I'm a vodka woman myself (Belvidere, if you're looking for a late Christmas/early birthday present), but for those of you who like stuff in a pint glass, you're going to love the 85-foot tall pint glass being built at the corner of Fremont and LV Blvd. There's a link to the story below, but if you are too drunk to click the link, the structure will not have beer in it, but instead a lounge, and the liquid and foamy head will come from one of those vinyl wraps like you see on buses. Oh, and are you wondering how they can call anything larger than 16oz a pint?

"There's the regular pint, which is 16 ounces. There's the British imperial pint, which is 22 ounces. And then there's the Las Vegas pint, which is much, much bigger. How big, I have no idea."

From there, the article takes a brief look into the psyche of Nevadans and our obsession with superlatives, apparently born of our desire to be seen as something worth seeing, in itself based on the fact that the state was founded by questionable characters with even more questionable reputations. Someone has been taking psychology classes at night!

So, hoist 'em up. Here's to Vegas!