missing?

03/20/05 21:33:17 MissR: I've
qualified, Mike

03/20/05 21:33:21
Dr_Pain: As of now, nothing, but you never know what might pop

03/20/05 21:33:34
MIT_Mike: Congrats to the three of you

03/20/05 21:33:37 Dr_Pain: Miss R, you
have qualified?

03/20/05 21:33:41
M_Rosa: I'm going to have to go in about 30 minutes. So
please, if you have any comments or questions for me please ask them
before then.

03/20/05 21:33:41
Dr_Pain: wow

21:33:54 Illusion: When's that in May at the

03/20/05 21:33:58
Dr_Pain: Ping Pong game Micky?

03/20/05 21:34:02 M_Rosa: I wonder if
David Letterman got an invite tonight

03/20/05 21:34:05 MissR: why of course
Dr. Pain

03/20/05 21:34:07
KenSmith: May 15-17

21:34:10 Dr_Pain: LOL

03/20/05 21:34:33 KenSmith: Hilton
finals are May 12-14.

21:34:40 Dr_Pain: David Letterman has been known to
show up for these chats

21:34:47 Illusion: da I'll miss them both, would have
been fun to watch

03/20/05 21:35:14
M_Rosa: When do the Hilton finals from last year air on TV?
What station?

03/20/05 21:35:31
Dr_Pain: M Rosa he is a pretty good ping pong player

03/20/05 21:35:33 KenSmith: Someone at
BJT mentioned they might air late this month, but I haven't checked
the schedule yet.

03/20/05 21:35:45
Dr_Pain: March 30, I was told

03/20/05 21:35:52 M_Rosa:

03/20/05 21:36:16
Viktor: What's the proposed limits for the sitn'goes at Global

03/20/05 21:36:26
KenSmith: BlackjackTournaments.com

03/20/05 21:36:39 Dr_Pain: 20 buy in
top 2 players get paid out of 5

21:36:48 M_Rosa: What channel?

03/20/05 21:36:50 Dr_Pain: to start out

03/20/05 21:37:05
Dr_Pain: higher limits will come later

03/20/05 21:37:17 Viktor: Are there
enough fish for an edge?

21:37:20 Dr_Pain: just want to get them

03/20/05 21:37:28
MissR: M-Rosa, Do you think there is value in playing in

21:37:47 MissR: travel channel M

03/20/05 21:38:01 Wheres_everybody?
Logs in

21:38:03 M_Rosa: Certainly there's value but how much
$/hr are you making, I don't know. I think I make more playing on my

03/20/05 21:38:11
Illusion: entertainment value anyway

03/20/05 21:38:20 KenSmith: Great! I
just checked Travel Channel

21:38:23 Wheres_everybody?: Hello all

03/20/05 21:38:35 KenSmith: Their
website has the semifinals from MDBJ2 listed as airing 8 PM and 11PM
on 3/30.

03/20/05 21:38:36
Dr_Pain: and is the 30th a firm date

03/20/05 21:38:44 Wheres_everybody?
Logs Out

03/20/05 21:38:48
MIT_Mike Logs Out

21:39:02 RickJ Logs in

03/20/05 21:39:09 Viktor: Hey

03/20/05 21:39:13 MissR:
Hi RickJ

03/20/05 21:39:13
Dr_Pain: MR Double Down

21:39:13 NightTrain: MissR: For high limit players,
the best value comes from free invites to the tourneys.

03/20/05 21:39:21 RickJ: Hi

03/20/05 21:39:26
Dr_Pain: lol

21:39:27 Illusion: hello

03/20/05 21:39:34 NightTrain: Good
Evening Rick!

03/20/05 21:39:50
RickJ: Joep, What T-shirt?...lol

03/20/05 21:40:02 Dr_Pain: Hey that for
a friend

03/20/05 21:40:03
norm: You're talking to yourself again nighttrain

03/20/05 21:40:10 MissR: Do you get
invited to many tournaments M-Rosa?

03/20/05 21:40:16 Dr_Pain: dont take it
out on them

03/20/05 21:40:35
RickJ: Hi Rick, Viktor, Miss R

03/20/05 21:40:44 98%: Viktor, you
still doing the tournament thing these days?

03/20/05 21:40:57 Dr_Pain: what about
me rick no hello

03/20/05 21:41:11
NightTrain: Good evening Rick J

21:41:14 Viktor: Rarely, although I plan on going back
into training next week for the Hlton next month.

03/20/05 21:41:20 RickJ: I want to see
your Dr lic....lol

03/20/05 21:41:33
Dr_Pain: i will show you my finger

03/20/05 21:41:35 M_Rosa: Invited? I've
managed to get two — the only two tournaments I'd played before
the WSoB.

03/20/05 21:41:36
98%: You got an invite or are you going to pony up the

03/20/05 21:41:36
Dr_Pain: lol

21:41:49 Viktor: I'm going to use a combo of comps and
Cheese Whiz.

03/20/05 21:41:56
98%: What's the fee, 10k?

21:42:00 Dr_Pain: 1K

21:42:02 Viktor: 1K

21:42:04 98%: Oh.

21:42:09 MIT_Mike Logs in

03/20/05 21:42:10 RickJ: I'll be

03/20/05 21:42:14 98%:
This is the million dollar tournament?

03/20/05 21:42:16 RickJ: Hi

03/20/05 21:42:17 98%:
Only 1k?

03/20/05 21:42:17
Dr_Pain: 1K for 1 Million

21:42:21 Viktor: Just a slice of cheese, not the whole

03/20/05 21:42:22 98%:
Damn. I thought it was 10k.

21:42:23 Viktor: Yeah.

03/20/05 21:42:36 Dr_Pain: now you will
play 98%

03/20/05 21:42:37
RickJ: How full is it joep

21:42:40 98%: Nah.

21:42:53 MissR: Mike will you be here next

03/20/05 21:42:57 98%:
Last thing I need is to get 86'd on account of a tournament

03/20/05 21:43:01
BJ_Majish: Gotta go, everyone. VerdugoJohn said it well; it's
been an honor.

03/20/05 21:43:02
Dr_Pain: they will leave it open right to Fri

03/20/05 21:43:06
MIT_Mike: Where's this?

21:43:07 RickJ: Joep is taking side bets for the

03/20/05 21:43:24
MissR: This chat

21:43:37 MIT_Mike: Sorry, DSL problems. Yes I will

03/20/05 21:43:37 Dr_Pain:
the only bet that i have won on is that Rick won't qualify

03/20/05 21:43:39 Viktor: BJ_Majish
Thanks for stopping in.

03/20/05 21:44:00 Dr_Pain: he is making
me a rich man

03/20/05 21:44:02
RickJ: I need 10 to 1 this month

03/20/05 21:44:03 MissR: I can't wait
to see you play Mike

21:44:19 MIT_Mike: It might be painful to

03/20/05 21:44:20
Dr_Pain: BJ thanks for joining us

03/20/05 21:44:22 KenSmith: Micky, I'll
have my show recap posted in a day or two if you'd like to respond at

03/20/05 21:44:41 RickJ:
But most of what you won is from Swog

03/20/05 21:44:42 M_Rosa: That would be
great to see. Last year's recap was deadly accurate

03/20/05 21:44:48 MissR:I'm sure you
looked good

03/20/05 21:44:56
KenSmith: Likewise Mighty Mike, just a week later.

03/20/05 21:45:12 MIT_Mike: I'm in

03/20/05 21:45:19
BJ_Majish Logs Out

21:45:22 Dr_Pain: V, who will be the guest next

03/20/05 21:45:36
Dr_Pain: Mighty Mike for sure

03/20/05 21:45:37 Viktor: I also can't
wait to see Anthony's recap. I'm sure it will be, um,

03/20/05 21:45:53
KenSmith: Yeah, Anthony's been doing a great job with

03/20/05 21:45:57
NightTrain: Viktor... Get Zembic on next week!

03/20/05 21:45:59 Viktor: Michelle
Richards, the hot thing on the GSN.com, and MIT Mike!

03/20/05 21:46:31 MissR:
V, Do you think Anthony will be tough on you guys?

03/20/05 21:46:43 Dr_Pain: she is a hot

03/20/05 21:46:53
Viktor: A little bit. But not in a bad way. If that makes any

03/20/05 21:47:06
RickJ: On hand 21 they cut a lot of the money ($10,000 bricks)
being tossed to Joe from his Mom and little brother. Sure shut Chuck

21:47:19 NightTrain: Michelle Richards? I'm definitely
gonna be here next week!

21:47:19 Viktor: I mean, he's not going to let me get
away with making big bets and then getting lucky snappers like I'm
some kind of psychic blackjack player.

03/20/05 21:47:33 KenSmith: I can't
wait to see that one. Lesson one: Never get into a cash contest when
there's a Maloof at the table.

21:47:58 Dr_Pain: She will bring the boys out

03/20/05 21:48:04 MissR: I thought the
money throwing was cool

21:48:20 MIT_Mike: Quite a few fans of Michelle

03/20/05 21:48:25
Viktor: Matt made some great comments during the match. And I
really like when Max said "He doesn't realize people don't want to
play with him just because he's Chuck."

03/20/05 21:48:26 Viktor:

03/20/05 21:48:36
norm Logs Out

21:48:45 Dr_Pain: That was the best line last

03/20/05 21:48:49
NightTrain: Viktor, is it true you are thinking of putting
together "Women of WSoBJ Calendar"?

03/20/05 21:49:05 Viktor: Ha ha. Sure,
why not?

03/20/05 21:49:06
Dr_Pain: where do i buy that calendar

03/20/05 21:49:08 MissR: That was a
priceless comment about Chuck

21:49:52 Viktor: We'll combine that with a
tournament-strategy-hint-a-day calendar from Ken.

03/20/05 21:49:59 Illusion: what was
with that display of cash?

21:50:00 NightTrain: Chuck was very

03/20/05 21:50:02
Dr_Pain: Micky would you have done anything different on the
last hand if you had to

21:50:25 KenSmith: Hehe, I can't handle the deadlines.
Tamburin's already killing me with one article a month.

03/20/05 21:50:29 RickJ: Poor Chucky,
he was about to get in trouble for breaking rules in the

03/20/05 21:50:47
98%: The Calendar idea is a good one, especially if it has all
blackjack tournament dates listed on it.

03/20/05 21:50:52 Dr_Pain: Train you
must entertain easily if you thought he was

03/20/05 21:50:54 98%: Big

03/20/05 21:51:07
MissR: Because He can flash the cash

03/20/05 21:51:33 Viktor: 98% I smell a
hint of sarcasm there.

21:51:36 Dr_Pain: that was K-Mart jewelry

03/20/05 21:51:43 98%:
No, seriously.

03/20/05 21:51:52
98%: Gotta broaden your product lines.

03/20/05 21:51:57 Dr_Pain: thats not
all he likes to flash

21:51:58 NightTrain: Pain: I was entertained because I
kept thinking how he really belonged at the table with you and

03/20/05 21:52:12
Illusion: I thought it was weak, I can flash my bank book that
doesn't make me a better tournament player

03/20/05 21:52:13 RickJ: What a

03/20/05 21:52:16
M_Rosa: Well, Dr. Pain, that's an interesting question. I
suppose I should have bet a little more so that if I swung Viktor I
could have taken 1st.

21:52:23 Dr_Pain: how is that there was great
tournament play at my table

21:52:28 Viktor: Dr_Pain I liked when Max said, "I
saw that watch in Times Square for $12."

03/20/05 21:52:39 Parker: Now that
would be entertaining, NT 8)

21:52:45 Dr_Pain: chuck would not stand up to

03/20/05 21:52:56
NightTrain: Then add Zembic to the mix.

03/20/05 21:53:40 Dr_Pain: i was not
invited to this tournament as window dressing Chuck was

03/20/05 21:53:51 Viktor: Illusion
Yeah, you could look at it several ways. But I thought it looked good
on TV, and we want the show to be entertaining if they're going to
continue it!

03/20/05 21:54:21
KenSmith: I knew Chuck was a definite as soon as GSN got his
name. No way they would pass him up.

03/20/05 21:54:28 RickJ: That's a great
idea for next year, Hollywood and Chuck on each side of

03/20/05 21:54:30
Dr_Pain: there were a number of players, some here tonight,
that were invited on skill level

21:54:42 Illusion: true enough Viktor

03/20/05 21:54:50 Cardkountr: is Chuck
as big an idiot in real life as he comes off on tv?

03/20/05 21:54:57 RickJ:

03/20/05 21:54:57

21:55:01 98%: Anyone been keeping track of the ratings
WSoBJ is getting?

21:55:13 98%: Does it have a future?

03/20/05 21:55:16 Viktor: .4

03/20/05 21:55:17
NightTrain: The thing with TV, that behavior sells.

03/20/05 21:55:31 Parker: GSN seems to
be going for a mix of skilled players, "colorful
characters," and pretty ladies

03/20/05 21:55:36 Viktor: Holly D. said
something to that effect a couple weeks ago.

03/20/05 21:55:47 98%: They need to
scrap the skilled players and colorful characters.

03/20/05 21:55:51 98%: Just go with the
pretty ladies.

03/20/05 21:55:54
KenSmith: Well, the news on ratings isn't that good. But,
future WSOB isn't dead yet.

21:55:55 Viktor: Which I think is 40,000 people per
showing, average.

03/20/05 21:56:15
MIT_Mike: How does that compare to the 1st season?

03/20/05 21:56:16 NightTrain: 98: Well
I know one player in this chat that is an experienced cross-dresser

03/20/05 21:56:27 98%:
Only one?

03/20/05 21:56:29
98%: Surprising.

21:56:36 Dr_Pain: Me and Robert Blechman were out
friday night and were recongized by a player

03/20/05 21:56:36 NightTrain: Only one
that I know of.

03/20/05 21:56:39
RickJ: I was contacted by a casino that said they are willing
to pony up $2,000,000 to get it next year. I already told Kevin B. at

03/20/05 21:56:44
KenSmith: I actually don't recall the numbers from WSOB1.
Anyone know how they compare?

21:56:48 Dr_Pain: thank god not by the pit

03/20/05 21:57:27
Dr_Pain: says he loves the show

03/20/05 21:57:32 M_Rosa: I was once
picked out at Caesars by some civilian. Otherwise no one has ever
mentioned TV to me in the casino.

21:57:50 MissR: This year the cable companies changed
GSN to digital, I think that has had an effect on people viewing.
Most people don't have digital cable

03/20/05 21:58:11 Dr_Pain: movies,
books, History channel specials

21:58:34 MissR: Who's that RickJ

03/20/05 21:58:35 Illusion: Yeah GSN is
in the upper digital channels here in canada

03/20/05 21:58:37 Parker: It's always
been digital in San Diego, MissR

03/20/05 21:58:47 RickJ: Last year when
Swog and I were in the lobby (GN) Mike walks in. We don't know him
and Swog starts yelling MIT Mike...LOL

03/20/05 21:59:04 MissR: Not in some
parts of the country

21:59:07 RickJ: Nobody

03/20/05 21:59:09 Dr_Pain: rick J is
the double down King Miss R

21:59:40 Viktor: Micky, so what did you think of the
match? Did you enjoy it?

22:00:23 Illusion: so whats the protocol for seeing
another APer, just ignore each other? I've only met one other and
they kept wonging into my table

22:00:24 M_Rosa: I was surprised to be in 3rd after
round 24. I thought I was in 2nd.

22:00:42 KenSmith: Joe, with one hour to go, I'm
looking good to qualify in the Gamemaster tourney at GP

03/20/05 22:00:50 98%:
Depends on the advantage player, of course.

03/20/05 22:00:55 Dr_Pain: whats your
win %

03/20/05 22:01:07
Viktor: M_Rosa They have GOT to use less chips next time. More

03/20/05 22:01:22
98%: Towers of chips = dramatic.

03/20/05 22:01:23 NightTrain: Mickey:
In Max's commentary, he thought you may have miscounted Viktor's
chips. Is that the case?

22:01:24 Cardkountr: Micky, i was surprised you didn't
bet more in hands 22, 23 or 24

22:01:27 Dr_Pain: i played on once and had about 86%

03/20/05 22:01:29
HTamburin Logs in

03/20/05 22:01:30 M_Rosa: The GN
procedures were fairly tight and I didn't feel I had as many weapons
as last year at Mohegan

22:01:34 RickJ: Saw your 5 fours earlier Ken

03/20/05 22:01:36 MissR: Illusion, most
are using alias, usually don't want recongnition

03/20/05 22:01:38 KenSmith: Joe, I'm at

03/20/05 22:01:44
Parker: Illusion: Normal protocol when two AP's see each other
is to give no sign of recognition

22:01:46 Viktor: M_Rosa How so?

03/20/05 22:01:47 NightTrain: Good
evening Dr. Henry!

03/20/05 22:01:51
RickJ: Hi Henry

22:01:53 Dr_Pain: 1722 is that correct

03/20/05 22:01:54 Viktor: Hey Henry!
Great to see you.

03/20/05 22:01:57
MIT_Mike: Hey Henry

22:01:58 Parker: HI, Henry

03/20/05 22:02:01 HTamburin: Hi

03/20/05 22:02:10
HTamburin: Hi Guys.

22:02:13 Dr_Pain: i would say you are a lock

03/20/05 22:02:14 KenSmith: Yeah, it's
a big number Joe. I turned $50 into $911.

03/20/05 22:02:20 M_Rosa: At Mohegan I
was steering, tracking, and using tells.

03/20/05 22:02:21 Illusion: so
basically avoid each other like the plague

03/20/05 22:02:28 Viktor: Do I really
sound like that on TV? (I'm watching the Monday night

03/20/05 22:02:28
Dr_Pain: WOW you are the MAN

03/20/05 22:02:38 98%: Viktor, don't

03/20/05 22:02:38
KenSmith: Hi Henry

22:02:42 98%: You don't want to know.

03/20/05 22:02:43 98%:

03/20/05 22:02:46
HTamburin: Hi ken

22:03:01 MissR: Hi Henry

03/20/05 22:03:03 aceten: hi

03/20/05 22:03:06
HTamburin: Viktor — you looked good on TV

03/20/05 22:03:07 M_Rosa: As for not
betting more, I had miscounted my chips

03/20/05 22:03:10 Viktor: Not all of us
can look like an Ultimate Fighting Champion, 98%.

03/20/05 22:03:14 bfbagain: what, you
haven't watched yourself yet on tv, viktor?

03/20/05 22:03:22 HTamburin: Tell me
about it.

03/20/05 22:03:24
98%: You asked how you SOUNDED.

03/20/05 22:03:38 Viktor: Oh yeah. Like
I was on helium.

22:03:40 KenSmith: That was on hand 23 and 24,

22:03:54 Viktor: Thanks Henry, sugar.

03/20/05 22:03:56 Viktor:

03/20/05 22:03:58 98%: You could always
up the ante with the look and try to be the rockstar of the
tournament blackjack world.

22:04:09 RickJ: Viktor, I'll be at the Stardust tourney
on the 28th. Lets get together for lunch

03/20/05 22:04:10 Bettie Logs

22:04:12 M_Rosa: At this point I don't remember exactly
when I was off. I know I was off on 24 for sure, and probably a
couple hands before that as well.

03/20/05 22:04:21 NightTrain: Good
evening Bettie!

03/20/05 22:04:23
Viktor: bfb No I have, just rerecording it because the sound
was off sync from my first recording.

03/20/05 22:04:24 MissR: Hi

03/20/05 22:04:30
MIT_Mike: Hey Bettie

22:04:33 KenSmith: I assume it's ok to mention in my
recap if it's appropriate, Micky?

22:04:44 NightTrain: What are the dates for the Dust

03/20/05 22:04:47
Illusion: hey bettie

22:04:50 Bettie: Hi there! I was here at the beginning
and popped out for a quick tanning session. I'll read the chat later
when I edit it.

03/20/05 22:04:55
Ouchez Logs in

03/20/05 22:04:59 M_Rosa: I knew I was
losing to Viktor the whole time but I had no idea when Lorna grabbed
2nd from me

03/20/05 22:05:12
MissR: Hi Ouchez

22:05:15 KenSmith: Yeah, that's an easy thing to

03/20/05 22:05:20
NightTrain: Good evening Ouchez.

03/20/05 22:05:23 RickJ: It is easy to
lose track Micky

03/20/05 22:05:25
Ouchez: Hi Miss R.

22:05:42 Dr_Pain: you had to like her not doubling her

03/20/05 22:05:44 Ouchez:
Hello NT.

03/20/05 22:05:46
Viktor: M_Rosa It's those damn chips.

03/20/05 22:05:46 KenSmith: Hey guys, I
gotta run. Hopefully I'll be around for next week. Meanwhile you
can catch me at BJT if you need me.

03/20/05 22:05:47 bfbagain: Viktor: you
were probably asking yourself why can't I get hands like these for
big money. You had some great hands, but your bets were the key, no
doubt about it

03/20/05 22:05:49
Bettie: Oh, hey MIT_Mike! Will you be joining us next week to
recap your episode? Michelle R has already signed on.

03/20/05 22:05:58 Illusion: all those
chips, hard to tell who was winning

03/20/05 22:06:00 MissR: Night

03/20/05 22:06:05
KenSmith: see ya miss r

22:06:07 Cardkountr: seeya Ken

03/20/05 22:06:12 Dr_Pain: night

03/20/05 22:06:13
MIT_Mike: I'll be here

22:06:14 bfbagain: later ken

03/20/05 22:06:18 Parker: Micky: So
were you essentially playing for second with your final

03/20/05 22:06:20
Viktor: Gorson is a dick! He calls Lorna by her real name,
racially confuses Micky for Wong. Man!

03/20/05 22:06:21 NightTrain: Have a
good night Ken

03/20/05 22:06:25
KenSmith Logs Out

22:06:27 M_Rosa: Yes, I thought the mountains of chips
were pretty annoying. I felt it removed some skill

03/20/05 22:06:58 HTamburin: Yep, very
easy to lose track especially when you misount players bankroll
especially those mountains of chips.

03/20/05 22:07:04 Dr_Pain: actually it
helped players that are good chip counters

03/20/05 22:07:20 Viktor: Dr_Pain
Agreed. It changed the dynamic of the game.

03/20/05 22:07:23 MissR: with all you
had in front of you I would think it would have been easy to count

03/20/05 22:07:37
Cardkountr: didn't they delay some hands which would have
given you time to count down the chips?

03/20/05 22:07:47 Dr_Pain: not all the

03/20/05 22:07:54
Ouchez: Vn, You are right about Gorson! Where in hell did he
come from?

03/20/05 22:08:02
Viktor: Sometimes there were production delays which really

03/20/05 22:08:03
M_Rosa: I didn't like my chances to swing Viktor so I was just
playing for 2nd, yes. But Dr. Pain pointed out I could have bet a
little more and still kept the low on Lorna, and gotten a chance to
take first on a swing

22:08:17 NightTrain: Lots a quick thinking. You folks
that play tourny's on a regular basis must have it down pretty solid

03/20/05 22:08:33
RickJ: Yea right

22:08:49 Viktor: I was also a little anoyed by the fact
they say I'm an improv actor, and then cut out every funny thing I

03/20/05 22:08:51
NightTrain: Pain seemed to be very quick and precise during
his match.

03/20/05 22:08:52
RickJ: You saw my last hand...lol

03/20/05 22:08:55 Dr_Pain: that comes
from playing a lot of tournaments micky

03/20/05 22:09:09 Ouchez: VN, I took
you for a PORN STAR!

22:09:15 Bettie: What?

03/20/05 22:09:18 M_Rosa: I'm not an
experienced tourney player so the extra time really helps me. If I
only have 30 secs to count down chips and make a bet I probably won't
have time to think it through.

22:09:28 Dr_Pain: thank you TRAIN

03/20/05 22:09:29 Viktor: Ouchez At
this rate, that will be my new career.

03/20/05 22:09:55 Dr_Pain: just like in
the bedroom quick but precise

22:10:17 HTamburin: DR pain - give us a

03/20/05 22:10:18
Ouchez: VN, You really don't look like the mean guy AS makes
you out to be. Al Swearinger you are not!

03/20/05 22:10:18 Viktor: Hey ouchez.
Thanks for stopping in.

03/20/05 22:10:45 M_Rosa: In fact, in
30 secs I couldn't even count down a single player's chips

03/20/05 22:10:54
Viktor: I think they need to tweak the dynamics to allow for
more variety of skills.

22:11:03 Viktor: I'd really like a 4-deck

03/20/05 22:11:04
RickJ: God I hate being nice to Joep...lol

03/20/05 22:11:17 Dr_Pain: try it more
Rick it wont hurt

03/20/05 22:11:19
MissR: Why V

22:11:22 M_Rosa: how about like the fiesta, with 2
rounds at single deck?

22:11:27 RickJ: Yes it does...lol

03/20/05 22:11:28 Ouchez: Bettie, what were
you wearing in that front row seat?

03/20/05 22:11:34 Viktor: Get in one or
two shuffles to allow for more tracking.

03/20/05 22:11:46 bfbagain: what's the
time allowed for making a bet

22:12:08 NightTrain: Viktor: I was thinking the same
thing. What do you folks think if they dealt the cards face

03/20/05 22:12:08
Dr_Pain: you like the 2 rounds Mr Rosa

03/20/05 22:12:10 RickJ: Joep when is
the Silverton tourney's?

22:12:20 Dr_Pain: Wednesdays

03/20/05 22:12:42 Illusion: Oh, Bettie
was that you I heard "YES" when V drew a 9 on the 12?

03/20/05 22:12:45 MissR: I bet face
down would be very interesting

22:12:54 M_Rosa: It adds some different skills to the
equation. Not necessarily ones I'm best at, and probably not ones
that most viewers would care about

22:12:56 bfbagain: there was one hand where everyone
had major bets, and the paint just flowed. Everyone there was
counting, no. Except maybe joe. anyone want to talk about that one

03/20/05 22:12:57
Bettie: Ouchez A black sweater with a white-collared shirt
under. It's mostly shadows, so you can really only see me if you
know me, I think.

03/20/05 22:13:16
Ouchez: M Rosa, I thought you were a bad ass player, sorta
like Eastwood in his westerns.

22:13:22 Parker: If they're going to give you huge
stakes, they should give you higher denom chips as well

03/20/05 22:13:25 98%:
Face down would definitely add in some card mucking skills and the

22:13:32 RickJ: Any of ya'll going on the BJ cruise? We
will play differant styles, DD, Shoe, up, & down

03/20/05 22:13:50 Bettie: Illusion I
don't know, but it's likely. We were warching with a crowd last
night, so I didn't get to hear it clearly. I did at least figure out
the hand you were talking about though, so I'll replay it

03/20/05 22:14:21
Illusion: this one being archived? I got to run

03/20/05 22:14:37 NightTrain: I think
face-down would add an interesting dynamic to the viewers, similar to
that of WSo Poker, where the viewers can see everyone's first two
cards, but the other players can't see each others.

03/20/05 22:14:55
HTamburin: I'm going on the BJ cruise. look forward to

03/20/05 22:15:04 RickJ:
That is how Stardust plays theirs

22:15:12 Dr_Pain: Face-Down Tournaments help the weaker

22:15:22 Illusion: was nice to meet, or rather chat
with you all and Mr. Rosa.

22:15:30 Illusion: night all

03/20/05 22:15:33 RickJ: Joep won the

22:15:34 Dr_Pain: night

03/20/05 22:15:43 NightTrain: Gnite

03/20/05 22:15:50
M_Rosa: In general less information makes it more random.
Luck plays a big enough role as it stands.

03/20/05 22:15:50 Dr_Pain: Rick be

03/20/05 22:15:50
Viktor: See ya Illusion.

22:15:52 Ouchez: Illusion, what state are you

03/20/05 22:16:02
Illusion: Ontario canada

22:16:10 Dr_Pain: I have won face up and face

03/20/05 22:16:11 RickJ:
I was, I told everybody you won....lol

03/20/05 22:16:19 M_Rosa: I gotta go
myself. I'll stay logged on for a bit but i'm not going to be at the

03/20/05 22:16:21
HTamburin: Who can still play at the "Starburst"

03/20/05 22:16:21
Ouchez: Up North there is a $35,000 pitch tourney.

03/20/05 22:16:24 MissR: night

22:17:00 MissR: night Micky

03/20/05 22:17:30 NightTrain: Night

03/20/05 22:17:33
MissR: Where up North Ouchez?

03/20/05 22:18:18 Ouchez: In the Polar
regions of Michigan.

22:18:22 Parker: Good night Micky. Thanks for joining

03/20/05 22:18:38
Illusion Logs Out

22:18:39 Viktor: See ya Micky. See you on TV in a
couple weeks.

03/20/05 22:18:39
Dr_Pain: good night MR Rosa and Miss R

03/20/05 22:18:44 RickJ: Did you like
the line up Joep?

03/20/05 22:18:55
bfbagain: nite micky

22:19:02 Dr_Pain: only if we can get you off the

03/20/05 22:19:05
Dr_Pain: lol

22:19:06 HTamburin: Bye Micky.

03/20/05 22:19:33 RickJ: Nighttrain you
coming out to Vegas anytime soon?

22:19:34 bfbagain: where's the cruise out of

03/20/05 22:19:42 Ouchez: VN, you will
have to cut your hair and chin fur to play in the casino now, maybe
put on a few pounds of muscle too!

22:19:44 Dr_Pain: but i guess its your football and
without it there is no game

22:19:58 RickJ: You noticed I put that on the list

22:20:44 HTamburin: Viktor - got any heat in Vegas
since your mug's been on TV?

22:20:52 RickJ: Cruise is from San Diego (8 night Mex.
Riviera) and back to San Diego on Oct 31st

03/20/05 22:21:00 Viktor: Not yet.
Let's see how it goes this week.

03/20/05 22:21:25 Viktor: Ouchez I'd
need some "juice" to add on muscle.

03/20/05 22:21:33 NightTrain: I have to
get out there sometime in the next couple of months to meet with
Curtis. It all depends on his schedule. Unfortunately, I am going
to be away when the last Hilton prelim is happending. But trying to
keep the rest of the time available.

03/20/05 22:21:44 Ouchez: Whatever it

22:22:27 Bettie: NightTrain will the lovely Mrs.
Caboose be visiting, as well?

03/20/05 22:23:03 NightTrain: Bettie:
I'll let you talk to her to convince her.

03/20/05 22:23:11 Ouchez: VN, Just want
to tell you I think you are a damn good player, no matter what anyone

03/20/05 22:23:29
Dr_Pain: who said he sucked?

03/20/05 22:23:29 NightTrain: When you
coming back east Pain?

03/20/05 22:23:33
Bettie: NightTrain well, at least tell her I had a really good
time catching up the other week.

22:23:52 NightTrain: Will do Bettie. She said

03/20/05 22:23:59
Dr_Pain: May as of now unless the FBI finds me sooner in Las

03/20/05 22:24:22
MissR: are you going to miss the Hilton DR

03/20/05 22:24:33 RickJ: Joep whats the
odds for next month?

22:24:35 HTamburin: Vicktor - for your first major
tournament you played damn good. Have you played in more tournaments
since WSOB?

03/20/05 22:24:38
Viktor: Ouchez Thanks Ouchez!

03/20/05 22:24:49 Dr_Pain: thats up to
the people in the Witness Protection program

03/20/05 22:25:13 RickJ: Swog called
you yet?

03/20/05 22:25:19
Dr_Pain: iam at their MERCY

22:25:27 Dr_Pain: Screw SWOG

03/20/05 22:25:32 RickJ: LOL

03/20/05 22:25:38 Dr_Pain: Dead

03/20/05 22:25:43
Dr_Pain: that he is

22:25:50 NightTrain: I agree with Henry. Max was
singin Viktor's praises on the last few bets.

03/20/05 22:26:08 MissR: do you treat
all your friends this way Dr?

22:26:13 RickJ: Yes, good bets Viktor

03/20/05 22:26:18 Dr_Pain: only the
ones i like

22:26:33 aceten: goodnight all

03/20/05 22:26:34 Viktor: HTamburin I
played a few locals, but then I needed a break. I'm going to dive
back ito training this week or next for the next Hlton.

03/20/05 22:26:44 MissR:
night aceten

03/20/05 22:26:54
aceten Logs Out

22:27:00 Viktor: NightTrain Yeah, but remember at
00:16:30 I was the worst player ever.

03/20/05 22:27:00 MIT_Mike: So long
everyone. I'll catch you guys same time next week

03/20/05 22:27:03 Dr_Pain: they either
love me or hate me

03/20/05 22:27:08
MissR: night mike

22:27:13 Ouchez: Missr, come North and do the pitch

03/20/05 22:27:16
Dr_Pain: night mighty

22:27:16 RickJ: I just played Canada Masters yesterday,
WORST players I ever saw.

22:27:21 HTamburin: Bye Mike.

03/20/05 22:27:25 NightTrain: Take care

03/20/05 22:27:26
bfbagain: nite mike

22:27:30 RickJ: Night mike

03/20/05 22:27:32 Bettie: MIT_Mike

22:27:42 98%: Gotta go snatch up some +EV.

03/20/05 22:27:49 98%: Good evening to
you all.

03/20/05 22:27:49
HTamburin: Did you win the canada masters?

03/20/05 22:27:50 MissR: you have to
tell me where in Michigan Ouchez, and do you cover airfare?

03/20/05 22:27:53 Ouchez: What is Rosa
doing these days?

03/20/05 22:27:54
98% Logs Out

03/20/05 22:28:14 Viktor: Dr_Pain He
loved me and hated me!

22:28:17 Parker: Thanks for stopping by,

03/20/05 22:28:29
MissR: night 98%

22:28:36 MIT_Mike: Good bye everyone

03/20/05 22:28:41 MIT_Mike Logs

03/20/05 22:28:55
Ouchez: Miss R, at the Straits, Mackinaw, you would have to
fly into detroit and I would pick you up.

03/20/05 22:28:59 Dr_Pain: card if i
met you at the Starbust you will be the subject of a new

03/20/05 22:29:18
Dr_Pain: trust me on that

22:29:20 Cardkountr: lmao Joe

03/20/05 22:29:33 MissR: Is Mackinaw
far from Detroit?

03/20/05 22:29:35
Dr_Pain: they HATE me there

22:29:37 Cardkountr: we'd both get cuffed lol

03/20/05 22:29:41 RickJ: I played Lucky
Lady up there (1st day for them to have it) they were paying 19 to 1
for two 10's or Jacks...ect They thought that was match

03/20/05 22:29:44
Viktor: My heart sunk when all that paint came out on the high
count and I got a goddamn 14.

22:29:55 Ouchez: MissR, 289 miles.

03/20/05 22:29:56 Dr_Pain: last time
they refused to cash my chips without ID

03/20/05 22:30:20 Dr_Pain: i was
playing under a different name and they knew it was me

03/20/05 22:30:29 Dr_Pain: wanted to
see my ID

03/20/05 22:30:33
Parker: Story of my life, Viktor 8)

03/20/05 22:30:43 HTamburin: n are you
guys talking about?

22:30:45 MissR: what are the dates Ouchez

03/20/05 22:31:03 HTamburin: Which
casino in MI?

03/20/05 22:31:21
Ouchez: Miss R, May 13 through 15th

03/20/05 22:31:31 Cardkountr: Joe they
did that to me at the Palms too

22:31:32 Dr_Pain: just sent somone in for me to cash

03/20/05 22:31:45 MissR:
I have the same problem lately V

22:32:04 MissR: I can't play in the Hilton

03/20/05 22:32:04
Dr_Pain: i love annoying them

03/20/05 22:32:24 Dr_Pain: why cant you
play the Hilton Miss R

22:33:02 RickJ: Only three can't play the Hilton and
Big Chuck is one of them

22:33:02 MissR: I can't go to Michigan, I WILL be
playing the Hilton Million

22:33:26 Ouchez: Missr, maybe I will see you on TV

22:33:30 MissR: Pay attention DR

03/20/05 22:33:54 MissR: If I make the
final table at the Hilton

22:34:06 Dr_Pain: if you go from 1 pancake to 5
pancakes at the starbust Buffet they will create a Griffin flyer on
you for spreading to much batter

22:34:25 NightTrain: Time for the Train to pull out,
especially since I finally went the distance.

03/20/05 22:34:26 HTamburin: Dr Pain -
Didn't i read that somewhere?

03/20/05 22:34:41 Dr_Pain: someone else
said that

03/20/05 22:34:49
Cardkountr: lmao Joe.......remember it's for amusement

22:34:53 RickJ: Night Train!

03/20/05 22:35:03 HTamburin: Yep. your

22:35:09 Cardkountr: Night NT

03/20/05 22:35:11 Parker: Night Train -
glad to see that you got your computer problems worked out

03/20/05 22:35:11 MissR:
Congrats Nighttrain!!!! *choochoo*

03/20/05 22:35:20 Dr_Pain: thats the
longest your train stayed in

03/20/05 22:35:20 Cardkountr: Good
meeting you NT

22:35:24 Parker: Night

03/20/05 22:35:25 RickJ: When is
Henry's show on again?

03/20/05 22:35:35 HTamburin: Shut up

22:35:37 NightTrain: nite everyone. Catch you next
Sunday, now that my computer's taking Viagra.

03/20/05 22:35:38 RickJ: LOL

03/20/05 22:35:50
bfbagain: congrats Train on making it through a chat

03/20/05 22:35:53
Dr_Pain: GSN said they will never repeat that show

03/20/05 22:35:58 MissR:
take extra for next week night

03/20/05 22:35:59 NightTrain: RickJ:

22:36:03 HTamburin: Bye Nightrain — stay on

22:36:18 Viktor: Uh oh. Browser restart. BRB

03/20/05 22:36:20 Viktor
Logs Out

22:37:03 RickJ: I still want to see the first show with
DP surrender of 20. I haven't got to see it yet

03/20/05 22:37:22 NightTrain: Enjoy the
evening everyone.

22:37:29 Ouchez: See Ya.

03/20/05 22:37:33 NightTrain Logs

22:37:34 RickJ: Giving Henry hell...lol

03/20/05 22:37:47
Dr_Pain: he surrendered a 17 vs 2 at the Hilton this month if
he didnt he makes the finals

03/20/05 22:37:53 Cardkountr: he'll
never live that down Rick

03/20/05 22:38:07 RickJ: I was
there...LOL cost him going to the finals

03/20/05 22:38:31 Dr_Pain: henry are
you in town?

22:38:51 RickJ: Worst, I asked him what happens if he
stands on 20 vs 2 and dealer draws to 21...lol

03/20/05 22:39:00 Viktor Logs

22:39:04 HTamburin: Dr. pain — no but wish i was.
I played AC last weekend and almost threw up at those games.

03/20/05 22:39:10
Viktor: I can read again!

03/20/05 22:39:14 MissR: bathroom break

03/20/05 22:39:23
RickJ: Henry are you going to be at the Hilton next

22:39:24 Viktor: Browser puked.

03/20/05 22:39:31 Dr_Pain: bad for my
image lol

22:39:41 Dr_Pain: lol

03/20/05 22:39:42 Parker: Second-rate
OS, Viktor 8)

22:40:03 RickJ: Henry go to Canada, really bad games

03/20/05 22:40:04
HTamburin: I'll be in vegas and will try like hell to make
that last LVH Monthly

03/20/05 22:40:20 Viktor: I will
concede that Apple's implentation of Java is overly problematic.

03/20/05 22:40:25
RickJ: Henry your wife is going to let you...lol

03/20/05 22:40:25 Viktor:
That is definitely true.

03/20/05 22:40:30 Dr_Pain: you and rick
are the only ones not to qualify

03/20/05 22:40:41 RickJ: Thanks

22:40:56 RickJ: I am waiting for better odds

03/20/05 22:40:59
HTamburin: Don't rub it in.

03/20/05 22:41:01 Parker: That's not
unique to Apple, V

22:41:01 Viktor: When Adobe makes GoLive, Photoshop,
Illustrator, and Acrobat Pro on Linux, maybe I'll switch.

03/20/05 22:42:17
HTamburin: Do you guys know if next months LVH monthly starts
in AM or PM or Friday?

03/20/05 22:42:27 Ouchez Logs

22:42:59 RickJ: Hell last week I get 11 DD get 10 for
21 and then 10 DD get 10 for 20 and don't win either of

22:43:04 Parker: Viktor: Gimp, Scribus, etc.

03/20/05 22:43:37 Viktor:
Are you sure you don't have a third income as an online Linux

22:43:53 RickJ: Henry lot of players were talking about
you this weekend

22:44:16 HTamburin: I can just imagine what they were

22:44:30 Parker: No income. We're Chosen, that's all,
Viktor 8)

22:44:35 Viktor: ha!

03/20/05 22:45:53 Viktor: BFB We need
to get you to a ball park. You have too much time on your hands.
I'm kidding of course.

03/20/05 22:46:02 HTamburin: RickJ
Bless you guys.

22:46:03 Dr_Pain: a computer geek im not

03/20/05 22:46:41 RickJ:

22:46:44 Dr_Pain: i can just figure out the key

22:46:56 Viktor: Dr_Pain When might these sit n' goes

22:47:00 RickJ: Joe get my e-mail?

03/20/05 22:47:30 MissR: bfbagain, do
you like baseball?

22:47:38 bfbagain: yes

03/20/05 22:47:47 bfbagain: how did you

22:47:50 Dr_Pain: Global just emailed me with qustions
about starting times but they are ready to go forward with them

03/20/05 22:48:05
MissR: great sport, who is your favorite team?

03/20/05 22:48:06
bfbagain: been reading up on me hey

03/20/05 22:48:08 RickJ: Henry I am
trying to get the "SUPER-MINI's" back up for May. Your defending

22:48:26 Bettie Logs Out

03/20/05 22:48:41 HTamburin: I'll be
there RJ to defend my title.

03/20/05 22:48:56 Dr_Pain: they are
concerened with players having to wait for the table to fill up to

03/20/05 22:49:05RickJ:
I think we will have new location

03/20/05 22:49:13 Dr_Pain: that will
not be a real problem

03/20/05 22:49:29 HTamburin: What's the
new location?

22:49:43 Dr_Pain: Key Largo

03/20/05 22:49:48 MissR: post when they
will start Dr, on advantage player

03/20/05 22:49:49 Dr_Pain: lol

03/20/05 22:49:52
Viktor: Dr_Pain But we'll need enough average players to make
it worth the time.

22:50:16 HTamburin: There were no average players last

22:50:28 Dr_Pain: there is players from all over the
world that play at global most are weak

03/20/05 22:50:53 Viktor: Yeah, I have
to set up an account.

03/20/05 22:51:07 RickJ: But only 15
hands anyone can win

03/20/05 22:51:08 Viktor: Do I have to
use Firepay or Netteller?

03/20/05 22:51:09 HTamburin: Are you
guys playing global's tournaments?

03/20/05 22:51:22 Dr_Pain: henry we are
talking about on line tournaments catch up with us lol

03/20/05 22:51:25 RickJ:
Yes every week

22:51:43 HTamburin: In know global is online Dr

22:51:53 Dr_Pain: every wednesday have made the Finals
2 times should have been 3 out of 7

03/20/05 22:51:55 MissR: bfbagain who
is your favorite team?

03/20/05 22:51:56 RickJ: You need to do
a story on them Henry for Casino player

03/20/05 22:52:22 Dr_Pain: Rick screwed
me on one GREAT PLAY

03/20/05 22:52:35 HTamburin: Give me a
name and email address of someone at Global and I'll do it.

03/20/05 22:52:39
RickJ: Thanks Joe I thoght it was good...lol

03/20/05 22:52:50
bfbagain: don't you know, I love the lovable losers

03/20/05 22:52:54
Dr_Pain: it was almost as good as your double lol

03/20/05 22:52:56 RickJ:
I'll send you the info Henry

03/20/05 22:53:06 HTamburin: What time
on Wed do you guys play?

03/20/05 22:53:14 HTamburin: Thanks

22:53:15 RickJ: 3 EST

03/20/05 22:53:17 Dr_Pain: 3pm

22:53:19 MissR: soft spot for them also

03/20/05 22:53:44
Dr_Pain: ask for PUMI henry

03/20/05 22:54:02 bfbagain: I'm going
to try to get to the april 1st and 2nd games in vegas

03/20/05 22:54:20
Dr_Pain: what games BF

03/20/05 22:54:20 RickJ: They are also
hosting Cruise tournaments for me. We changed the format. All cash
for the winners.

22:54:27 Sidekick Logs in

03/20/05 22:54:41 bfbagain: the last
two of spring training. I need tix

03/20/05 22:54:41 MissR: there usually
fun bfb

22:55:03 MissR: Sidekick, Good evening

03/20/05 22:55:06
bfbagain: friday and saturday games

03/20/05 22:55:08 Dr_Pain: you want me
to pick them up for you

03/20/05 22:55:10 Sidekick: Good
evening all

22:55:20 MissR: baseball Dr

03/20/05 22:55:24 Dr_Pain: yes

03/20/05 22:55:26
RickJ: Joep wait till you hear were my mini's might be (not

22:55:36 Cardkountr: Rick.......not taxable?

03/20/05 22:55:37
Dr_Pain: where?

03/20/05 22:55:49 RickJ: Can't say

22:55:54 Dr_Pain: come on

03/20/05 22:56:00 MissR: cashman field,
right bfb

22:56:04 Viktor: hey Sidekick

03/20/05 22:56:05 Dr_Pain: i would tell

22:56:13 bfbagain: absolutely, once i know i'm coming,
i have to book my flights. The last two months I've had to cancel 5

22:56:15 RickJ: No tax taken out, I just pay back all
the cash

22:56:38 RickJ: Call you later

03/20/05 22:56:43 MissR: sorry to hear
that bfb

22:56:45 Sidekick: Hi Viktor! Great WSOB

03/20/05 22:56:47
Sidekick: Wow!

03/20/05 22:56:55 MissR: you need to
get here for baseball

03/20/05 22:57:33 Cardkountr: Rick, ok
no tax taken out but is a 1099 issued? since the cruise will be in
internat'l waters?

22:57:57 Viktor: Thanks Side! That was fun

22:58:30 RickJ: For cruise tournaments NO! All cash
(unless you want a check) , but no 1099 or w-2g

03/20/05 22:58:31 HTamburin: Not a bad

22:58:39 bfbagain: cashman, yes i think so. i think
they play anaheim

22:58:47 bfbagain: or the new LA Angels

03/20/05 22:59:07
Dr_Pain: i would go as Rick J but i dont have the Surrender

22:59:32 RickJ: What place did you get in WSOB

22:59:52 HTamburin: OH no here we go again.

03/20/05 23:00:01 RickJ:
Ouch, I know I'll catch hell over that one!...lol

03/20/05 23:00:11 Dr_Pain: I guess we
will have to watch the rest of the rounds to see your results

03/20/05 23:00:27
RickJ: Damm Joe is writing me a long one

03/20/05 23:00:44 Dr_Pain: Rick smoked
them with his DD on the last hand henry

03/20/05 23:00:55 RickJ: Hey who was
first on the list Joe

03/20/05 23:01:09 HTamburin: Yeah I
know all about that DD

03/20/05 23:01:11 Dr_Pain: and left off
Henry list

23:01:24 RickJ: Why win by $2,000 when you can win by

23:01:51 RickJ: But I had Henry on my cruise

23:02:13 Dr_Pain: cant ever be sure what you ahead.Just
dont understand how you stomach got in the way of your eyesight

03/20/05 23:02:49
Dr_Pain: by the way saw you looking over at the monitors

03/20/05 23:02:49
RickJ: Players are telling me I am getting as big as you

23:03:02 Dr_Pain: only in your head

03/20/05 23:03:08 MissR: Good Night
all, see ya next week

03/20/05 23:03:14 RickJ: I did, I was
never told not to until the end

03/20/05 23:03:16 bfbagain: nite

23:03:17 Dr_Pain: night miss R

03/20/05 23:03:22 RickJ: Night

03/20/05 23:03:23
MissR Logs Out

03/20/05 23:03:27 HTamburin: Hey guys.
Sportcenter is on. See you guys next week. Good cards!

03/20/05 23:03:39
bfbagain: nite henry

03/20/05 23:03:39 Dr_Pain: sports

23:03:45 RickJ: SC, you betting sports?

03/20/05 23:03:50
Dr_Pain: leaving us for sports center

03/20/05 23:03:50 Parker: Bye,

23:03:50 Sidekick Logs Out

03/20/05 23:03:57 HTamburin Logs

23:04:02 RickJ: call me henry

03/20/05 23:04:29 RickJ: must be on
tourney bracket

23:04:50 Dr_Pain: it should be on Tourn play for

23:04:56 Dr_Pain: lol

03/20/05 23:05:00 RickJ: Guess I am out
of here as well. Later guys

03/20/05 23:05:07 Viktor: Do you guys
use credit cards for global player?

03/20/05 23:05:10 RickJ: I'll call you

23:05:11 Viktor: See ya Rick

03/20/05 23:05:14 Dr_Pain:

23:05:17 Parker: Gotta run. Thanks everyone for
stopping by.

23:05:24 Viktor: Seeya Parker

03/20/05 23:05:26 RickJ: I use Prepaid

23:05:32 Dr_Pain: Miss R leaves everyone leaves

03/20/05 23:05:32
bfbagain: nite parker

03/20/05 23:05:38 RickJ: Good night

23:05:45 Dr_Pain: later cowboy

03/20/05 23:05:51 Parker Logs

23:06:55 Viktor: You're always the life of the party,
aren't you Joe.

23:07:09 M_Rosa Logs Out

03/20/05 23:07:40 Cardkountr: Seeya

23:08:08 Viktor: I'm outa here too. Thanks for coming
by Joe, Card, and Rick. It's always great to see you guys.

03/20/05 23:08:09
Dr_Pain: sleep

03/20/05 23:08:19 Viktor: Dr_Pain haha!
That's true.

23:08:26 Cardkountr: Seeya Viktor.......once again
Congrats on the win

03/20/05 23:08:31 bfbagain Logs

23:08:33 Viktor: Thanks Card

03/20/05 23:09:10 Viktor Logs

23:16:36 RickJ Disconnects

03/20/05 23:54:10 Dr_Pain Logs

23:54:34 Cardkountr Logs Out