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Thread: SpiderMan: $$Belt or Safe Deposit Box?

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    SpiderMan: Question for Parker/Don

    > Applying for credit at a casino isn't much
    > different from applying for credit anywhere
    > else. You fill out a form, supplying bank
    > account numbers, etc. Assuming that your
    > bank balance is sufficient and nothing
    > negative turns up with Central Credit (a
    > credit reporting agency used by casinos),
    > then your line of credit is approved.

    > Front money is even simpler. You make a cash
    > deposit at the cage, just like depositing
    > money in a bank, or you can arrange for your
    > bank to do a wire transfer, thus avoiding
    > traveling while carrying a large sum of
    > cash.

    > When you sit down at the table, you simply
    > hand your players card to the pit critter
    > and request a marker for $500, $1000, or
    > whatever. You are given the chips and you
    > start playing. At some point they bring you
    > the actual "marker" to sign. It
    > looks like a check, and in the case of a
    > credit line, functions like one. If you
    > don't pay off the marker before you leave,
    > they deposit the marker and your bank treats
    > it like a check.

    > All this can be quite convenient, and
    > eliminates the necessity of carrying around
    > large amounts of cash.

    > The downside is that you cannot play
    > anonymously, or under another name. Also,
    > the casinos take a dim view of someone
    > taking out a marker, playing a few hands,
    > and heading for the casino down the street.

    If u have already deposited front $ or established credit in Casino A, for example, can u pull your $ out in Casino B?

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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: Re: Parker

    > Is this true? And how much is too much?

    I can't really answer that. Times have changed. The law states that you may carry unlimited funds in the U.S. But the Patriot Act probably supersedes anything that came before. So now, if they stop you, you'll have to explain what you're doing with all the money. It would probably help to have tickets to or from Las Vegas! :-)


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    mr bojangles

    mr bojangles: Re: Parker

    > Personal experience. I can also tell you
    > that two bundles of $10K in different areas
    > on your body is okay. So somewhere between
    > $10K and $20K is a threshold.

    > Simply turning half of the $20K bundle so
    > that the metalic strips are not all lined up
    > may do the trick, but the TSA guy didn't
    > seem to be in a mood to let me experiment.
    > :-)

    > Also, I don't know a great deal about the
    > wands themselves. There may be more than one
    > type, and some may be more sensitive than
    > others. The sensitivity may even be
    > adjustable.

    The sensitivity on the walk through barriers is adjustable, I guess it is only reasonable to assume the same for the wands.

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