From the LVRJ:

Michael Gaughan's South Point Poker LLC on Thursday made history as the first U.S. casino to be licensed to operate an intrastate, real-money poker website.

The unanimous approval by the five-member Nevada Gaming Commission is not only the first in the nation, but is unique because the casino isn't relying on a third-party company to run its online poker site. South Point Poker, which developed its own online poker system, was also licensed as an interactive gaming manufacturer and as a service provider.


Also on Thursday, Monarch Interactive Inc. of Reno, whose investors control the Atlantis casino-resort in Northern Nevada, received an operator's license. In a third action, Global Cash Access Inc. was licensed to provide online payment services.

Global Cash Access, which provides ATM and credit services in brick-and-mortar casinos, will provide the method for South Point online poker players to buy and redeem chips.

The company told commissioners it would just process payments and have no role in the day-to-day operations of South Point Poker.

Global Cash Access recently reached a deal with "online wallet" company Live Gamer that will help the Las Vegas-based firm provide online transactions.