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Thread: KOPlus24: CVData Index Generator & R-A Indices

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    KOPlus24: CVData Index Generator & R-A Indices

    In generating indices for K-O I was confused about a discrepency between R-A Indices for Hi-Lo and K-O.

    The most important index for R-A, as I understand it, is hard doubling 10 vs. 10. The R-A index for Hi-Lo on that hand is +7 TC (as opposed to +4 TC for the traditional EV maximizing index)

    However, in generating R-A indices for K-O, the R-A index for that same hand (10 vs. 10) is only +3 RC (with the IRC = -20). This is the same number I get when I generate indices that are EV maximizing rather than R-A.

    Given the difference between R-A and EV max index for that hand in Hi-Lo, I would have expected that their would be a difference in K-O Also. I expected the R-A index in K-O for that hand to be well above Pivot.

    Don, Norm? Did I do something wrong in CVData Index Generator or is their something theoretical that I am missing? All the other R-A indices I ran for K-O were in keeping with my expectations except for the 10 vs. 10 index.

    Thanks for any help and light that you can shed on my confusion.

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    KOPlus24: Norm? Can you look at this post on CVData & R-A Index?


    Since you already responded to my post on the Shuffle & Pause buttons in CV 5 and 6, but did not respond to this post thread, I assumed you didn't look at it.

    So, I changed the subject title so you will see the post. Thanks for all your help. I'm loving playing with CVCX. Only used CVData for index generation. Will dig deeper into CVData eventually.

    Question: How do I import my custom sims made in CVData into CVCX? I haven't read the manuals cover to cover but couldn't find the answer to this question by a casual perusing of the manuals.


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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Re: CVData Index Generator & R-A Indices

    Looks like RA is +4, a small increase, but depends on the other indexes. Might have something to do with the fact KO counts the seven. Have to investigate when I have the time.

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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Re: Norm? Can you look at this post on CVData & R-A Index?

    In V5, click on the CVCX button on the main stats page.

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    KOPlus24: I have V4

    I don't have V5 of either program. I have V4 of both CVCX & CVData. Is there a way to import sims from V4 CVData into CVCX?

    I'll be happy to upgrade to V.5. However, if there is a way to import w/V4 I'd like to do it right away.

    After I get your response to this post I'll call or email you about upgrading. BTW, No problem with import/export CVCX sims from my laptop to my desktop. Worked as it should.


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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Re: I have V4

    CVCX and CVData sims are completely different as CVCX is a parallel simulator requiring totally different data. However, I added a feature in CVData/CVCX V5 that allows CVData to access the CVCX main screen, optimal betting calcs and widgets. Of ourse, just for the one sim, not all penetrations, decks, rules, etc.


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