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Thread: Deanna Schaefer: vegas deals

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    Deanna Schaefer

    Deanna Schaefer: vegas deals

    My boyfriend and I plan on traveling to vegas for our first time this November 22,2013 we are looking for great deals and posible comps on a budget.....

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    Bettie: Re: vegas deals

    There is a fantastic book that you should read called "The Frugal Gambler" by Jean Scott. The second edition can be purchased through us using the link to the catalog below, or you can likely find it at your local bookstore or maybe even your library. It is exactly what you need. However, in this economy and in the new culture of corporate greed, I will say that comps are harder to come by.

    It used to be that casinos could stand a little loss leader like a free buffet or tickets to a show, but nowadays casinos are less likely to give you anything without getting something in return. If you focus on the smaller, more independently owned casinos downtown or in surrounding neighborhoods, you stand a much better chance of getting comps.

    My suggestion is to read the book - and maybe even her follow-up to it called "More Frugal Gambling" - and come back with more detailed questions you might still need answered.


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