Hello, Norm, others,

Can you pls help either confirm or refute or clarify what Ian Andersen wrote about in his 2003 book? He indicated that in flat betting 2 hds at $10k each - and Wong out at TC(-1) - that this in fact is a winning strategy. Wong simulated results indicated EV of $6400 (or 0.45%) with Std Dev at $189k (or 21 units assuming single hd equivalent bet of $14k).

Can you run sims to evaluate the above statements? I believe the model was for 6 dks, 75% pen, stand 17s, DAS, LS. Played hi lo indices and plays.

I don't have sim software - and am not even sure how to simulate a Wong out scenario at TC(-1)

Thank you for your help here! Also, thank you for your time and all of your answers in this forum.