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Thread: Phil: Best Casino(s) for Comps

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    Parker: Please use a different "handle"

    Your choice of handle (posting name) is very close to that of a widely known and highly respected poster on this and other forums. Continued use may create unnecessary confusion.

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    doubledown: Re: Best Casino(s) for Comps

    > Phil - IMHO, your best bet is the MGM/Mirage
    > properties at least as far as strip goes.
    > They own MGM, New York New York, Boardwalk,
    > Golden Nugget, TI (nee Treasure Island),
    > Bellagio and Mirage. Your best strategy is
    > to spend ALL of your money (room, food,
    > entertainment, gambling, etc. at these
    > properties and ALWAYS charge EVERYTHING to
    > your room ...when gambling, ALWAYS use the
    > "fun" card. The night before you
    > check out go talk to the casino host and ask
    > what comps you are entitled
    > assertive in asking for what you
    > want...particularly if you have something in
    > mind.
    > Here is a synoposis of my last trip:
    > 1) stayed at a mini-suite with strip view
    > high up the MGM grand tower.
    > 2) went to the Mystere' show at Treasure
    > Island
    > 3) ate at Picasso's in Bellagio (perhaps the
    > best resteraunt in Vegas)
    > 4) ate at several other MGM/Mirage places
    > 5) always drank in MGM/Mirage bars/lounges
    > 6) always gambled at MGM
    > host told me my average bet was $36.00 and
    > my average session was 4 hours...this is
    > really the key to all of the comps. -
    > average bet, average session length. You can
    > help elevate this by getting along with the
    > pit boss and making sure when he is looking
    > you are throwing out a decent sized bet.
    > Night before I checked out, I talked to the
    > casino host..pretty nice guy. He immediately
    > gave me my 3 nights hotel comped ($850) and
    > gave me 1/2 my four Mystere tix ($175). I
    > asked him what he could do about my Picassos
    > dinner...he pulled up some info., etc. ended
    > up giving me $400 off that bill as well. So
    > I totaled over $1,400 in comps. which isn't
    > too bad. With the positive action at the
    > tables, we walked away with a virtually free
    > trip. But, the only way to get this is to
    > follow the rules above and to not be shy in
    > asking...the buddy we were with forgot to
    > use his card 1/2 the time, only charged
    > about 1/2 his expenses to his room,
    > etc...wasn't very assertive in asking - so
    > he ended up with $130 in comps.
    > Hope this helps. Have fun!

    I just received marketing from Teasure Island for 3 free nights in a deluxe room. The comp offer is based on your play. I was curious so I called casino marketing to see how much I had to play and at what rate. Marketing told me 4 hours a day and a rate of $72.00 per hand. Still can't figure out how you received all these comps. Did you drop a bundle? Casino host probally does not have a job after giving all this away for such small action!

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    The Kid

    The Kid: Re: Mirage Room Comp

    Just a newbie here. I just got back from a week long trip. My 4th week long adventure to sin city in two years. I am definitly a small fish with green gills.

    Straight from the casino hosts, as I keep asking. This goes for BJ, Pai Gow or craps (should actually be any table game though). For craps its only your come and pass bets that count. Odds dont go towards the rating.

    $25/hand will get you rated at any MGM property.
    $25/hand avg. 4 hours will get you food or you qualify for lower room rate (which is always higher than what I am paying anyway)
    $75/hand avg 4 hours will get you room comp at TI.

    I stayed at Bellagio and forgot what they were looking for per hand for room comp, but as I recall it was less than $100 but that's out of my atmosphere.

    Now I have to agree with Marc. Charge everything to your room. They love to see you eating at their restraunts and gambling at their properties. Especially those $100/person dinners at Picaso and Prime.

    On past trips they have taken my card and marked me even though I was only playing $15 on come and pass at TI. If I've played at least three to three and half hours I've always asked for buffets and got em.

    This time at Bellagio I was playing $10 pass/come for three numbers and played for about 3.25 hours. I asked for and got two buffets. When I used them I found out he gave me a round of drinks too.

    No where near what marc was getting, but hey I am the little guy.

    But all that aside, I don't play for comps or free booze. I play and manage my money to win. If I can sustain 3+ hours at the table without raising my stake and the game is flowing so be it. At the point I am thinking about cashing out I always ask for some grub. They've only said no once.

    Now hopefully next time I tell this story it will be from a Jackers perspective and not a crappers ;-)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on your appearance and comps? How well your dressed and look? I think it has an affect.

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    Marc: Re: Best Casino(s) for Comps

    I was somewhat surprised as well. Played 3 sessions a day (morning, afternoon, late night) at 4 hours/session. One day played four sessions. We did spend a bundle on food between all of their properties.
    It was, by far, the best comp. trip I have ever had...yet my play was not much different. $10-$150. On BJ, ended up on the positive overall by $1,800. On the dice (playing only the come/not come and taking odds), I ended down $ the net was positive.

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